The Finder: Premiere Ratings

The Finder premiere ratingsStarring Geoff Stults, Maddie Hasson, Mercedes Masohn and Michael Clarke Duncan, The Finder debuted last night on FOX. It wasn’t a very good start for the Bones spin-off.

Per the fast affiliate ratings, the premiere registered a 1.6 in the 18-49 demographic and 5.5 million viewers. It lost some viewers between the first and half hours but the erosion wasn’t big.

On the negative side however, The Finder lost 32% in the demo from its Bones lead-in. That’s not positive and FOX viewers seemed to make a conscious decision to change the channel once Bones was over. The Finder was in a distant fourth place in the the 9pm timeslot.

When compared with FOX’s other scripted series this season, The Finder ranks 13th out of 14 shows. It beats Fringe but is topped by everything else, even now-cancelled Allen Gregory.

Next week, The Finder will get big lead-in support from American Idol. It’ll be interesting to see if that affects the ratings in a positive way or just seals its fate.

What do you think? Did you watch The Finder on FOX? Will you keep watching or do you think it should be cancelled?

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  1. lincoln says

    The finder, i found recently on netflix, is one of the most creative, interesting, and refreshing shows ever. The only GOOD reason it was cancelled would have been because of the death of the actor playing Leo. Big mistake to cancel.

  2. says

    This is a great spin off from Bones and people that like it know why. Too many reality shows are boring. The total cast is great and it would be a shame if it is cancelled. It’s nice to see something really off the wall, but makes one think and pay attention. Thank you Hart Hanson.

  3. TheRomanian says

    This show is awesome it would really suck if it gets cancelled. But based on past show like chaos which have actual cleverness mixed in with humour it might not last long. Probably because most of the networks audience consists of people that believe the only good shows are sitcoms(which in my opinion either than Two and a half men, How i met your mother, and the big bang theory, suck and are just repeats of other sitcoms.) I would really like to see more of The Finder and they should bring Chaos back as well.
    I find Walter`s power of finding things interestion and humorous.

  4. W smithfield says

    Love this show. It is well thought out and keeps me interested through the entire show. The characters are building. I love how light hearted it is no real gore. Family entertainment. Some innuendo wish is funny.

  5. Diana says

    Missed Saffron Burrows. Loved her character. I’m sick of the sexy, level headed female cop who swoops in to save the funny good guy. TV needs some spunk and that’s what they had in Saffron’s character!

  6. Toni says

    I watched it and even though I would have liked it better with Saffron Burrows still in the crew, it was amusing enough. I’ll watch as much of it as they air. :)

  7. Craig says

    A main problem is that this show isn’t really a spin-off. The characters only appeared in one Bones episode way back last season. That doesn’t really motivate Bones fans to watch the show. Thursday is also a busy night of programming and my Tivo was booked with other shows. If it sticks around, I will catch it during reruns.

  8. says

    There really are too many shows in the 9:00 time slot on Thursdays! I want to like “The Finder”, but it is missing something – and that would be Saffron Burrows! In the “Bones” episode – she was the girl he worked with, he called her his bartender! The three of them had such amazing chemistry, it was enthralling, plus she was quite adept at making her character a bit strange, yet really caring and protective at the same time! Good luck to them, but I’m not going to hold my breath – I’m tired of turning blue just to have a show cancelled!

  9. Jean Gunter says

    Take a look at all the programs on Thursday night. Really. Can’t you pick another night..
    I love JGrisham but have way to many recordings on Thursday night and then there is
    basketball scheled too..Help w/a reschedule..

  10. John Williams says

    I was patiently waiting for the series to premiere and watched the whole show!

    I will continue to watch, though in my experience networks do not want to produce “Smart” or “Intellgent” or “Clever” shows..

    Its for this reason that serier such as Eastwick and V were cancelled before they even had a real chance. Of course perhaps others like the SyFy channel will continue to accept that 5+ million “fringe” viewers is quite enough “thank you very much” and pick some more of these shows up.

    Perhaps they need to get Walter naked a few more times as he “seeks”… Throwing in some campy humor is also OK (like when he sat on the guys toilet in the Bones “crossover” 😉

    • Kat says

      I enjoyed Eastwick and V, but I doubt I’m going to like The Finder. I taped the first episode and I’ll check it out, but I mainly only liked it for Saffron Burrows to start with and now that she’s gone… ;P I’ll continue to watch Bones, though (when it returns).

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