The Event: NBC Cancels TV Series; No Season Two

The Event canceled season twoWhen The Event was being promoted last summer, the producers made a point of saying that the series would be different from ABC’s failed FlashForward series. It turns out there were more unintentional similarities than they would have liked. Like FlashForward, NBC’s The Event has been cancelled after one season on the air.

The Event follows Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) who’s investigating the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend. He slowly begins to uncover a huge cover-up that’s beyond belief. Others in the cast include Sarah Roemer, Laura Innes, Ian Anthony Dale, Scott Patterson, Clifton Collins Jr., Taylor Cole, Lisa Vidal, Bill Smitrovich, Zeljko Ivanek, and Blair Underwood.

The serial drama started out with healthy numbers on September 20th, registering a 3.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 10.88 million viewers. Unfortunately those digits started to fall immediately. The series lost 19% of its demo viewers in week two and another 17% in week three. From there, things basically just got worse and worse.

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NBC announced that they were putting the TV series on hiatus over the holidays and indicated they would give it a relaunch in early 2011. That’s never a good sign and it certainly didn’t help the ratings. The Event lost more than 26% in the demo between its last episode in November 2010 and its first in March 2011. The ratings stabilized but not at an acceptable level.

TV show supportThe Event currently averages a 1.8 in the 18-49 demographic and 5.72 million viewers. As poor as that is, the average is only that high because of the early season numbers.

It’s no surprise that NBC has decided to pull the plug. There are two episodes remaining in the series and thankfully they’ll provide some sense of closure for the devoted fans that hung in there.

What do you think? Why didn’t The Event survive? Why did so many people bail on the series, even before the long hiatus?

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  1. KING says


  2. David says

    Networks have a way with canceling shows that have a fanbase, have different and often apocalyptic plots, and character development. Sometimes the fans win. In 2007 – 2008 CBS had a show Jericho (I won’t detail the plot–you can find it on the internet). In any case it was cancelled without a satisfactory conclusion. In the last episode, one of the characters in an embattled situation responded to a surrender demand with the remark “Nuts”. That was reminiscent of a general’s response to the Germans during the Battle of the Bulge (I think). In any case, the fans flooded the network office with nuts, canned, bagged, boxed, etc. CBS renewed it for another season which ended satisfactorily. The only suitable sequel would have been Civil War II.
    Another protest, which didn’t work, was fans of Kings flooding NBC with cutouts of butterflies (and maybe some real ones:) after it was cancelled.
    p.s. How does one initiate a “trackback”?

  3. says

    Ditto, ditto, ditto… loved the show… I thought it was just hitting it’s stride! The character and plot development were great. I can’t understand why it was cancelled!

  4. gary says

    well im pretty pissed ,got to say i looked forwards to watching the show over hear in the uk,,,,loved the way it was always ending and leaving me wanting more after each episode,,just left with king of thrones on the atlantic channel to tune into now,,,,

  5. says

    I have to agree, with David and Jason, this is the last time I invest in an NBC show, it’s so disappointing to watch and give a show a chance, one that’s actually somewhat mentally stimulating be put out to pasture before the fans and people who took time out of their busy lives and schedules to watch the show not be given the tiniest amount of consideration of an ending to the series. We were left with a plethora of cliff hangers that were interesting and compelling, especially since everything is so dumbed down and mindless, and generally lacks any sort of direction at all. I understand that the bottom line is the ratings which affects the dollar, but I don’t see how closure or an official ending to a series is too much to ask for viewers who gives your programmying a chance time after time.

  6. Jimmy says

    The Event was one show I enjoyed this past season. The first problem was the time slot they were in, between Two and a Half Men & Mike and Molly on CBS and Dancing With The Stars on ABC. The second problem was preempting it during midseason. This show was never given a chance.

    As for the faithful viewers, many who have posted here before myself, we have been betrayed once again by NBC. The Event had a good continuing story line that kept us wanting the next show immediately, not the following week. In my opinion it was that good. There are not many shows like this on TV with all of the reality crap Americans are subjected to these days so when one like The Event comes along there are those faithful fans that are willing to see it through. Unlike V over on ABC, this show was unique and original. Given the right time slot I totally believe this show would have had the life to continue next year.

  7. Anonymous says

    i loved that show i found it sooooooo unfair for them to cancel it…i meannn it could get bettter as it goes along for real i am upset the very different

  8. bobo says

    “””Jorge May 31, 2011 at 8:59 am
    After all, these are the same stupids that cancelled Star Trek in the sixties. You cannot ask more from a bunch of monkeys.”””

    you are so right !

  9. Sue Campeau says

    I cannot believe the show was cancelled. I wasted all those evenings watching a show with no ending. very frustrating. I am so angry!

  10. Chad wayne says

    This is the first im hearing about the show being canceled. Honestly… Im very sad. My wife and I truly enjoyed the show. Sometimes its just nice to watch a show and not “critasize” every little detail. Im really disappointed in NBC! This is why network tv is so bad… Ill think twice before I “invest” my time into another show….

  11. Dave says

    There’s nothing realistic about Sean Walker’s accomplishments other than his computer skills and they do not teach how to be a Green Beret (Navy Seal, Army Ranger- pick your poison)…that’s what would have been required for Walker to have survived as long as he did…gee, I have an idea, if that’s the story (The Event) you want to tell then make Walker a Green Beret or the likes, gone AWOL for his girlfriend and then we can expect him to kick ass along the way…and one more thing cast someone else instead of a nerdy Ritter, like that “Aquaboy” from Smallville – that dude was a stud, he could have pulled it off.

  12. David says

    The last episode was another, like “V’ on another network, where earth people were not the winners. It was obvious from Carmela (President Elias wife) last comment that she was, as suspected, also an alien. The “home” planet, which we saw briefly, seemed a place of fire and destruction; like HELL. I began to wonder if there were biblical analogies here: — the Watchers of the Book of Enoch, the legend of the Sons of God taking the daughters of men, the Fall from heaven of the angels, the reputed longevity of men before the flood. That was never explored.
    Dempsey, who was one of the “sentinels” was never explained like why he experimented with children?. What was written in the scrolls?.
    Perhaps this could have gone on, but would have taken ingenuity.
    NBC, unfortunately, does seem to cancel the deepest types of shows in faovor of the trivial and aimed at what they think is the 19 – 34 demographic. I’d say people who really liked this show were, like me, the generation that remembers all the great dramatic and science fiction shows and the mini-series. I think the formula is, unfortunately, lower the expectations of the viewers so that they accept the less expensive to produce shows like the endless, bad-behaviour, reality shows.

    Another show that NBC cancelled that definitely had biblical roots was KINGS of last season. The misadventures of King Silas Benjamin (Saul) and David Shepherd (the future King David) could have continued as it had David escaping from Gilboa, as he did in the book of Chronicles (not Kings, by the way) and eventually coming back as King after Saul’s death in battle.

    I wish that the network executives would focus on shows that have some depth. If possible please figure out how to continue. At least show us what THE EVENT really is. They either become angels or demons.

  13. David says

    This is why TV sucks. I can’t believe that after watching religiously all season, putting up with all the commercials and NBC pulls the plug and the viewers are screwed. How would the people at NBC like to watch a 21 hour movie without an ending. They would be pretty god damn angry. I’ m done watching any NBC series.

  14. Jorge says

    After all, these are the same stupids that cancelled Star Trek in the sixties. You cannot ask more from a bunch of monkeys.

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