The Defenders: Petition and Ways to Support the CBS TV Show

Save the Defenders on CBSOn The Defenders, lawyers Pete Kaczmarek (Jerry O’Connell) and Nick Morelli (James Belushi) manage to get their clients out of a lot of scrapes but they may have a bigger problem. Their CBS series isn’t getting enough viewers so it will almost certainly be cancelled.

What can you do? Remember, the ideal scenario for CBS is for many millions of people to watch the show on their television sets, while it’s being broadcast. Unfortunately, ratings are put together based on a sampling of viewers. If you’re a “Nielsen household,” your viewing is being counted. If not, well, it’s not.

However, if you like The Defenders and want to see it continue, there are a few things you can do to help.

  1. If you’re a Nielsen family, watch the show whenever it’s on. If not, watch it on or purchase episodes online so your viewing will be counted directly. Encourage others to watch the show. You might know a Nielsen family and not be aware of it.
  1. Talk about the show with others; at school, at work, online, or wherever. Creating a buzz about a show that you’re invested in gets other people interested and might help bring former viewers back.
  1. Sign the petition below and encourage others to do the same.
  1. Write to the network. Be respectful. Everyone responds better to courtesy. Tell them how much you enjoy the show, that you’ve signed the petition, and that you want to see it continue. You can use this form or, even better, write via “snail-mail” immediately to: Ms. Nina Tassler, CBS, 7800 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90039, RE: The Defenders
  1. Take note of the products that are advertised during the show. Write the advertisers and tell them that you appreciate their sponsoring the show and that you buy their products (if you do).

To CBS and CBS Television Studios:

We, the undersigned, like watching The Defenders on the CBS network. The series has strong characters, great actors, and engaging storylines in a unique and flashy setting. It’s not a run-of-the-mill show legal show for sure.

