The Deep End: TV Show Officially Cancelled; No Season Two

The Deep EndA mid-season replacement series, The Deep End finished its first season in February after six episodes. Many websites erroneously reported that the show had been officially cancelled. It wasn’t then but it is now.

The Deep End focuses on a handful of first-year associates who work at a top Los Angeles law firm. Those in the cast include Matt Long, Ben Lawson, Tina Majorino, Norbert Leo Butz, Leah Pipes, Billy Zane, Sherri Saum, Clancy Brown, Mehcad Brooks, and Rachelle Lefevre.

The TV show got off to a rocky start in January with a disappointing 1.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 7.07 million total viewers. Viewership for subsequent episodes fell even lower by the time the sixth and final episode of the season aired in February.

Though the network refused to say that the TV show was officially cancelled, it looked highly unlikely that the series would return. ABC has now officially cancelled The Deep End so there won’t be a second season.

There is however still an extra episode sitting on ABC’s shelf. Seven installments were produced but only six aired. If the show had come back for season two, episode seven would have been part of it. Now, fans’ best chance of seeing it will be if the series is released on DVD. For now, that’s not in ABC’s plans but the first six episodes are available via Amazon.

What do you think? Are you sorry that The Deep End won’t be back for another round of episodes?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jack says

    I enjoyed the show, each character was a larger-than-life caricature. I re-watched the six aired episodes via Netflix instant download. Compared to the reality shows that are overpowering the airwaves, this was a nice alternate. I would love to see that on the shelf seventh episode at some point. ABC might consider bringing this one back.

  2. Jessica says

    I loved this show!!! They should have given it another year for sure! I love all the characters and i was so excited to see what future cases would be. very sad its gone :(

  3. Kate Scully says

    The Deep End had the potential to be the Grey’s Anatomy of the law profession. I mean you have intelligent, hot, fun interns (lawyers instead of surgical) but you get the point. When you start a show that time of the year not everyone is going to know about it.

    Big mistake ABC. You should have marketed it for this fall and the numbers probably would have soared!!!

    Additionally, My Generation had a ton of potential too but 2 episodes?? Not even long enough for people to know what it is… please give your shows a chance!!!

  4. says

    I can’t believe this show was canceled. Great show-writing & cast. I don’t even watch tv anymore because there no quality in most of the shows. I enjoyed this show very much along with Pushing Daisies & Cane, which were also canceled. Booo to you ABC, you didn’t even give this show a chance.

  5. RuffRyda25 says

    First this show then Melrose Place….. What is up with networks canceling good shows? Sure, the ratings may start out not as good, but I’m sure “The Deep End” would’ve caught on. I mean you had five or six rookie lawyers in Los Angeles with all kinds of “ish” going on.

  6. Melissa says

    Seriously…Why are all the good shows that just started are ending! The Deep End was a really good show. We loved it! I wish they would keep it as well as theses other shows:
    Mercy- NBC
    Trauma- NBC
    Miami Medical – CBS
    Flash Forward- ABC

    It’s like you get addicted to a show for a few weeks…then boom…the next season it’s canceled! Aggg

  7. kb says

    I was so thoroughly disappointed in the cancellation of this show. It was fresh, fun and delightful. Why don’t the networks give the shows a chance to run. Many times people don’t know about the show and by the time you get a chance to see the third or fourth episode, it is almost the last. I did not get a chance to see the first episode but I did the second and really enjoyed it. I was hooked from then on. I think the networks would rather throw adults some crappy reality shows because they are cheap and don’t have to pay the actors money. It is all about what they can take home and not show any responsibility to their audiences. You guys are cowards and I am so disappointed. No wonder the premium chanels are winning all of the awards these days. Get off your lazy butts and put something on worth watching. Network television sucks big time

  8. D Rush says

    I am really disappointed with ABC for not keeping The Deep End in their line up. For once there was a show I enjoyed. It was pretty clean and I liked the characters a lot. I especially liked the one where the boyfriend brought the lawyer friend the bag of Conn’s potato chips. I live within 60 miles of that company and they are my favorite chips! I wish there could be a push to get the show renewed and added to a fall or mid-season lineup. Please ABC, consider this. There are way too many reality shows on these days. Give me a good drama or comedy any day!

  9. mom in mi says

    This was ABC’s last chance for me. I had already stopped watching ABC but was turned on to the show by a friend. My friend and I loved all 6 episodes of The Deep End. I don’t know anyone who watches ABC anymore. Great Job ABC, you suck!!!

  10. serak says

    I don’t understand how shows are being picked these days. Rookie Blue? The Bachelorette? Downfall? Cougartown? Nice one ABC, you got us..

    Finally, for the first time in a long time they create a notable television series full of wit, dilemma, and hotness — or a great cast — only to squish it one ep shy of a full season. How embarassing. This galling inconsistency is what provides disappointments like Royal Pains and Lie To Me a chance. Heck, maybe I should go into business.

  11. pat says

    Really enjoyed the show.. Bummed that they cancelled..They’ll probably put something simple-minded like a reality show..

  12. amy says

    I’m sad this show is canceled, this could have been a great show if they gave it a year. Who wants to invest time into a show that’s uncertain from the beginning. They doom these shows by only airing a few, before they commit, how many shows would not have made it if they did this with all of them. Seinfeld would have been canceled if only allowed to air 6 shows, it was not a runaway hit in the beginning.

  13. NellF says

    Yet again ABC has failed us. I am in agreement that this was a good solid show and that I was also looking forward to seeing the show again and to see what kind of cases these new lawyers were going to get and how they would handle each case, and how they would handle office romance.

    So ABC yet again YOU FAIL.

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