The Event: TV Show May Still Be Renewed for Season Two

Event saved and renewedWord came down today that NBC was cancelling The Event after one season. The serial drama drew positive numbers at the beginning but they have been in decline for much of the season.

The show may not be dead just yet though. Deadline reports that there are talks underway to continue the series elsewhere. Executive producer Steve Stark declined to comment but word is that Netflix may be interested in picking up the show. Netflix had no comment. There’s also supposedly been interest from cable and digital outlets.

Stark noted that they are investigating different options with the full support of Universal Media Studios, the show’s producer. He said, “NBC has been an amazing partner, it launched the show beautifully.”

Series creator Nick Wauters added, “We have a dedicated fan base, and we promised them we will deliver one way or another and will continue to tell our stories.”

Actor Ian Anthony Dale, Simon Lee on The Event, tweeted, “To our amazing fans, our time on NBC may be over, but we are working hard to find a new home that shares our collective enthusiasm.”

What do you think? Should The Event be saved? Where would be the best new home for the series? Would you pay to watch it?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Kathy says

    Please, please, please, finish this one out! We really enjoyed watching this show and have been waiting for it to return. As others have said, too many shows get cancelled an you never know how things turned out.

  2. Angela C. says

    I loved the show and never missed one episode. Put it on the SCI-Fi channel. It would fit perfectly there.

  3. pattijean says

    It was nice to have a shw to watch that wasn’t a cop show. At least give it an ending. Closure and all that, you know…

  4. says

    I loved this show. I am getting sick of shows being cancelled and leaving you in mid air. Same with No ordinary family. Loved that show too and its gone. Of course when it is put aside other shows like glee or dancing with the stars or grays anatomy, etc., it is going to loose out. Put it in a time slot that doesn’t interfere with those and then watch who would and will watch it. I hope sci fi picks it up…..I would give up any show to watch it :)

  5. Wayne Collins says

    I was a huge fan of the show until I wondered where it went. I didn’t miss an episode.
    Found it very exciting, dramatic, adventurous, just to name a few.
    Hope someone picks it up again.

  6. Gary says

    Now everyone should understand why Cable is killing network TV. Although cable has done the samething (Deadwood), but to pull the Event just when we are finding out what the Event is was stupendiously stupid. It was a great series! What were the ratings of the X-Files their first season, or ’24’ their first season? But those shows were hits! Hey NBC does the name, “Star Trek” do anything for your collective memory?

  7. Maureen Capodiferro says

    I am deaf woman. I really love to watch on “The Event” and want to know what happened after the planet arrives. Please save tv shows “The Event” in the future as I want to see second season.

  8. Jan says

    This was a terrific show that should have been left with a far more satisfactory ending. I keep hoping one of the writers will at least continue the story with a book/narrative version. I also keep wondering how you can possibly explain an entire planet being drawn into Earth’s orbit with no physical effect. Did you guys simply give up on the impossibility of explaining how the gravitational pull of 2 planets suddenly thrown together would not have created a mutually destructive situation? Come on — finish the story!

  9. paul says

    great show, dont leave us hanging, waiting for the event to begin. usually figure it out very quickly then its boring this time i dont know how it ends other than humans always do, win this time i have no idea. good cast,

  10. Jana says

    Someone has to have the resource and ability to save this series!! It was fantastic! I heard somewhere that maybe Syfy would take it over? I loved the premise and the characters; it was a great package! Please save it and produce a Season II for all the many loyal fans…

  11. lisa says

    I really want to find out what’s going to happen. We NEED a season 2 or some time of final ending for change. I’m so tired of shows getting canceled and they leave you hanging.

  12. says

    this show is fantastic, my wife and i watched every episode, probably the best tv show on tv these days , please please keep it going, sci fi are you listening???

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