the forgotten: Cancelled TV Show Returning to ABC for One Night

the forgottenABC officially cancelled the forgotten a few weeks ago but the writing had been on the wall long before that. Unfortunately, Christian Slater’s second TV series lasted only a bit longer than his first, NBC’s My Own Worst Enemy.

The network has scheduled the final two episodes of the forgotten to run on Saturday, July 3rd, beginning at 9pm. They’re called “Living Doe” and “Designer Jane.”

But don’t look for any additional closure to the series in these episodes. ABC actually aired the series finale back in early March. The 17th and last installment of the show ended happily, with Alex (Slater) being reunited with his long-missing daughter Lucy.

What do you think? Will you be tuning in to see these last episodes of the forgotten?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Lisa says

    I really enjoyed this show. I’m so tired of reality TV. This show was captivating and gave hope that there really are people in the world who give so much of themselves to help find these missing people. I remember now why I skip by my local ABC channel. Nothing worth stopping for anymore.

  2. Disappointed says

    This was a great show! I don’t understand while all the good tv shows get canceled and the not so great ones stay on the air…. this is why I spend most time watching cable tv and have left the networks alone.

  3. Robin says

    It’s really ashame that good shows keep getting cancelled and more reality “crap” keeps filling the air. This show looked for people who were forgotten & gave families resolution. How gratifying is that!

  4. Wendy says

    Repalcing the older actress with the blonde eye candy was the first error in judgement here. Second, the slater character should have been re-introduced to his badge and had that the forgotten thing as a side job. This was a show that could have used sub-plotting that had nothing to do with romance. It had the potential to be a really great law enforcement type of show.

    • Don Arsenault says

      absolutely one of the better shows on television.Gives you a positive reason for watching television.
      As always get rid of the good shows to air a crappy one.

  5. steph says

    Please dont cancel this show, theres not many shows out there that focus’s on others instead of themselves, and we need more shows like that on….please keep this show on!!

  6. barbara difusco says


  7. Joyce says

    Geeze. What is it with people????
    A show about good people giving of THEMSELVES to help people who most would soon forget … Underlying story, a man (Police Officer) whose daughter was kidnapped, all but forgotten by anyone but him … and his wife who left him ….
    Give me a break people. Does it always have to be families who turn into bitter enemies, backstabbing fools stuck on yet another island, or people creating living hell for other people with whom they live under the same roof … starving, or fighting tooth & nail to be this weeks villain, or who’s getting too fat, hoarding garbage, or being mean to animals …… WTH?

    If you really want to know about that kind of crap, read the paper, watch the news. It happens everyday and as if it’s not enough, now we sit and purposely bring it into our living-rooms???

    Isn’t it about time TV does what it started out to do …. ENTERTAIN? An escape from reality?

    In The Forgotten, the actors were actually believable, here. I looked forward to watching. I loved that he found his Lucy.
    And here, again I make my point, The Philanthropist. Another dead in the water?? GEEZE
    I choose to believe there really ARE people like this in the world in which I live.

    I miss this show (and other other) so much.
    If it isn’t coming back in any way, shape or form … did someone bother to create the season on DVD?

  8. sjt says

    I dont think they should have cancelled either of his shows. My older daughter and i watched this show together. We DVR’d it so we could watch it together. The”industry” need to get it together and realize how much or how popular a show is that they are being recored and watched a a later date sometimes a week or more later. So they are shows people watch just not “live”.

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