The Dr. Keith Ablow Show: The Doctor is Out

Dr. Keith AblowThree syndicated shows have bit the dust since the start of the new year; The Megan Mullally Show, The Greg Behrendt Show and Geraldo at Large. The daytime market looks easy but it’s a tough sell. Just ask Dr. Keith Ablow, host of cancelled syndicated show number four.

The Dr. Keith Ablow Show debuted on September 11, 2006, was produced by LMNO Productions and Telepictures Productions and syndicated by Warner Bros. Domestic Television. The show was hosted by Ablow who was a couples therapist for 20 years and has appeared as a guest on several shows as an expert regarding several high-profile trials. He’s also written a half-dozen novels and seven non-fiction books, including the best-selling Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson.

The show’s stated goal was to “help individuals, couples and families cope with the personal challenges they face in today’s world, and develop strategies that can help them lead more fulfilling lives.” Many of the early shows seemed to focus less on viewer problems and more on high-profile stories like the Jon Bonnet Ramsey murder, Tori Spelling’s break-up, Anna Nicole Smith’s family, and former American Idol finalists (scheduled for this Friday)  — shows geared purely towards getting high ratings. It didn’t work.

The cancellation news comes as little surprise since the viewership has averaged just over a million households. And, though Warner Bros. execs continued to express their support, there was no talk of a second season. A few weeks ago, Warner Bros. Domestic TV’s Ken Werner said, “We’ll continue to produce the show for TV stations for the balance of the year and support it the way we do with all of our shows.”

The series will continue in production for several more weeks as was originally planned but it’s unclear if it will stay on the air for the rest of the season. One thing’s for sure though, the doctor is out. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. big dave says

    speaking of SUFFERING from narcissism, what about a man who shaves his head because he doesn’t want the world to think he has premature male pattern baldness?
    in the words of mister wizzard,

    • Stephanie haynes says

      I think Dr Keith is a good man. To all the people who have made comments on him should watch the show and see that he is a kind,loving and qualified doctor who was very gifted at what he is doing. I wish I could have been on the show, I believe that it would have been a good experience. You all should get a life and an education, then may be you would be able to see what a great man he is. And to the last person who commented, bald men are very, very sexy!

  2. big dave says

    just saw some of your testimony on trutv. suffering from narcissism???? dude, wake up! as long as you are with yourself, how can you be SUFFERING from narcissism. it’s everybody else thats the problem.

  3. Howard Z says

    I really can’t believe what this one has done. It’s almost criminal. On that Fox television station, he seems very proud of himself, but he shouldn’t be. In fact, this doctor should not be in practice in this country – after what he has done. I’m not the only one who has said that. That’s all I’m going to say about him, except that he should be ashamed. That’s all.

  4. Angela says

    Hey Kathy!

    I believe we both appeared on the same episode. I was the one with the little girl and baby boy. You said you were from CO and we both stayed at the Skyline Hotel. Are you the right one? I had the same experience with Dr. Ablow. I thought it was so weird that he met us a couple minutes before we went on air and then he acted like he had known us and talked to us forever once we were taping. We were told that he would provide us with treatment and they would be following up and making sure we were doing well. No treatment and no follow-up was provided. They called literally 3 days after we got back asking for an update and wanting us to record one. I thought that was crazy! They did give us one local resource and let us know that they would be expecting our call. The people didn’t even know what I was talking about when I called. Without the help of Dr. Ablow, or any treatment for that matter, things have gotten a lot better around here. I am so glad your son is doing well and getting better. I hope you guys have a great holiday! =D


  5. Eliot G says

    Kathy: this Dr. Ablow’s heart is not in the right place. Ask anybody on the Today Show – they know him. So do lots of other people on television, including Oprah Winfrey. He’s not a good guy and he knows it.

  6. kathy says

    I had my son on Dr Ablow show regarding anger illness and children. Dr Ablow said some very helpful things during commercials. He did not, however, do any follow up other than ask for pictures. He did give me a name of a local doctor, but we couldn’t afford to see her. I think his heart was in the right place, but television puts pressure on individuals for ratings. So
    although i am grateful that my son is now in a good place and getting help. I am disappointed that there was no follow up done. My son could have been just another kid to boost ratings and end up falling through the cracks.

  7. GeeWizard says

    This guy wants to be famous so badly that it’s pathetic.

    He probably has sweet dreams about replacing Dr Phil.

  8. jane says

    I really enjoyed watching the show. I really felt that he was sincere in his work & showed empathy to the guests he had on his show. I am disappointed that his show is being canceled. It seems as if the majority of the other talk shows have turned into just that “shows”. Good luck Dr. Keith Ablow & I hope to see more of you as guests on M & J show and the Today show.

  9. Sophie Brown says

    I’ve noticed that my post in support of Dr. Derby was cut off of the message board. I guess this is a “complaining” website? Dr. Derby is an eminently responsible and skilled psychologist. Obviously a television program isn’t the best place to “receive help”; why anyone would think so is beyond all common sense. You come to a talk show for much needed attention–for therapy you go through your telephone book.
    I never watched the show. But really if you have this much time to rant on an obscure message board, maybe you don’t have much of a life to begin with. Forget Dr. Ablow. Find a therapist. Read Frederick Douglas. You can’t let things rent space in your head like this. It will just make you crazy in the end.

  10. Catherine says

    Wow! I thought I was the only person with a negative experience from being on the show! This makes me feel so much better!

    We were on the episode Ultimate Betrayal. I was pregnant & my husband was on drugs & kept taking off on me, so my Aunt wrote in to the Dr. Keith show. They contacted us & wanted to bring us out there. I guess in the process they learned that when my husband & I were just dating, that I cheated on him (which was over 5 years ago I might add & we have fixed that). Well, they turned the whole show into me & my husbands twin having an affair. Never touched the drug issues & promised us therapy that they NEVER came through with.

    After the show was done taping they had the audacity to ask my husband if I was on something because I was so out of it from the whirlwind that had happened.


    While complaining after the filming, we were told we were the only ones who had ever complained about how they did things. And we were treated like dirt.

    God riddance Dr. Keith. Thanks for nothing.

  11. John Burns says

    M.R. Gelina writes that “I guess the public was not ready” – like, ready for what, exactly? More TV & movie ‘star’ gossip? More talk show narcissism? More debatable advice stated with loads of presumption & self-importance? (Oh, Ablow, don’t try to cut this one because I’ll just post another that will be far worse & you know it, buddy)

  12. Kimberly D. says

    I was SO upset to realize that Dr. Keith’s show had been cancelled. Then I was even MORE upset to read some of the comments posted here. Some people are way too critical! Who are you to judge? If you’d ever been to a therapist before, you’d know that Dr. Keith did an excellent job with the guests on his show. I’d talk to him anyday! I know that I’m only 1 of many people who will miss him. It would be great if a different network would give him another chance in a different time slot maybe.

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