The Dr. Keith Ablow Show: The Doctor is Out

Dr. Keith AblowThree syndicated shows have bit the dust since the start of the new year; The Megan Mullally Show, The Greg Behrendt Show and Geraldo at Large. The daytime market looks easy but it’s a tough sell. Just ask Dr. Keith Ablow, host of cancelled syndicated show number four.

The Dr. Keith Ablow Show debuted on September 11, 2006, was produced by LMNO Productions and Telepictures Productions and syndicated by Warner Bros. Domestic Television. The show was hosted by Ablow who was a couples therapist for 20 years and has appeared as a guest on several shows as an expert regarding several high-profile trials. He’s also written a half-dozen novels and seven non-fiction books, including the best-selling Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson.

The show’s stated goal was to “help individuals, couples and families cope with the personal challenges they face in today’s world, and develop strategies that can help them lead more fulfilling lives.” Many of the early shows seemed to focus less on viewer problems and more on high-profile stories like the Jon Bonnet Ramsey murder, Tori Spelling’s break-up, Anna Nicole Smith’s family, and former American Idol finalists (scheduled for this Friday)  — shows geared purely towards getting high ratings. It didn’t work.

The cancellation news comes as little surprise since the viewership has averaged just over a million households. And, though Warner Bros. execs continued to express their support, there was no talk of a second season. A few weeks ago, Warner Bros. Domestic TV’s Ken Werner said, “We’ll continue to produce the show for TV stations for the balance of the year and support it the way we do with all of our shows.”

The series will continue in production for several more weeks as was originally planned but it’s unclear if it will stay on the air for the rest of the season. One thing’s for sure though, the doctor is out. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Sue says

    I was dissapointed to see Dr. Keith was cancelled. I kept wondering why some entertainment segment in his slot. Sorry Dr. Keith, you will be missed.

  2. ANGEL ALAMO says

    I was on his show the one about singles talking about what they want in bed. Dr. Keith is a total nice guy. Good to see him not try to be like maury or jerry springer. I think he brought something refreshing and topics that were true to what people go through. After the show he was a total nice guy.

  3. M.R.Gelina, M.Ed. says

    I am disappointed that the Dr. Keith Ablow has been cancelled. This man is a true therapist who recognizes the pathology of people’s issues and treats people with compassion and patience. He is not a tv personality like Dr. Phil, whom I don’t have an issue with. But, Dr. Ablow is a recognized therapist with a therapy syle that many of us know to be the most beneficial. It’s unfortunate that the public is being denied viewing a truely good therapist. We all could learn so much from him. I guess the public was not ready. I hope we will have the opportunity to hear more from you, Dr. Ablow.

  4. Cindy says

    I am very sorry to hear that Dr. Keith’s show has been cancelled. I worked for many years in the field of mental health and found him to be very well informed, compassionate, professional and educational. I wish him only the best in his future endeavors!

  5. Rev. Jack Wachenschwanz says

    I am very disappointed to hear that Dr.
    Keith has been cancelled. I tried to watch
    his show every day. I had it recorded on

    I appreciated the way he did not shout or
    cuss at the people he interviewed. I guess he wasn’t “showy” enough.
    Too bad; so sad. I miss him.

    Rev. Jack Wachenschwanz
    Anderson, Indiana

  6. Sophie Brown says

    This man isn’t God; he’s a television personality. I actually know Karen Derby and whatever else may have occured, I’m sure she was perfectly ethical, unconfused, and not misleading
    about whatever aftercare specialists are supposed to be doing. How this goes, is, “I’m unhappy and somehow deserve to be on tv. They promise to help me…” This type of whiny attention-seeking behavior is really unattractive. You don’t really need to go on television to get treatment; you look in the phone book. So you get public sympathy and $1000. It really ought to be enough.

  7. Albert says

    I find it absurd that so many people are speaking badly of Dr. Keith Ablow. He has made great contributions as a psychiatrist, more so than many of the people that are critical of his work. For anyone who can grasp the extensive labor that comes with providing mental help, they would better appreciate what Dr. Ablow is presenting.
    Being in the constant eye of national television puts him in an exposed position to be criticized, but if any of you think you can do a better job serving new clients one after another, then let’s see you try before you place an opinion.

  8. John Burns says

    I am exceptionally glad to read that FOX’s getting rid of that unprincipled phony, Ablow. I’m sure quite a few of the readers of this comment know exactly what I’m refering to here (unfortunately). John Burns

  9. Julia says

    My god – I just watched an episode for the very first time and I couldn’t believe the advice that he just told a woman in an abusive relationship. He set them both up with counseling and then told her to stay with him and if he HITS HER AGAIN TO LEAVE. WTF?! If he hits her again?? What a f**king moron.

  10. Preston says

    Last week, I saw a new show that replaced Dr. Keith Ablow in the 10 am slot on WRAL in Raleigh. And I hadn’t watched that station at 10 in over a month!(I was on vacation 2 of the 4 weeks). But now I find that Dr. Keith Ablow’s show is cancelled. He was a good host, but this was the wrong year to do it. When he did more tabloid topics, that was the end of it. I think people were sick and tired of anything on Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan on his show and walked away. He’s too high class to be showing that trash on his show. And why would he have his show competing against Rachel Ray and Ellen’s shows in some places? He must have been crushed in the ratings in some markets. Well, he has been on Fox News Channel’s 1 pm show on afternoons, but didn’t say ANYTHING about his show’s cancellation. How does that make us feel that he didn’t say anything? Well, back to showing that tired ’80s rerun sitcom to replace Ablow! Is it hard for new talk shows to last beyond one season these days? I think that people want to stick with the old standbys like Oprah, Ellen and the others.

  11. Gina says

    I’m very disappointed to hear that Dr. Ablow’s show is being cancelled. I’m extremely surprised by all the negative comments and feedback here. Personally, I do believe he is a warm, genuine, kind human being and an amazing, gifted, professional doctor. I am very sad to discover his show will no longer exist.

  12. LindaOz says

    I’m very disappointed to hear that Dr. Keith Ablow’s show has been cancelled. I think the same would have happend to Dr. Phil had he been placed on such a hard-to-sell daytime schedule with kids in school and parents working. Some extraordinary psychology programs like “Starting Over” have also been cancelled from that difficult time slot.

    It truly amazes me to read the negative input about Dr. Keith. I am a skeptic who usually assumes any television personality who expresses empathy towards others is just for show; but that is absolutely not the case with Dr. Keith Ablow. His compassion is genuine. His work is brilliant. He did an incredible job hosting a television show that was a challenging format to begin with. I wish him success with his current and future endeavors.

  13. Patricia Proctor says

    I did know the the Dr. Keith show was cancelled I myself enjoyed it.
    the only thing else on t.v. in the daytime is a court show or a soap I think is boring so I guess I will just get the radio out and start listening to that.
    I am really sorry to see him go, and wish him good luck in what ever he does next

  14. Patricia Proctor says

    I watched the show yesterday and I have seen it before,
    So I just wanted to find out how the lady with the eating disorder was doing, she really got to my heart.

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