The Dead Zone: Hall Says Series May Finish with Movie

Dead ZoneWhen USA network suddenly cancelled The Dead Zone last year, loyal viewers were understandably upset. After all, the sixth season ended in a cliffhanger. The network further aggravated fans by saying that they had no intention of filming any kind of resolution for the series. In a recent interview with Sci Fi Wire to promote The Dead Zone: The Final Season on DVD, series star Anthony Michael Hall said that there might be a finale after all.

Hall noted that there’s been stirrings of a possible movie to cap the series. He isn’t particularly optimistic that it will happen though because of the size of the show’s audience. He said, “There’s talk about it… I don’t think we had the size of a cult following that, let’s say, The X-Files did. You look at Sex and the City or The X-Files, these movies were done long after the shows pumped out their last episodes.” Hall added though that, “I would certainly be open to the potential for [a reunion].”

Hall expressed how much appreciation he had for the show’s creative team, particularly Dead Zone’s late executive producer, Michael Pillar; his son, Shawn Pillar; and co-executive producer Lloyd Segan. He said, “These guys, we made it a family affair… So I was grateful for the experience [of doing the show], and I would certainly entertain it if they wanted to pursue a film. Am I optimistic about it? Not really, but I certainly wouldn’t turn my back on the opportunity.”

Though the series wasn’t given a proper finale, Hall remains appreciative to everyone involved, including the viewers and the network that cancelled the show. On the Todd and Tyler Radio Empire Show, he said, “I think [the show] ran its course, we had a great run. We did 80 episodes over six seasons and USA network was great, a great company to work for and we had a great run with it. It was a great show, we had a lot of fans of the show, a great writing staff. It was just an amazing experience to do a show like that for six years, it was a lot of fun.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Harley Davidson says

    Another reason why i don’t watch TV – you get real interested in a show – watch it year after year – then the network like USA suddenly cancels it – and there is no finale – no final resolution. Nothing like dead zoneis interruptus – so from the last episode, stillson destroys DC and it’s Armageddon!

  2. connie says

    I loved this show, I am very disappointed that they ended like they did. I hope for another season or a final movie. Please.
    I own all seasons, and will watch them again, and again.
    So Sad.

  3. Caoilinn says

    I found The Dead Zone when it was in rerun phase at 2am on Sunday mornings. I loved the shows so much that I went out and literally bought every season. I have watched each and every show in order, start to finish. This is the one and only show that I have ever even considered buying! The season 6 finale was very well acted, but horribly planned! We need closure! It drives me crazy every time I watch that last episode. Please Please Please make a movie or something to tie all the pieces back together!

  4. Anonymous says

    I discovered The Dead Zone when it was on reruns at like 2am on Sunday mornings. I liked it so much that I literally bought each and every season and have watched each and every episode. The finale was wonderfully played, but horribly planned! We need closure! At least a tv movie!!!

  5. Michael says

    I agree with everyone. The show shouldn’t have ended the way that it did. If the networks keep yanking our chain like this and not finish what they started, they will lose many more viewers. I’m personally afraid to get involved with anymore shows, only to be let down and left frustrated.

  6. lone says

    I have now seen the last show but there is no ending to it, it does need a finale, please finish the show with an ending to it

  7. Rajiim Gross says

    I also am Upset at the fact that USA cancelled both The Dead Zone and The 4400!
    I had to buy the damn DVD’s just to find out what happened in the last season and It sucks because Yet Again I’m Left with another Sci-fi Cliffhanger That The Series Ends On!

    Why Does It Seem Like The TV Execs Do This To The Fans?? I mean Look at this…..

    Farscape….Cancelled…..Series Finale was A MOVIE
    Firefly………Cancelled……Series Finale was A MOVIE
    Stargate Sg-1….Cancelled…..Series Finale was A MOVIE
    X-Files……..Cancelled……….Series Finale was A MOVIE

    Anyone Seeing a Trend Here besides me????

    I Quit watching USA. Network TV is starting to become just as bad!!
    I may Just start watching Youtube videos or DVD’s from now on so my
    feelings don’t get hurt watching shows that I grow to like and Love only
    to have the remote yanked out of my hand and see the words


    On my Tv Screen!!

    ARRrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh Come on People Leave Our Shows Alone!!
    Do Right by The Dead Zone and The 4400!!! Make The 2 hour movie to give us fans

  8. Promytheaz says

    USA network really sucks ass….6 amazing seasons of amazing episodes that keeping us company…and how’s that? one fake excuse about the “pocket counter” of the big boss on the station…maybe something bigger happening there…i’m not crazy guys…Armaggedon…on TV…with great actors, great casting & script and there’s all cancelled because they don’t won’t us to see the real goverment there…like Stilson (great actor also).maybe so, they afraid of us…the simple people.Antony Michael Hall is an amazing Actor, Director, Writter & Producer, he deserves a better channel to play his show, a better network…i hope a new episode will rise soon of the dead zone. But who knows… Antony Michael Hall can create a move sequel of the Original Dead Zone, this will be awsome….kiss you all…Dead Zone R U L E S…Promytheaz (from Greece – I apologize about my english). **** off & die USA Network channel.And my last words here. Fans are the Boss here not any stupid channel.

  9. pj harrington says

    just so you know, i have not watched USA since Dead Zone was cancelled. all i can say is “it was a senseless act!”

  10. Craig says

    It’s a shame that when ever a network gets people really hooked on a series they pull the plug. It seems that there is a following and they deserve some kind of resolution. I now watch the show on sleuth channel and watch it faithfully. Get Johnny back and finish the show even if it takes a two hour movie.

  11. Christopher says

    It was good to see Michael Anthony Hall again after vanishing for several years, after doing movies like “Weird Science” and “Johnny Be Good.” His role as “Johnny Smith” in the “Dead Zone” was an interesting one, since he had mostly played funnier characters in previous works. I have to admit that I was not watching the series anymore, since I never knew when the show was on. It use to be on Sunday night at 9PM in Chicago, but the air time must have changed, because I never saw it on, and if I did, they were playing reruns. The new Sherrif was investigating “Walt” the last time I watched. I hope the show is not over for good, because I think it is a great show, which deserves a finale! I think all shows with a significant viewing audience, should end with a finale. If USA Network expects viewers to TUNE IN to its NEXT NEW SERIES, they should give more thought to HOW they cancel a long running series like “The Dead Zone!”

  12. Theresa says

    This is such a shame to cancel this show. I, too, loved the show. This was the only show that I watched on USA. Hopefully, someone will step up and buy the rights to the show and continue it…maybe the SciFi channel?

  13. jane says

    I loved these shows, especially the Dead Zone….such a shame that quality is replaced with silly, shallow material like Starter Wife. I wish for at least one more season, but really, can’t we at least have some closure?

  14. Johnny Smith says

    I had a vision that USA will not continue the DEAD ZONE because of its lack of understanding of the true meaning of quality entertainment.

  15. Rich W says

    I discovered this series late, and have been following it…wow, just googled and learned tonitght how things tied up or didn’t. I really hate shows that end this way, unresolved. Sopranos being an exception, but that was intentionally unresolved. :)

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