The Gates: New Supernatural Drama on ABC; Cancel or Keep It?

The GatesThough ABC didn’t have much luck with their Eastwick drama, the network is trying another kind of supernatural series, The Gates, for the summer months. Will this one make it to season two?

The Gates revolves around a big city cop who moves his family to a quiet gated community where many of the residents aren’t exactly what they appear to be. The ensemble cast includes Rhona Mitra, Colton Haynes, Frank Grillo, Janina Gavankar, Chandra West, Luke Mably, James Preston, Marisol Nichols, Skyler Samuels, Travis Caldwell, Victoria Platt, and Justin Miles.

The series debuted on Sunday, June 20th, to an unimpressive 1.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic and just 4.78 million viewers. Considering all of the network’s promotion, this was a disappointing start. The premiere ranked first in the demo and second in total viewers for the timeslot.

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In week two, viewership for The Gates dropped by about 30%. The demo fell to a 1.1 rating and total viewership came down to only 3.24 million. That put the show in second place in the demo and in third place for viewers.

Though ABC has lower expectations for this summer show, the ratings do not bode well for the show’s future on the network. Unless more people start watching, it’s hard to imagine that we’ll be seeing season two.

TV show supportFor now, let’s hope they show all 13 episodes of season one. The Gates is expected to run until September 19th but, with ratings like these, it’s not hard to imagine the network replacing them with something else.

What do you think? Is The Gates worth watching or would you just cancel it already? (Want to know how Scoundrels is doing? Go here.)

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  1. Mic helle says

    I just found the show on Netflix. I gave up the cost of satellite TV due to the loss of my job. But I fell in love with the show. I’m on episode 10 of season 1. I sure to hope they renew it for another season. I thought it was put together nicely.

  2. anonymous says

    This was my favorite show. I couldnt wait for it to come back, I tryed googling to see when it would returne, only to find out it wount. My family loved this show. My friends and I watched it on sleepovers, we all agreed its the perfect vampier show! Please bring my favorit show back. And clearley its a lot of other peoples favorite show also ….


    My children, cousin and I truly LOVED the show. We are hoping that there are more seasons. So i say BRING IT BACK AND KEEP IT COMING. I also agree with Anonymous. Please

  4. Anonymous says

    Boy ABC you really are not listening to your viewers! Another good show your canceling. What is wrong with the people who are running the network? This is just another reason you’ll be loosing viewers. Bad choice ABC.

  5. verne says

    Reality show were an accident, much like chocolate and peanut butter was.
    Based on a true story, the “REALITY” story;
    They were two twin brothers at the same Network. Brother Ned, (was the Network Executor). Brother Ted ( was the Executive Producer of prime time series show). Ned told Ted that the network was going to cancel Ted’s series show. Ted went home where his mom, dad and his crack head son, Ron all lived together in Ted’s mansion. Ted enter the room where his dad was watching his favorite show,” Wrestling”. Ted explain to his dad, that Ned was canceling his show because of the ratings. Next, Ted entered his 30 year old sons room. Ron the son was watching his Favorite show, “Jack Ass”. Ted explained to Ron his son, they were all going to have to cut back some. He informed Ron, that his Dad series show has failed the Nielsen rating’s system of age (18-49) live watchers . Ted eplained that this system is like holly ream of the networks ratings system. Now people have new technology in their home’s and it is reeking havoc in the networks rating’s system. The popularity of DVR’S cell phone etc. Ted tells his son, Ron: It has taken away our live watchers and networks can’t afford to pay writers and actors anymore. Ron the son asked; why can’t they just find another system that will work with the new technology and get rid of the live watchers system?. Ted told his son, Ron, they can’t change this rating system because this, rating system, was here before time itself. Ron the son, was trying help his dad, Ron stated: maybe the networks might bring in more live watchers by just filling up a house with people for 6 weeks and then have the “live people” vote two of these people off a week. Ted didn’t want to hurt his son’s feelings but Ted, thought it was dumbest thing he ever heard of. As the days went by, Ted was so worried. Ted thought about what his son and dad’s favorite shows were. Thinking how production of these type of entertainment were sooo cheap. Ted was thinking maybe his son Ron might have something. Ted present his brother Ned with his presentation of a brand new concept of a low budget shows. Ted told Ned his theory of combining Wrestling and Jack Ass shows together and see how many stupid things they could get these people to do. Then edit these shows for drama and have live watchers vote two irritating people off a week!!!Telling Ned, they could keep combining, the theory of Wrestling and Jack Ass then they could re-event many Reality show with keeping these two concept, in mind .By calling it reality it be easy to targeting those people whom don’t realize they are watching a scripted show. Then we could slowly wean off the higher price series show, by pitting a new series against one of the older popular series show like, “House” and Two and Half Men. He informed Ned let the Nielsen rating’s system do its work. Most of the new series want make it passed 20 episode. Ted assuring Ned the Nielsen rating’s system get rid of soaps and series.By 2012 they wouldn’t hardy be any kind of series left. Series show will be, pretty well wiped off the Networks.
    The Networks Happy Ending
    That is how Reality was born. The Networks saw how many people would succumb to dumb.
    chi ching. chi ching Now, Dad, Ted, Ned, Mom and Ron are living high on a hog.
    That’s how come dumb is coming to your set, soon.

  6. Frosty Brandimarte says

    I thought the Gates was a great show and am really bummed if it’s cancelled….. That stinks……

  7. TP says

    This show is pretty good. They should renew it but dont bring it back at the same time as well established shows.

  8. Anonymous says

    the tv show the gates needs to be renewed it was a great show i loved it, i hate how it ended there needs to be more so we can see what happens in the gates and charlie. bring it back!!!!

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