The Defenders: CBS TV Show Cancelled, No Season Two

The Defenders canceled season twoPete Kaczmarek and Nick Morelli consistently get themselves and their clients out of some pretty big jams. Unfortunately, there’s one that they can’t escape. Their TV series, The Defenders, has been cancelled by CBS after one season.

The Defenders follows a pair of Las Vegas lawyers who will do just about anything for their Sin City clients. They often take on cases no one else will touch and try to keep their sanity while doing it. The TV show stars Jerry O’Connell, Jim Belushi, Jurnee Smollett, Tanya Fischer, and Gillian Vigman.

The TV series got off to a decent start with a 2.9 rating in the all-important 18-49 demographic and 12.17 million viewers. In weeks two and three, those numbers started to tumble however with the demo falling 14% and then another 12% in weeks two and three. Airing on Wednesday nights, the ratings kept falling and hit a low of a 1.5 in the demo and 6.8 million.

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Because The Defenders was already registering poor numbers, CBS decided to try it on Friday nights, an evening with fewer viewers. If most fans followed and the show could sustain the Wednesday numbers, CBS would likely have been satisfied.

That didn’t happen and the remaining six installments fell even lower, hitting a 1.1 in the demo. That was a much worse performance than the timeslot’s previous occupant, already-cancelled Medium.

TV show supportWhile The Defenders was supposedly still in contention for a second season until recently, most knew it was a long shot at best.

Word is that CBS has now cancelled The Defenders. All 18 produced episodes have aired. The series finale ran on March 11th.

What do you think? Are you sorry that there won’t be a second season for The Defenders?

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  1. Roddy says

    A dang shame… one of the best shows and after they move it, getting it worse ratings, they cancel it? Poor management on a great company… I have lost much respect as this show was phenomenal in ever way. I watched every episode when it aired, went to Afghanistan for a year and now that I am back I find out it is cancelled. What a joke and disaster. CBS, you really dropped the ball on this one… I haven’t been this upset since Legend of the Seeker was cancelled, and yeah, I nearly cried b/c I lost my Mother Confessor. Now here we are with this show, you took two of the greatest guys that worked so well with each other and threw them away. You should have given it a second go, they would have brought you far more than your lacking management did in Season 1…

  2. Marquita says

    This so not right! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting on season 2! Now I’m so sad because I’m finding out through this article that the Defenders are canceled! Is CBS crazy? YES! stop moving the shows nights and keep it consistent the rating would have been fine! On top of that CBS didn’t promote the show at ALL! Most people wont know about a show until u market the show to where they are! KNOW WONDER the rating were low! NO ONE KNEW OF THE SHOW UNTIL AFTER CBS CANCELED! The producers should send it to a new network and promote the show! It will do well because it’s that great! Thx from MC

  3. Biily says

    Bring The Defenders BACK!!!!! Not always able to watch it when it came on but DVR’d every episode. Absolutely loved this show and it was my favorite TV show, and currently would be if still running. Belushi and O’Connell had excellent chemistry in this show and made you keep coming back for more. Shame on CBS!

  4. Kai says

    Bring The Defenders Back!!!
    I want Season 2 thur 100. I love these guys and its really a shame that it was canceled. I had never hear of it until I got it on Netflix. Now I’m hooked and have no Show. PLease reconsider CBS

  5. shari says

    I watched all episodes of the defenders and I loved it. Very entertaining, and by far better programming than the majority of what you see today. I love Jim Belushi and the rest of the cast. They seem to all blend well.

  6. jack says

    they just started showing this show in my country, i think the first episode was awesome and the fact they used the actor who played jim in according to jim made it better, how could it not get a second season while there are many other bad shows out there

  7. Kris B. says

    About a week ago I stumbled upon The Defenders while I was browsing through Netflix. I finished the entire first series and now was looking for series 2. I have sadly been disappointed by CBS studios because of their poor efforts to properly advertise and promote The Defenders. My grounds for such an ugly comment are simple: I watch shows and television regularly and have never seen or heard anything about The Defenders on television. It was not until browsing Netflix that I discovered The Defenders. The show should come back and do a second series and if CBS studios is not willing to support that then Netflix should.

  8. Ronnie says

    This was an excellent show. Appealing characters, humorous, well-written storylines.
    I think CBS shot themselves in the foot by cancelling it.

  9. Fe says

    I’m very disappointed The Defenders has been cancelled. I was looking forward to another season. I enjoyed Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell in their roles. Please bring back the show.

  10. says

    I wasn’t a faithful watcher due to scheduling. So when I finally figured out when to set the timer – it wasn’t on anymore. CBS does that. I was interested in Jericho, too.

  11. Marco says

    I just finished episode 18 I loved it. That was a great episode you see you guys dee need eachother because on the top of the patching lot that looked like you love working together.

  12. Marco says

    I am only 15 years old and I love the show. Hay the show beats family guy, but that’s what I think. You guys have to make a season 2. For the fans that do love the show.

  13. Karen says

    This show had it all – charisma, casting, chemistry – dropping it after giving it a death time slot was just foolish.

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