The Event: Season One Wraps, Hope for Season Two?

EventJason Ritter, star of The Event, tweeted today that, “I finished my last day of shooting on The Event. These last four episodes have been amazing! Catch up on old ones so you’re ready Monday!”

Talking about the show’s future, Ritter also wrote, “I would say if the ratings keep doing what they did on Monday, Season 2 is very likely! But we need all of your help to spread the word!!”

While we don’t know exactly what NBC has in mind for their 2011-12 schedule, it seems that Ritter is being overly optimistic about The Event’s chances for a second season. The show started off with very healthy ratings back in September but they quickly declined to very unhealthy levels.

The Event premiered with a 3.6 rating in the all-important 18-49 demographic and 10.88 million viewers, and then quickly slid downward. By November, the numbers fell to a 1.7 rating and 5.54 million viewers. They stayed at that level for the remainder of 2010 and then NBC put the series on hiatus, promising a relaunch in early 2011.

TV show supportWhen The Event returned in early March, it seemed like a lot of people had lost interest and/or figured that the series had already been cancelled. Since the return, it’s been averaging a 1.2 demo rating and 4.39 million viewers. Those are horrible numbers, even by NBC’s present standards. Remember, the network cancelled Undercovers when it was averaging a 1.4 rating and 5.97 million viewers.

This week’s episode of The Event was up by 18% in the demo. That’s very encouraging until you realize that the percentage increase is based on the numbers from a week earlier, a 1.1 rating and under four million. Those are CW-size ratings and it’s not hard to improve on those.

If fans of The Event can rally and the numbers keep increasing for the last four episodes of the season, NBC could very well consider renewing it. That’s going to be tough at this point.

If that doesn’t happen, let’s just hope that the writers wrap up the season in a fulfilling way for the fans who have stuck with it. The finale airs May 23rd.

What do you think? Does The Event still have a chance for season two? Will you watch the final episodes of the season? Do you think they’ll give enough closure in case it’s cancelled?

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  1. claire says

    Please, please, please give us season 2!!!!!
    This was the only program that my friends and I waited for all week!! We are in our 50’s and 60’s and we live in Iowa.
    Please do not disappoint us and many, many others!!!!!

  2. Marco says

    The Event was by far my favorite show on tv, it was the only thing that actually filled the void that was created when Lost ended. I’m extremely disappointed that NBC axed it (especially for the garbage they’re replacing the time slot with). Screw you NBC, you’ve definitely lost a viewer with this!

  3. laura says

    i forgot to mention that i watch the show online. Why? because waiting week to week is impossible..the tension is unbareble!! that might be why the ratings are so low..cos people would rather see it all in one! that is not sign of a bad show!! not being able to wait for the next episode is a sing of an AWESOME show!! if i lived in the States and had access to NBC i would have my telly one every time the event is on just to play my part in elevating the ratings. But it is not just Americans that watch this show, and if the ratings are low there it is unfair to punish us all!! WE WANT THE EVENT!!

  4. laura says

    i’m from the UK and have started watching the event with my mother. I cannot remember the last TV show that has kept me on my toes as much as the event (and i sure watch plenty of shows..u wouldnt imagine). The big mid season break was horrible…having to wait so long made me lose track of the storyline, but now that i am on holiday with my mum we have started watching it again and with only two episodes left i am dreading the end! It took 10 seconds if not less to get me back into the show and waiting between episodes is proving to be very hard. I cannot imagine the disappointment i will feel if there is no season 2. I have had enough of American TV networks cancelling good shows!! it’s time to hire some better PR people and publicise the good stuff better!! its the networks that are bringing themselves down, not the shows! Especially NOT The Event!!!!

  5. Cassis says

    Love the series, don’t understand why it has gotten such a low rating:$ finally a good american serie and its going to die with a half open ending? Lets hope not!

  6. Anonymous says

    NBC if you were so confident that you would not continue the Event then you had better mad it with a closed end.
    Now you are leaving everyone with a good series without knowing what will happen.
    This to me is very dissapointing and unfair.
    If you want to trash this series go ahead but at least make one big episode to conclude everything we have seen untill now.
    Make it a small movie or something but don’t leave us hanging here with a story that has no end.

  7. Marcel.S says

    Hi I’m Marcel from the netherlands…The event is really good! the actors are Amazing..
    I really hope for the next season 2 .., because the event is a true Hit in Europe for sure.
    Everytime a couldn’t stop watching…and now i’m curious what will happen when the other people from that planet come to earth…

    Keep the good works… , this is another best one to watch after ( the Shield)

  8. Jess says

    I’m going to stop watching pilot seasons, every show I start watching gets cancelled! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  9. Najim says

    Hello I am from Holland and I watch The Event.
    It’s a really good show. A few weeks ago The Event started for the first time here in Holland and I couldn’t wait every Thursday to watch the next episode so I watched the hole season 1 on the internet and I would be very disappointed if there will not be a second season. I like it very much and hopefully there will be a second season.

  10. yasin says

    please i need to see how it ends i can’t live without THE EVENT the best program ever.
    i know for sure that more people watch this than the sing-off.
    please i beg you get the event back.

  11. oladeinde AY says

    This is one of the best series have seen.NBC please u got to do something fast about the season 2.could not sleep when I finished season 1 kept wondering what will happen next to Javis,Matinez,will Vicky fall in love with Sean so many to unravel

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