the forgotten: Cancelled TV Show Returning to ABC for One Night

the forgottenABC officially cancelled the forgotten a few weeks ago but the writing had been on the wall long before that. Unfortunately, Christian Slater’s second TV series lasted only a bit longer than his first, NBC’s My Own Worst Enemy.

The network has scheduled the final two episodes of the forgotten to run on Saturday, July 3rd, beginning at 9pm. They’re called “Living Doe” and “Designer Jane.”

But don’t look for any additional closure to the series in these episodes. ABC actually aired the series finale back in early March. The 17th and last installment of the show ended happily, with Alex (Slater) being reunited with his long-missing daughter Lucy.

What do you think? Will you be tuning in to see these last episodes of the forgotten?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Denise says

    Had a hard time figuring out what was going on. Liked this show and watched what I thought was the finale. Then my DVR recorded two more episodes. Watched those and the daughter was not found. Why did you guys do this?? How weird !!!

  2. Yoe says

    Loved this show! Was so confused when these last two episodes aired! I thought this was one of the best shows on tv and they just ruined it.

  3. Danie says

    Tell everyone you know to sign the petition and force them to watch at lest one episode….this show actually helped so much…unlike the reality tv stuff. It actually helped solve a unidentified person case. This is not fair!

  4. Billy says

    I really enjoyed all the characters in this show. It seemed in recent episodes that they were starting to dip into the characters lives a little more! Most of the shows I watch are on ABC so this is very disappointing to me. So instead lets just make more crappy reality tv. Cant wait for the next Spencer Pratt show,NOT! The thing that I was most impressed with this show is that it actually gave a number for the viewers to call about missing persons. This was a heartwarming show that will be greatly missed. I really hope another network picks it up. How bout USA. How would a schedule on Wednesday night sound on USA, at Eight with The Forgotten and at Nine, White Collar. Just an idea.

  5. Deanna says

    I love this show…It really is a bummer that it was canceled..I cannot believe it was not a hit. It had alot of fans on Facebook.

  6. rose says

    Oh No! I loved Forgotten!! I just hopped on to google to do a search on the “Living Doe” episode… I was confused as to why they were talking about his ‘missing’ daughter when she was found at the end of the series… Im gutted to find out they are not renewing the show, I loved it! PLEASE??? Just one more series…..

  7. Mike Gallagher says

    Bring The Forgotten back. It is a fantastic show and with top quality and deserves a 2nd season chance. PLEASE

  8. says

    We HATE to see this series cancelled. It was on our HAD TO WATCH list. Enjoyed the story lines and characters were really developing. Did watch the last 2 shows July 3rd and was surprised by the twist of Candice and Alex developement….. Didn’t see that coming….

    • Danie says

      I know…neither did I, I always thought that Candace was going to be with Tyler and Alex with detective Russel!

  9. Kristin says

    I’m really disappointed that they cancelled the forgotten. It was seriously a great story line and one of my favorites on television. This is how TV should be. It’s a great concept. I wish they would bring it back!

  10. jenn says

    This sucks, I loved watching this show…..another network really needs to pick it up! Sorry forgotten fans!

  11. Dee says

    “The Forgotten” was one of the few shows I actually checked the listings to watch. Every since the Writers Strike, there is no more predictability with shows coming on a certain night. I just so happen to catch the end of one episode and the second episode of “The Forgotten,” and was happy because everything else was crap. It would seem that every show I enjoy watching gets cancelled BUT the horrid gameshow/reality show crap they manage to squeeze in. The only show that is actually a riot to watch is “WipeOUT.” I am considering giving up my remote and trading it in for a good novel … at least with a novel, there are no commerical breaks, the story has a beginning, middle, and end!!!

  12. Chrisitna says

    I just watched the last to episodes and I have to say I’m really upset that they have canceled the show. I beginning to not want to watch tv anymore because when I fall in love with a show this happens. So tired of the reality bull that is being put out there.

    • Rekha says

      I totally agree!! I loved this.. the last two episodes on July 3rd were a bit confusing considering they found Lucy at the end of the season. Got my hopes up for more and now I’m so disappointed that yet another series won’t make it through likely so that a sucky reality show can continue.

  13. Lisa Barrett says

    I really can’t believe they cancelled…The Forgotten…I LOVE this show!! I am really going to miss this show!!!I Hope another smart network will pick this up!!

  14. Chris says

    The show is being pre-empted in Dallas for Pro Soccer? What a joke, now I might have to wait for the DVD…..that sucks.

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