The Finder: Is the New FOX Series Worth Watching?

The Finder worth watching?This evening FOX unveils their Bones spin-off, The Finder. Bones has been a quiet success for the network and, considering the positive ratings that CBS has found spinning off their crime dramas (not counting Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior of course), it makes sense that FOX would want to try their own.

On The Finder, Geoff Stults plays Walter Sherman, an Iraq war veteran who, during the war, had a reputation as being a go-to guy for tracking down insurgents and finding improvised explosive devices (IEDs). He suffers severe brain damage while overseas and miraculously becomes even more skilled than before. Other stars of the series include Maddie Hasson, Mercedes Masohn, and Michael Clarke Duncan.

Thursday night presents some tough choices for TV viewers so is this new show worth your time? Here’s what the critics are saying:

NY Daily News: “Behind some fancy footwork and quirky sidelights, The Finder is your basic procedural — a drama set up and resolved each week by characters the show hopes we will root for… There’s potential here. If the characters can bond into an interesting dysfunctional family, The Finder could be worth finding.”

Chicago Tribune: “When the narrative and plot start to unravel, the writers pull things back together using Sherman’s special abilities to explain things away — common sense be damned. Stults and the rest of the cast are charming and likeable, so hopefully The Finder will find its footing. Maybe Hanson should hire Sherman to search for a little bit of logic.”

USA Today: “Put that all together, and you have one incredibly busy hour. Unfortunately, busy is not the same as complex — and neither is necessarily the same as interesting. If you want the bright-side view, here it is: Stults has the makings of an appealing procedural hero (even if his powers remain largely unexplained and seem to make no sense), and he already has amusing screen chemistry with Duncan. In future episodes, when it’s no longer necessary to spell out his problems and motivations, the show may be able to relax into the kind of easy weekly entertainment you can find an hour earlier on Bones.”

LA Times: “What Sherman, and the series, have going for them is a tendency toward truth-telling that is neither bitter nor wounded, which offers some hope. Sherman’s relationships are refreshingly adult for the genre as is his life view, which isn’t so much that everybody lies but that everybody lies sometimes. It took Bones, which remains one of my favorite shows, some time to find its feet, so maybe we should just keep watching.”

NY Times: “But if the various kinks work themselves out, The Finder will at the least be a medium-strength entry in the increasingly crowded field of comedy-dramas featuring eccentric characters.”

What do you think? Is The Finder worth watching? Will you tune in again or do you think it should be cancelled to make way for something better?

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  1. c. patterson says

    I live in the south in a rural area and everyone out here watches a lot of television and most if not all of my friends look forward to watching The FINDER . It has good content and is very entertaining; not like a lot of the new shows that like ALCATRAZ and THE GREAT ESCAPE and so many of the reality shows that the networks are coming out with these days. Geoff Schults is very good as Walter and I also like Michael Clarke Duncan in the part he plays. Please put THE FINDER back on so we can find out what happens after the season finale.

  2. Lulu says

    I really enjoyed this program. I loved the diversification of the cast, young to old, serious to questionable and a wide range of talents. It made me laugh, cry and ponder on some of the philosophical comments the characters debated on. I feel the time slot did it in even though Fringe followed it. I’m an older viewer and it kept me guessin at what would happen next and I’m a good guesser. There’s just too many reality shows. And this is for sure a “feel-good” show in most parts. I too hope some other network picks it up because I will be sure to watch it and faithfully.

  3. Dave says

    Please don’t cancel THE FINDER.

    THE FINDER is a great show that stands out from the rest.

    I barely watch t.v. but this show caught my attention from the beginning and I love it!

  4. Jim says

    Please do not cancel The Finder…. poll Facebook and the general public. You are missing the boat on this. The public loves The Finder… I cannot figure why this is not apparent to you. Check with your viewers before you make an incredible mistake. This is a great program. Honestly, I do not expect you to listen to your viewing audience. Pr0ve me wrong.

  5. gparrish says

    I love the finder…I don’t have a tv with a converter that can show it on the day it airs. but I look forward to it the next day on HULU..which the only reason i pay for the Plus is so I can watch it. I am looking forward to watching another season more than I am for Bones. Its funny and dramatic. I tell everyone about the kids love to watch the show with me. so, i hope they don’t drop it.

  6. mik says

    On the BONES episode, there was a red head running the bar, MCD and Stults, I though it was entertaining. But they dropped the foreign red head, and put a COP and a Teen Drifter in her place.

    I dont know how it’s going to hold up, if each week he is asked to just find something, its going to be dead in a few weeks, NEED more back story, or something to take you from week to week. Why is he so F’ed up? The pilot should explain enough but keep you wanting more. Friday NIGHT is were most SHOWS go to DIE, or in this case, never be born.

  7. Bethany says

    OMG, I watched it with my Hubby (The man doesn’t watch anything and actually like it) and we laughed so much together. This one is a keeper. Thanks to DVR and the fact that we have 5 tv’s in the house, we will never miss a single episode of this show. The cast is amazing, and the writing was so spot on. I agree that the timeslot is unfortunate, and might spell cancelation for the show due to people who have not joined the 21st century in having DVRs in their homes (or TiVo, or whatever) but this show was so much fun to watch, I really hope that it stays around for a very long time.

    Someone didn’t catch the crossover from Bones. I know Sweets is going to be on next week’s episodes. I think the crossover is that they first aired the “pilot” on an episode of Bones, and it is written/produced or whatever by the creaters of Bones. I don’t know if any characters from Bones will be crossing over more than guest spots, but it won’t matter if you actually watch the show. I have not enjoyed a new show as much as this one in a long time, and can see it standing alone long after Bones has gone. (FYI I have never missed an episode of Bones, and have read all of the books that that show is based on.)

    • Rargran says

      I’m not concerned with the competition facing The Finder. It’s on a comedy night and it’s competing with Person of Interest. This week it’s scheduled behind American Idol so quite a few people will give this show at least a five minute look. I just hope they picked the right follow up episode for this week. The one problem this show has is that it’s ambitious. Here’s a cast of quirky and interesting characters/actors working their way through strange situations full of twists. They have to do that at least 15 more times (they can have a few bad episodes along the way if no more than two run consecutively) without getting too formulaic. That’s the challenge for The Finder they need to stay creative and give these characters/actors the scripts they deserve.

  8. Bob says

    I thoroughly enjoyed it, MCD is hilarious and the girls are hot enough, with some good story lines this show can become one of my new favs.

  9. shadowmia says

    Unfortunately for “The Finder,” it airs in the same time slot as one of tv’s most popular shows, meaning that many viewers who might otherwise love to watch it will never see even a single episode

  10. Daniel says

    Just got home from work and I am going to watch it right now and see if it is any good. I love Bones so this should be good to hopefully.

  11. Mark says

    I missed the episode of Bones that they were introduced, but I do like Bones, so I gave it watch. Really loved it, will keep watching it. I’ll watch that episode online, so I know how they got introduced.

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