Please find a way to keep The Defenders on the air. We are devoted viewers who will continue to watch the program, encourage others to do the same, and will support the series’ advertisers as well. Please keep it going, either on CBS or, if necessary, on another Viacom-related channel.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • earlene ruppCountry: United States2014-01-20 03:42:59
    I loved this show, am so sick of shows getting taken off the air. the people that watch t.v is not 18 -30 year old. the 40 and up! friday night the 18- 25 are out partying, the peoples with kids and grand children are the ones home. there is nothing on t.v friday and saterday nights. i have been watching old movies and re-runs. get with it and keep good t.v. on for the one who are home watching it!
  • CharleyCountry: USA2013-10-21 19:45:55
    Defenders was too good to waste; you shouldn't've shifted it to so many different times and nights. It would have been a favorite of many more if given a chance. Perfect cast and smart stories!
  • Pam T.Country: USA2013-10-09 23:56:10
    Thought the show was great. I was heartbroken that there was only one season. Great acting. Clever and fresh storyline.
  • ROSE & ED KINCAIDCountry: USA FLORIDA2013-06-22 15:35:52
    This was truly a great show. so what if there is a lot of lawyer shows only a few of them are good. Please bring his back. i miss the story lines and the great acting with jerry oconnell and james belushi. great combo fun fun fun. every time they have a good show they take it off. wake up CBS
  • Nicole BorgoyneCountry: usa2013-05-02 19:27:36
    Please being back"the defenders" I'm watching reruns of reruns of reruns. I love Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell together and especially the secretary and Lisa! Best mom loves it (52) My grandmother loves it (76) and i love it (29). Yes were are all women but please we love it please bring it back
  • Laszlo CsaszarCountry: Hungary2013-05-01 08:42:05
    continue :)
  • Ahmad AfgCountry: Canada2013-04-27 00:39:20
    Best show i ever watched, jim belushi is an incredible actor, please bring this show back, i nearly cried when i heard it was cancelled. me and my friends would be honored if this show comes back. Thank you, kind regards
  • wayne williamsCountry: usa2013-04-11 21:14:36
    I love this show. Once u watch one episode ur hooked. Give the defenders another chance.
  • Robert Adger-BartonCountry: United States2013-03-29 11:20:54
    Please make a season 2. I loved this show!
  • Kim KlinglesmithCountry: U.S.2013-03-07 15:06:23
    It was a very entertaining show, you didn't give it enough time to pick up followers. I will try and let people know about it, if you bring it back. Please..................
  • Yaw Kah WengCountry: Singapore2012-11-28 09:08:28
    This is a good show about lawyering and its funny, come one James Belushi for crying out loud. Bring it back !!
  • Matthew RigelhofCountry: Canada2012-11-17 12:05:57
    Why does CBS cancel all the good shows, this show is amazing. I loved James in according to Jim and was very happy to see him another comedy that also a drama.
  • ThomasCountry: USA2012-10-30 19:35:33
    PLEASE bring back The Defenders. I loved watching this show. It was great entertainment. James Belushi and Jerry O'Connell were the perfect match in this series. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!
  • Danyal BawanyCountry: Pakistan2012-10-17 10:45:12
    Please, Please, Please bring back the defenders it is one of the greatest shows to date!!!!!!!
  • SharonCountry: USA2012-10-14 16:22:11
    Please bring back The Defenders. It's a great show and I really miss it. It was one of the better ones on CBS. There are so few shows on TV wort watching anymore with all the sexual inuendo and foul language. This one was really good. BRING IT BACK!!! PLEASE!!!
  • JeroenCountry: Italy2012-10-05 06:19:43
    Please put back on the tube (LCDsreen). Kind regards Jeroen
  • Monina SisonCountry: Canada2012-09-29 05:52:28
    I"ts a great show , me and my husband are always waiting this show everyweek . Please don"t cancel it . Were waiting for the next season
  • Eli Arellano Jr.Country: USA 2012-09-27 09:17:19
    My son and I made this show father son day when it was on Wednesday then on Friday. What was bad about this? Everything!!! This show was awesome, funny,sad and good for my son and I to watch together with no worries about bad language. I think this show was one of ten best show I've seen in 11 yrs. I watch a lot of shows everyday and for me to say it was awesome it might be true. They should get picked up by FX, TNT, USA, TBS or Comedy Central just like they did with SOUTHLAND. Please don't cancel this show bring it back cause my boy keeps asking me asking me if its coming back again. We have looked almost every day to find another show just for both of us. I record shows on my DVR with cable shows and watch local shows on regular TV, and still nothing good that he likes yet. He thinks 2 & half men, how I met yo mom and suits is what he likes so far but not like The Defenders. Thanks.
  • Dan StantonCountry: USA2012-08-22 15:30:45
    I found this show on Netflix and viewed the whole series twice and craved more. But, no, some idiot at the network pulled the plug. If I was a top Network exec in charge of obtaining programming at USA Network I would bring "The Defenders" to USA Network. That show goes well with their other shows that are all great. Since I got Netflix and cable tv I hardly ever watch network tv. Maybe that is what is going on the viewers are otherwise engaged with cable and satellite tv which have a gadzillion channels.
  • JOHANNACountry: GERMANY2012-08-21 07:10:41
    I have never signed a petition for a show in my life...But when i found out Defenders (which is one of the very few series i watch on TV) got cancelled i just could not resist. This show was amazing, the leads had such a chemistry between them that you almost believed that they were really alive. The humour was great and scenery was interesting. The side characters were also fantastic, the receptionist, the assistant lawyer, they were all corky characters which you fell in love with...Pls bring this great show back.
  • L MottazCountry: USA2012-08-12 17:47:25
    Great show, great writing, great shots of Vegas, great cast of characters! Put it back on the roster!
  • leonard shamonCountry: 2012-08-01 12:40:52
    This is a awesome show..just saw it for the 3rd time on netflix... can't get enough. Jim and jerry make a great combo. They are awesome. Wrong time slot and probably wrong network.. someone pick this show up and air it. No joke. This is a classic
  • D prigitanoCountry: USA2012-07-25 10:40:21
    I just finished watching the show again for the 3rd time on netfix, because CBS cancelled the show. CBS should have never cancelled the show, it was in the wrong time slot and was never given a chance. Jim and Jerry make a great team. Please bring it back!
  • justin colemanCountry: united states2012-07-24 17:06:26
    I i watched i watched the show on netflix with my girlfreind and we love it but feel cheated cause we never heard of it befode u need to expand ur ratings on the nielsn ratings and find what real people with real lives and little time to respond to a nielson ratings pleaseeeeeeeet bring the defenders back we love it
  • Wendy Leigh ShippeyCountry: United States2012-06-29 16:55:25
    Please bring this show back it is a great show!
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