The Fosters: Season One Ratings

The Fosters canceled or renewed?On The Fosters, Lena and Stef welcome adopted children into their family. ABC Family is hoping that viewers will welcome this new TV show into their homes and bring big ratings. Will it see a second season or be cancelled instead? Time will tell.

Airing on Monday nights, the cast of The Fosters includes Teri Polo, Sherri Saum, Jake T. Austin, Hayden Byerly, David Lambert, Maia Mitchell, Danny Nucci, and Cierra Ramirez. Below are the show’s TV ratings, the best way to tell if this new TV series will be cancelled or renewed. These figures will be updated as the weeks progress so be sure to bookmark and return to this page:

UPDATE: ABC Family has renewed The Fosters for a second season.

Final season averages: 0.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 1.68 million total viewers.

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Cable ratings are typically released within a day or so of the show’s airing, except for in the case of weekends and holidays. They are sometimes harder to come by so there may be occasional delays or gaps.

What do you think? Do you like The Fosters TV series? Do you think that it should be cancelled or renewed for a second season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. imho says

    We love this show & think the actors are pretty amazing. We would love to see this show continue for next season (by the way, we range in age from 45-62) Please renew this show!!!!

  2. Roger Carter says

    remove the trash show the Fosters and quit forcing your life style choice on the american viewer. bring back Bunheads

    • Anon says

      They are not forcing their view. You have every right to not watch the show if you choose and if it offends you. No one is making you or anyone else watch it. Are you incapable of changing the channel?

  3. Cimply Cindy says

    ABSOLUTELY keep this show on the air.
    It is ABOUT TIME we get a great show that “fosters” LOVE!!!!

    ***I just love it!! My molecules and solar plex ganglia do a happy dance in my body***

  4. Ember says

    Honestly I think they so should do a second season I love this show. It has drama and excitement in it I watch it every Tuesday I can’t ever miss it it’s getting interesting so the show can’t cancel they need to renew it please .

  5. Jann says

    The Fosters is one of the best shows on tv!!! It has drama, humour, and real life situations & the show most definitely should be renewed. I hope the network listens to the viewers and not to the narrow minded few who want the show taken off because it portrays a gay couple with a family
    . Times have changed from when Father Knows Best was on tv. It is refreshing to watch a show that doesn’t have vulgarity, explicit sex scenes, or the F word from the characters like a lot of shows do.

  6. Hudson says

    very good show renew it now…very well acted Sherri Shaum is totally the heart of the series as the principal and den mother with a strong sense of self and really out to make the family work so I know its starting out slow but the drama is anywhere in this show.

  7. Jessie says

    RENEW ! IT’S MY FAVORITE SHOW RN. If it gets cancelled idk what I’d do. I love Maia Mitchell so much.

  8. Yari says

    Renew it, pronto! I absolutely love this show! It’s fresh, new and original and I can’t get enough of it. Thank you to everyone who made this show happen. :)

  9. sharonda says

    I. Love love love. ThiShow I love the Monday lineupon. ABCFAM. I love this. Channel they show good quality family shows especially during the holidays I especially love the 25days of Christmas & 31daysof Halloween but I love switch @birth I’m so glad it comes on 2×ayr now & I don’t have 2 wait a long time like a whole years like some summer shows I hope it stayes on4everr & the same 4 THE foster I love them don’take them of give thishow a chance chance don’t b like the reg.networks & take things of after 1or a feweeks give it a chances I’m a loyal fewer I’m sure u don’t won’t 2 lose me or others thanks

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