The Finder: Going on Hiatus, Cancelled?

Finder canceled hiatusThis evening, FOX released some new changes to their schedule that will take effect in the next couple weeks. One of the changes involves The Finder leaving the schedule. Will it be back, get a second season, or has the show actually been cancelled?

A spin-off of Bones, The Finder debuted on January 12th to a 1.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 5.5 million total viewers. It was in fourth place for the timeslot and lost 29% of the Bones lead-in audience. It was hardly a great start for the new show.

In week two, with powerhouse American Idol as a lead-in, The Finder drew a 2.2 in the demo with 6.58 million. While that was a nice improvement over the first week’s numbers, the show actually lost a whopping 61% of the lead-in’s demo.

In week three, The Finder rose to a 2.8 in the demo and 8.44 million, losing 49% of the lead-in’s demo. For the last three weeks, The Finder’s ratings have dropped lower each week. Last Thursday’s episode hit a 2.0 with 6.18 million, losing 56% of the Idol demo.

While each show is ultimately judged on its own ratings, FOX can not be pleased that Idol is delivering a huge number of viewers and more than half of them are making a conscious decision to turn the channel. It’s become clear, especially based on the most recent numbers, that The Finder would almost certainly tank without having a big lead-in. They’ve given the series the best possible lead-in they have and it just doesn’t measure up. Touch will take over the coveted spot once Finder is gone.

The Finder is set to leave the schedule in two weeks, on March 8th. At that point, there will be five unaired episodes remaining and FOX has noted that the show will return later in the season. While that may be true, it looks highly unlikely that the network will want to invest in a second season.

But, what do you think? Should The Finder be renewed for season two or should FOX just cancel it? Why do you think more people aren’t watching?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. julie says

    I am saddened with the cancellation of The Finder:(, i do not watch reality shows. I enjoyed the show.I have been watching it on Netflix, over and over. I wish we could see another season. Would not be the same without Leo, may he rest in peace .but there are plenty of the cast, to continue the show. They leave u hanging which was not cool:(

  2. Avril says

    Here’s a show that is different from the humdrum usual detective stories,
    I think it was unfair of fox to not give this a couple of seasons,
    as I have just found this series in June of 2013 on Hulu Plus and Netflix via my Roco.and I absolutely love it,
    There was no advertisement for the Finder “shame on you for that”
    How can you make good judgment of canceling the Finder when no one knows about it?? I hope fox reconsiders and brings this series back, we need something a little different!

  3. David says

    Fox, please bring back the Finder……wonderful and witty show. One would think that after the colossal mistake by cancelling Firefly, you would have learned your lesson.

    Michael Clarke Duncan, Rest in Peace knowing that you provided millions of people with your wit and style.

  4. Julie says

    Bring it back!!!! Unfortunately I did not know about it and only discovered it on Netflix.
    Anyway, I am hooked. It needs to return.

  5. Sherry Skains says

    I loved The Finder! Please bring it back. Lighthearted and funny. I could care less about another reality show like idol. Every time there’s a good show that’s not cops or medical it gets cancelled. Bring it back!

  6. amanda says

    Please please please don’t cancel The Finder!!! It’s intelligent, witty, and not like any shows out right now!!! I absolutely love this show. I DON”T watch TV because of all the reality TV junk. But these characters are amazing! if only fox would look at there numbers on netflix and hulu also. I’m sure they’d see a higher rating of watches for this show. For people like me that cant watch scheduled times for shows. Please keep the finder!!!

  7. says

    We absolutely loved Te Finder and miss it We watch the first season all the time. Our Autistic kids think much like Walter! Can’t you bring it back? It won’t be the same without Michael Cleark Duncan but we still want it back!!

  8. Kinz says

    The finder is amazing show its funny and it has suspense and it is pretty great what they have accomplished its like phych on USA but its the finder and the finder gets me laughing and thinking of what next and sometimes uses math and scienc to find things. The reason why I mention the laughing part is because if you laugh more science says that you have a chance of living longer. But really it’s a story about trust, friendship, care, responsibility and Being able to FIND something and NOT giving up just because it got a little to hard.

  9. Carla Jo says

    I don’t watch Idol so therefore I didn’t know about The Finder. It’s a shame. The did the same thing with Firefly, which was also an awesome show.

  10. jamie says

    you have to bring the show back. It was a very good show. All these shows on now suck. It had good story line and just plain brilliant how he worked everything out.

  11. Tom says

    Please bring back FINDER

    It was nice to have a light hearted show that could bring a laugh.

    We all loved Michael Duncan (Leo) and will miss him.

    Maybe Stephen Fry could become the new owner of the bar, work on changing it to small resturaunt and have some locals that show up.

    Have Isabelle pass the bar, save Walter, Walter get a dog for pet (like jerry lee in k9).

    Please bring it back. we need a fun show.

    Tom W

  12. Pat says

    Hi, I just watched Season 1 on Netflix. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the whole season and am disappointed it’s been cancelled! Unfortunately, I never heard about it before seeing it on NetFlix.

  13. Donna says

    I hate it that there are no new episodes of The Finder. It seems that everytime there is a halfway decent show, it gets cancelled. I know we lost one of our stars, but the rest of the cast is still wonderful. Too bad that there are so many reality shows that don’t have any talented casts, just a lot of people looking to get rich!!!!! Bring back The Finder!!!!!

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