The Crazy Ones

The Crazy OnesNetwork: CBS
Episodes: 22 (half-hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: September 26, 2013 — April 17, 2014
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Robin Williams, Sarah Michelle Gellar, James Wolk, Hamish Linklater, and Amanda Setton.

TV show description:      
In this sitcom, Simon Roberts (Robin Williams) is the head of a powerful Chicago advertising agency. He’s a genius at his job and uses his unorthodox methods and unpredictable behavior to land the biggest clients and brands in the world. Even more important to him is having his daughter Sydney by his side.

Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is also Simon’s partner and his exact opposite. Eager to make a name for herself, she’s focused and organized. Unfortunately, she has to spend a lot of her time parenting her father. That would be a bigger problem if he wasn’t so brilliant at his job.

Also working at the agency are dashing Zach Cropper (James Wolk); hardworking and neurotic art director Andrew Keanelly (Hamish Linklater); and Lauren Slotsky (Amanda Setton), the agency’s beautiful and deceptively smart assistant.

With his team and his daughter behind him, Simon continues to set the advertising world on fire.

Series Finale:     
Episode #22 — “The Lighthouse”
When a corporation wants to buy out Lewis, Roberts+Roberts, Gordon calls in the board to vote, and Simon’s ex-wife and Sydney’s mom has the final say.
First aired: April 17, 2014


What do you think? Do you like The Crazy Ones TV series? Do you think it should have been cancelled or renewed for a second season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Ellen says

    AWFUL – just an AWFUL half hour with “where are they now” actors making a fast buck. Please Robin Williams and SMG – be greeters at Walmart or sling burgers instead of stinking up our screens. And writers of this AWFUL show – shame on you.

  2. Dean says

    Like the Michael J. Fox show this show needs to be cancelled. We were all spoiled by such creativity as Seinfeld. Where has all the creativity gone and why are all these shows targeted to the lowest common denominator of viewer intelligence. The writers of both the Crazy Ones and Michael J. Fox show should return their paychecks! Shameful! And these were the shows that made it. Heaven forbid what was not deemed good enough to make it to the air.

    • Gary says

      The cast of the Crazy Ones is one of the best I’ve seen. They mesh and play off with each other so well. At first, Sarah seemed a little out of place to me, but she has grown into her part very well. Robin is of course the master, and James Wolk seems to be the next breakout star. Hamish and Amanda are very talented as well. One thing I would love to see, but I don’t think it happens, is getting Pam Dawber to play Sydney’s mother. Adding her would, in my opinion, make the show complete.

  3. Lanie says

    At first I was not to sure of this show, but I have stuck with it and its getting better all the time. The chemistry at first between SMG and Robin Williams was a bit off for me, but as episodes go on they are becoming funnier and funnier. To the haters. Say, give it a few episodes, get to know the characters, it’s Robin Williams after all and he is a genius. One note to CBS, I would make SMG a little more likable . Good luck to the cast and crew of The Crazy Ones, I would hate to see o go to the wayside like The New Normal! ( that being cancelled was a shame). Don’t be so fast to judge and let’s give it a good full year and see what happens.

  4. Disappointed says

    The Crazy Ones simply isn’t clever or funny at all. It must have survived the chopping block because of Robin Williams’ name. But the show really sucks.

    • Lanie says

      The show they just had with Josh Grobin was hysterical, I say tune in again and give it another try! It’s getting better with each new episode.

  5. Court says

    I also expected the show to be at least good, with the comedic genius Robin Williams even in his over-the-hill years leading the cast. But it was painful to watch–fast, neurotic patter and uncomfortable interactions between all the characters. After 15 minutes I switched channels and deleted it fro my DVR lineup. Sorry.

    • Lanie says

      Court, like I have been saying to everyone else, try it again. Watch it on if you don’t want to take up space on your DVR. I have so many things being recorded that night I watch it the day after on my iPad, but if they keep up the improvement I might have to bump something off DVR and give this its own spot. Note to NBC. ( and all other networks) please keep in mind as viewers we have many choices how to watch, shoving a but load of commercials on a show that was not DVR’d is a dumb move. People might give it a chance if they can catch up on it on our tablets,phones and computers but when you load us down with commercials, sometimes we just say the hell with it. ( this really goes out to NBC and the voice). I can’t Dvr that show and got caught up on its website. Last two shows were soooooo incredibly annoying 12 commercials at 3 minutes apiece is redonkulous! Remember, we can always Dvr it ( if we choose and just skip everyone of your commercials). NBC is the worst as far as catching up on the Internet. Not a good way to get new watchers.

  6. Frances K. King says

    My husband and I watched the Crazy Ones last evening. We thought it was terrible and will not continue to watch the series. I can’t imagine that anyone who saw the initial offering will bother to tune in again. The story didn’t make any sense. The characters were not interesting. And Robin Williams wasn’t amusing. We had had great hopes. Sorry.

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