The Event: Are You Satisfied with “Arrival,” the Last Episode?

Event last episodeLast night, NBC aired the series finale of The Event. As fans know all too well, the series has struggled in the ratings for much of the season and the network decided to cancel the show last week after just 20 episodes.

The Event started decently in the ratings but the numbers quickly declined. Once they fell as low as a 1.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic, NBC decided to pull it and planned to relaunch the series in early 2011. When they did, the ratings dropped even lower.

TV show supportThe producers knew there was a good chance that The Event wouldn’t be back for a second season and tried to give viewers some sense of satisfaction. They constructed the finale so that it would answer some questions but leave plenty of room for a second season, just in case they got lucky. Though it was cancelled, there’s still a glimmer of hope that it may continue elsewhere.

If you missed it, you can catch up with what happened on the series finale or watch it below. Either way, we’d like to know what you thought.

Was there enough information to satisfy you? Would you recommend that people watch the series or not bother because it doesn’t have a definitive ending? Which unresolved questions or storylines will bug you the most?

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  1. M TD says

    I loved this show. It was entertaining and adventursome.
    I HATED the finale show! There has to be more you can’t just leave us hanging!!!
    Bring it back!

  2. Disgusted With TV says

    This was the only show from TV I watched. And, I only watched it online because spending a penny on cable is a complete waste of money. Now, TV is even more worthless. It’s amazing the pure TRASH that stays on TV for years, while great, thought-provoking and engaging shows like The Event are canceled. I don’t care about ratings, it’s time TV become more than just a money engine for studios.

  3. El Timba says

    As you may notice there is not a single negative comment. This is a great TV show, good actors, outstanding performances, great dynamic and excellent scripts. In summanry, it is a balanced and well conceived TV serie. It is really sad to read this show was cancelled in its peak. I never saw the show from NBC channel. I always saw it from Xfinity on demand.

  4. Russell A. Ballew says

    I really enjoyed the event. It was the only show on tv that I actually watched. It is hard to believe that it is over.

  5. crandell jones says

    Please bring the show back….you guys cant leave us hanging on like this…need to see more, with aliens and conclusion…need to see more…please bring it back….

  6. Ron & Steph says

    My wife and I love this show. We are very disappointed that it was cancelled. Please bring it back!

  7. Connie A says

    I am so tired of GOOD shows being cancelled. Now the Event! I recorded that show and have not missed one. Now I read it is cancelled. I hate to see it go. The actors in it are some of the greatest. Where are the numbers coming from that cancel a series. There are more people that dvr a show than watch them at the time they are on. How can anyone know who really watches what show!

  8. Joan Jones says

    I really enjoyed this show. I am disappointed that The Event has been canceled. The show was just getting really good when it got canceled.

  9. Dean and Karen says

    Dissapointed that it IS the last episode. Are ratings really that bad? Some of us watch “On Demand” too. Can NBC track those viewers? ABC cancelled “Defying Gravity”. Now it’s a big hot for the BBC. NBC, don’t make the same mistake.

  10. Oxlid says

    Great series, lousy ending (no ending, really). What bugs me the most is how lame American TV audiences are. Interesting, thought-provoking shows like this (and, for example, like Flash Forward) struggle and die while shallow sitcoms and so-called “reality” TV shows do great. Americans are lazy idiots and they like being spoon-fed. What a bunch of morons! We’re doomed as a nation; the Aliens can’t get here fast enough in my opinion.

  11. Leo Pappas Cutra says

    My wife and I just loved this show. It ended and we are totally destroyed!!!! I got my sister in law and brother in law also hooked only to break the news to them today of the devastating outcome!!!

    Someone bring this show back!!!!!


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