the forgotten: ABC Pulls Christian Slater Series, Is It Cancelled?

the forgottenAfter a disappointing run, ABC has decided to prematurely end the forgotten’s freshman season. Is the Christian Slater TV show being cancelled?

Airing on ABC, the forgotten follows a group of talented civilians who work together to find missing persons once the police have reached a dead end. The series features the talents of Slater, Michelle Borth, Heather Stephens, Bob Stephenson, Rochelle Aytes, Anthony Carrigan, Judith Hoag, and Lily Rains.

The show debuted on September 22nd and attracted a 2.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 9.54 million viewers. It lost a large percentage of its lead-in and 12% tuned out before the episode was over. The second installment of the forgotten fell significantly and the rest of the season has been averaging just a 1.7 rating 6.49 million viewers.

Last week, ABC announced that they were preempting the March 16th installment of the forgotten in favor of a FlashForward recap show. Now, they’re pulling the March 23rd episode as well. Next week’s installment, “Donovan Doe,” is the episode that was originally scheduled for the 23rd and may well wrap up the season.

TV show supportConsidering the poor ratings, the series is very likely to be cancelled and won’t be back for season two. It also doesn’t seem likely that they’ll get around to airing the remaining two episodes anytime soon, if at all.

What do you think? Should ABC find a way to air the remaining two episodes? Should the series be cancelled? Where did the forgotten go wrong?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. David Guynn says

    I can’t believe that this show was cancelled! The Forgotten unfortunately will be “the forgotten” and that really stinks! It was absolutely one of the best shows that I’d seen in a long time. It’s reallly too bad that the decent shows don’t make it and the garbage seems to remain forever. I’m really about to cancel my cable/dish and just start watching what I would like to see.

  2. Rebecca S. says

    I loved this show!!!! How do u know it wasnt gonna be popular……. They didnt even give it a chance not even a full season!!! BRING BACK THE FORGOTTEN!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Helen says

    Why when they start a good show do they decide to cancel it. This was a very good show and I enjoyed it very much and was real disappointed when it didn’t return. Instead of all these reality shows. they should stick to shows like The Forgotten, something with interest, not these shows showing people acting foolish such as The Basketball Wives, New Jersey Shores, not these stupids shows. Please bring back The Forgotten.

  4. KPW says

    This was an amazing show & should not have been cancelled! Pam-I agree with you – they leave most of the crap on & get rid of the good stuff. They are coming out with too many shows not giving us enough time to get into the show & really enjoy it! Everyone has an idea for a show but that doesn’t mean each one has to be recorded and shown. It’s just way too much!

  5. Pam says

    The reason this GREAT show got cancelled is that ABC did NOT promote it enough. My husband use to record the shows for me, since it was on while I was at work; I always looked forward to watching it. That’s how it goes; networks leave the crap on and get rid of the good.

  6. gran says

    Loved it – keep looking for when it will returh – of all the bad shows that go on & on maybe instead of being so quick to cancel you should look at the night and & put more effort into finding a better slot.

  7. kerry says

    Please don’t cancel it. Mayb it wasn’t promoted properly and no one knew it was on my me, my aunt and friends loved it. The fact that ordinary people cared enough to volunteer and find our loved ones, because the police are overworked, was just very touching. Please bring it back.

  8. Laideinred says

    I loved this show and could not wait to watch each week! Please don’t cancel the show! I never saw an ad for the show – just stumbled on it one night and I was hooked. I love the way the deceased spoke at the beginning of the show and how the team worked diligently to give each person a name and get them home. Having every-day-folks solve the case was appealing. True heroes!!!

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