The Dead Zone: Hall Says Series May Finish with Movie

Dead ZoneWhen USA network suddenly cancelled The Dead Zone last year, loyal viewers were understandably upset. After all, the sixth season ended in a cliffhanger. The network further aggravated fans by saying that they had no intention of filming any kind of resolution for the series. In a recent interview with Sci Fi Wire to promote The Dead Zone: The Final Season on DVD, series star Anthony Michael Hall said that there might be a finale after all.

Hall noted that there’s been stirrings of a possible movie to cap the series. He isn’t particularly optimistic that it will happen though because of the size of the show’s audience. He said, “There’s talk about it… I don’t think we had the size of a cult following that, let’s say, The X-Files did. You look at Sex and the City or The X-Files, these movies were done long after the shows pumped out their last episodes.” Hall added though that, “I would certainly be open to the potential for [a reunion].”

Hall expressed how much appreciation he had for the show’s creative team, particularly Dead Zone’s late executive producer, Michael Pillar; his son, Shawn Pillar; and co-executive producer Lloyd Segan. He said, “These guys, we made it a family affair… So I was grateful for the experience [of doing the show], and I would certainly entertain it if they wanted to pursue a film. Am I optimistic about it? Not really, but I certainly wouldn’t turn my back on the opportunity.”

Though the series wasn’t given a proper finale, Hall remains appreciative to everyone involved, including the viewers and the network that cancelled the show. On the Todd and Tyler Radio Empire Show, he said, “I think [the show] ran its course, we had a great run. We did 80 episodes over six seasons and USA network was great, a great company to work for and we had a great run with it. It was a great show, we had a lot of fans of the show, a great writing staff. It was just an amazing experience to do a show like that for six years, it was a lot of fun.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. optimist says

    Why not trying to crowd-fund it through Anyone able to reach out to Shawn Piller to propose the idea? If it doesn’t gather enough funds to produce an episode – it’ll mean we (people/crowd) are either too greedy or not-as-interested. But if it gathers enough for entire season – … :) 😉

  2. Fyn says

    There really needs to be a finale movie to wrap it up. It doesn’t have to be in theaters, it can be a TV movie. If USA is too dumb to do this then please Netflix make it.

  3. Anonymous says

    Just goes to show you how much this network cares about its viewers. Really ending it on a cliff hanger after six seasons!? Wow what a slap in the face I’ve been mad for years now with no end in site. I’m tired of these incorrigible networks spitting in viewers faces! Myself and quite a few fans have not watched a single show on USA after canceling this show. I hope others who catch this later on on Netflix & DVD’s will follow suite. I mean really whose going to be happy watching a basically unfinished show especially after forking over cash for it! Man I’m just PO’ed over this!! Ahhhhhhhh!!

  4. Sam says

    Yes, I totally agree, please give this show a proper ending. This show ended too soon. What happens to John, Sarah, JJ, Hope, Bruce, Purdy and to the world? It been years since this show has ended but so many fans still remember it, even now, with comments left just last year. I only found the last season of dead zone on dvd this year and I could not stop watching it despite the cast changes. It’s an amazing show with excellent writing. It very addicting to watch and each episode was interesting. I loved the character development and I wanted to know what was going to happen next to Johnny, Sarah and company. You cared about the characters, it had a sense of realism to it. The cast did a wonderful job bringing these characters to life. If it was still on today, I would also prefer watching it over shows like grim, medium, just had something that these shows are missing. Please give fans of dead zone a better and more fitting ending for this amazing show.

    • Michael says

      I completely agree. It is so wrong to leave fans without a real “Finale”! Low ratings? Seriously? Any worse than the rerun junk regularly aired on USA?

    • Felix says

      I agree too, but I suppose most of the sets are torn apart yet so it’d be quite a expensive thing to rebuilt those sets.
      But I don’t know wether the houses (like the house of John) was a real house or only a set.
      In my opinion the only way to get such a network like USA to continue the storyline is money. So perhaps if enougth fans would help it’d be possible to raise enougth dollars via a service like to show the Network our interest.
      By doing such a action we could perhaps even raise enougth money for the production of a (low budget?) movie that wraps up the whole series.

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