the forgotten: ABC Pulls Christian Slater Series, Is It Cancelled?

the forgottenAfter a disappointing run, ABC has decided to prematurely end the forgotten’s freshman season. Is the Christian Slater TV show being cancelled?

Airing on ABC, the forgotten follows a group of talented civilians who work together to find missing persons once the police have reached a dead end. The series features the talents of Slater, Michelle Borth, Heather Stephens, Bob Stephenson, Rochelle Aytes, Anthony Carrigan, Judith Hoag, and Lily Rains.

The show debuted on September 22nd and attracted a 2.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 9.54 million viewers. It lost a large percentage of its lead-in and 12% tuned out before the episode was over. The second installment of the forgotten fell significantly and the rest of the season has been averaging just a 1.7 rating 6.49 million viewers.

Last week, ABC announced that they were preempting the March 16th installment of the forgotten in favor of a FlashForward recap show. Now, they’re pulling the March 23rd episode as well. Next week’s installment, “Donovan Doe,” is the episode that was originally scheduled for the 23rd and may well wrap up the season.

TV show supportConsidering the poor ratings, the series is very likely to be cancelled and won’t be back for season two. It also doesn’t seem likely that they’ll get around to airing the remaining two episodes anytime soon, if at all.

What do you think? Should ABC find a way to air the remaining two episodes? Should the series be cancelled? Where did the forgotten go wrong?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Scot says

    This was an excellent series. It goes to the root of a series problem of people going missing each day. It was a show that was from the heart not like the other crap out there, like desperate housewife’s.

  2. Karen says

    I am not of big fan of the shows on ABC, but The Forgotten series I watched faithfully. If I was unable to watch it the nights it aired I recorded it. It was one of the few shows on tv that I feel was good tv. I think the time slots were a mistake on the networks part. A big mistake to drop the show.

  3. Phyllis says

    I just can’t believe my favorite show has been cancelled. It was one of the best shows to air on TV. It is so hard to find anything on TV worth watching. The Forgotten is gone, but you can find a channel to watch that wrestling crap almost every night. This is definately NOT fair. I’d like to give the ABC executive that made the decission to cancel The Forgotten a piece of my mind. Apparently he doesn’t know a good thing when he sees it. You may be gone but you are NOT forgotten!!!!!

  4. tina says

    I just learned that the forgotten was being cancelled. This is a Big Mistake. It is such a great show. Please bring it back!

  5. Irene Flere says

    I really enjoyed the show. I have been looking forward to a new season. I agree they didnt promote it well and were now consistant with the airing of the show. It has everything you would want in a show. No to mention the fact that it is a real organization. I really want to see this show come back!

  6. Kimmi says

    I loved this show and am sad it will not be returning I really wish they would reconsider. I hope Christian Slater will try another TV show.

  7. Linda B says

    I really like this show. It shows that a John or Jane Doe can really be identified. The cast is great and I was ready to watch next week. This show should be brought back and promote it more.

  8. Brent H. says

    I liked the series. I especially liked that it was taking place in Chicago. There don’t seem to be very many programs that take place in Chicago. Everything is either New York, Los Angles, Vegas or Miami. I think they should give it another run, promote it more and promote Chicago more!

  9. Judy says

    It was never promoted – I told several people about it and once they found it they loved it – the show should be brought back and given another chance!

  10. KB says

    I watched one of the episodes and was definitely intrigued by what I saw. Then, I could not find it. Thought the premise of the show as amazing. This always happens when I find something I like. Rats.

  11. Linda Villela says

    What went wrong is that abc kept changing time slots plus not enough promo on the forgotten. Y es, you should show the last two shows. You need show more or tell more of what happen to his daughter and the other member of forgotten why and how they got to be looking for doe’s. Yes I am a fan of The Forgotten and the Stars. Please bring it back.

  12. Joyce Smith says

    The least they could have done was give us a finale. I was hoping he would fall in love (he did, but they didn’t show enough) and he would find his little girl. Ever who made the decision to drop The Forgotten will never be the Forgiven.

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