The Finder: Hanson’s Plan to Bring Duncan & Stults Back to Bones

Canceled The Finder on FOXIn a tribute to Michael Clarke Duncan, Bones creator Hart Hanson told THR that there were plans to bring his character and Geoff Stults’ character back to Bones this season. Their spin-off series, The Finder, was cancelled in May.

He said, “The Finder started as an episode of Bones, and we were thinking of having MCD and Geoff do one more crossover episode on Bones so that we could tell the Bones fans what happened after The Finder didn’t come back.”

“We put all that on hold when he had his heart attack in July, but we were hoping he’d be back. [Bones star] David Boreanaz directed a Finder episode, and David and MCD really bonded. They’re both team-playing, big-hearted, noisy, jock-type wonderful guys. We’re just now coming to grips with the idea that MCD is gone. I sure hope we can think of something that would do him proud.”

Hanson also notes, “When we shot that last scene of The Finder this year, we were hoping it would be the season finale, not the series finale. If I had known it would be the end of our series, the last image would have been Leo standing outside his bar, looking out at the weather vane and being the last man standing, with everyone else scattered to the wind.”

The Bones creator also said that Duncan’s part was itinially written for a “Sam Shepard type” — an old, white, and skinny cowboy. Hart said that he completely rewrote the character for Duncan and added, “A lot of actors are nothing like what you see, but MCD was very much like what you see onscreen: that big smile, that big voice, not a bit of a bully to him. He doesn’t alpha-male anybody, though he could alpha-male anyone he wanted. He was just a genuinely good guy.”

What do you think? Would you like to see The Finder wrapped on Bones? Should they still do the crossover now that Duncan is gone?

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  1. Chet says

    Didn’t find the show until this spring when I started watching it on Netflix. I loved the show, it was funny and interesting and blood and gore free, sex free, a great family show.
    The episodes were just good clean fun and kept you wondering what Walter was going to do next. They should give it a longer run so that more people could find it. It seems that Fox wants to cater to an audience that wants base shows that promote everything that is going bad in this country.

  2. Anonymous says

    I missed the first two episodes when this aired, so I decided to wait for the whole season to be over before I started watching it. I seen it was on Netflix and finished the season in two days. The final episode was great! It brought a lot of emotions to the surface. I was sooo disapointed when I found out there isn’t going to be a second season. I was also very sad to hear that MCD died. I think “The Finder” should continue though and just bring in another actor to play Leo. Fox doesn’t give shows enough time to gain viewers. There should be at least one episode to tell what happened so we’re not left hanging(i’m talking about a huge cliff hanger! I think I know what Walter feels like when he doesn’t find something.)

  3. Payton Garland says

    I just found The Finder on Netflix and I’m addicted. I absolutely love Bones, though it had a pretty slow starting season, and I feel The Finder ranks right up with it on the awsome scale. I’m so sad that MCD died, but I feel that to honor him and those of his fans, there should most deffinately be sme sort of closure at least. I loved Cheryl’s story plot for a Bones episode, or even continue the series but have Walter die suddenly in a freak car accident and let us see the characters go through the greiving process, while trying to find a way to contiue on… IDK all I know is that I love this series and I think that if Fox gave it half a chance it could rank waaayyy higher than Psych, which I tried to watch because it looked similar… bad idea, and probably as high as Bones in my book.. Think about it dearies, Please.. I love this show…

  4. Cheryl says

    Bones gets kidnapped by Isabel to do an autopsy . . . on Leo. She and Leo were still trying to find the original painting when Leo is found dead. She has no pull with the police and the Finder is in shock and in jail. Bones and Isabel get together to get Leo’s killer, and Walter’s sanity back, or at least get him functional again. In the process the gypsy princess and … surprize, … her mother come back in to lend a hand.

  5. Gfs says

    One of the best shows. I am a die hard Bones fan and it had a slow start. Please at least do a recap on bones. Fox has a tendency to cut loose good show prematurely.

  6. Leslee says

    I just discovered this show ! I am addicted. The last episode has left me longing for some answers. Bring it back!

    • kelly says

      i’m in the same boat with leslee. i just found out about the finder on netflix and i love it! but that last episode left me with a wtf moment when i realized that was how the series ended and there would be no more. give me some closure! or better yet, bring it back!

  7. JMS says

    The finder is one of the best shows I have ever watched. I am still upset over its cancellation. I would really enjoy a wrap up and tribute Bones episode! Please!

  8. Anonymous says

    Now would be a great time to put a do it for MCD spin on the whole series. I am appreciative for the work he did on the series and would very much like to see where the series would go from here. High hopes for the series to continue. (Bones took a minute to build fans too.) Now we are die hard fans.

  9. David coulter says

    I think the finder was one of the best shows put on tv in 20 yrs. great story lines, great characters with their own quirks. It’s a shame when shows like this are cancelled, mostly because they don’t give them enough time to develop a following. I hope it comes back

  10. craig bryce says

    i enjoyed the show finder it was a bummer how they left it but fox has done that to many shows and we will never know what could happen ie alcataz where she was left fighting for her life to alphas left on a cliff hanger to terra nova was left on a cliff hanger think fox should canceling programs on cliff hangers and let them fininsh in a way we understand now back to the finder bring back the series i enjoyed it it was different from bones but hope fully bones wil let them show what happened next who agrees with me

  11. Rosemary Armesto says

    Please bring back ‘The Finder’. Of course, no one can replace the Gentle Giant, Michael Duncan but, a story of his goodness and his character could be incorporated into a continuation. M.D. may have liked that. RIP – Thank you for ‘The Green Mile’. <3

  12. CAC says

    Loved The Finder, Fox should have given it more time to catch an audience – so sad to lose MCD – and yes, at the very least, a cross-over with Bones to tie up the story –

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