The Gates: New Supernatural Drama on ABC; Cancel or Keep It?

The GatesThough ABC didn’t have much luck with their Eastwick drama, the network is trying another kind of supernatural series, The Gates, for the summer months. Will this one make it to season two?

The Gates revolves around a big city cop who moves his family to a quiet gated community where many of the residents aren’t exactly what they appear to be. The ensemble cast includes Rhona Mitra, Colton Haynes, Frank Grillo, Janina Gavankar, Chandra West, Luke Mably, James Preston, Marisol Nichols, Skyler Samuels, Travis Caldwell, Victoria Platt, and Justin Miles.

The series debuted on Sunday, June 20th, to an unimpressive 1.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic and just 4.78 million viewers. Considering all of the network’s promotion, this was a disappointing start. The premiere ranked first in the demo and second in total viewers for the timeslot.

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In week two, viewership for The Gates dropped by about 30%. The demo fell to a 1.1 rating and total viewership came down to only 3.24 million. That put the show in second place in the demo and in third place for viewers.

Though ABC has lower expectations for this summer show, the ratings do not bode well for the show’s future on the network. Unless more people start watching, it’s hard to imagine that we’ll be seeing season two.

TV show supportFor now, let’s hope they show all 13 episodes of season one. The Gates is expected to run until September 19th but, with ratings like these, it’s not hard to imagine the network replacing them with something else.

What do you think? Is The Gates worth watching or would you just cancel it already? (Want to know how Scoundrels is doing? Go here.)

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  1. Ryan says

    Oh my god please bring the show back me and my wife r completely hooked it would be a completly disappointing to not only me but thousands of fans who luckily or accidentally ran into the series. Don’t disappoint us.

  2. Sunshine says

    I really liked the gates as a show. I found it on netflix as well and thought I try it out. I found it exciting and new take on other shows (kind of like this one) I have already seen and loved. I don’t think the show was well advertised at all. I never saw anything tied to this show for advertisement. I think this show had the potential to blow Lost out of the water because it actually gives answer to the mysteries shown in the show. I would love if the made a come back to restart this show. If Family guy can be un-cancelled a millions times why not a show that is more likeable. I wouldn’t mind figuring out what the son is suppose to be.

  3. Kelzi says

    I as alot of the others just finished watching season one from netflicks. I absolutely enjoyed this series and couldn’t wait to look and see the premier date for season 2. I’m very disappointed to find out that this show may be canceled. It had a exciting story line, I am a huge fan of sci-fi series like Charmed, Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twilight. Basically any in the genre. This is very comparable. I’m disappointed and very much hope that something can change this and there will be a Season 2.

  4. Jess says

    Just watch season 1 on Netflix, and loved it. I can’t believe their not even thinking of trying for a second season. I would love to know what happens to Charlie if he is able to control himself, do the monohan have to stay in the gates. Why leave us with all these questions, atleast give us closure.

  5. Nicole says

    I Love this show I never heard of it until I got netflix and this is so awesome you have to bring it back. and advertise it more and plus ABC is not popular advertise it on different networks please bring it back please oh please I have to see what happens next.

  6. verne says

    “Ow! My Balls! Networks listen: Watching LIVE TV is something our GRANDPARENTS DID!!!!
    Duh! Dudes’ Mindless Reality not going to save your networks. Someday, someone like Netflix would bring back series shows and leave Network further in the dust . Advertising will follow and learn to adapt and maybe even merge making the advertizing inside series. Then putting series onto DVD’s and steam the series into our homes where the series show would grow.
    It was so clever for networks to combine Wrestling and Jackass and call it Reality . Networks are like an attack of Zombies and they’re eating away our brains. Reality show Infiltrate the networks and and making a dysfunctional a family show. It reeking havoc and spilling out into our lives lives..
    Why are you guys are flooding the air ways with more of Those ZOMBIES BRAIN EATTING REALITY SHOW. Trust me DUDE its not going save your networks
    People beginning to realizes Reality shows are Masquerading as entertainment. They’re only a script authoritarian, theatrical stage, plays. While networks are hoping Americans will stay hypnotizing mesmerizing and drawing influence from your Reality shows so much so, that the viewer will even watch these shows ‘live”. If you have viewers still watching these Reality shows live then Plausible exclamation for such action is, Reality show so much like the Zombies and ate their viewers brains and they no longer can operate a their DVR.
    The networks are still hoping These Reality scripted shows have biology taken root and lowers the viewers IQ .while replacing series shows with such Idiocracy has been devastating to the viewers mind. Networks you maybe putting all your eggs in the Reality basket making us wonder has the Reality Zombie ATE YOUR BRAINS !!!!!!

  7. Tami Barbree says

    I agree, PLEASE bring it back! I sent you guys an email earlier this week telling you to do so, I love this show. I never heard of it til I was browsing through the netflix shows , keep in mind I havent been interested in a tv show since charmed, I watched The Gates first episode and was hooked. And like someone in a previous comment said it kinda left us hanging…… what happens? Watching the last episode you’d think there would be another one. I’ve imagined what kind of things may happen next and I have a pretty awesome imagination, but I’d rather watch it on tv lol! Well I hope maybe we can convince you guys to play some more episodes :)~

  8. Sarah says

    BRING IT BACK PPLEASEE!!!!! It is such a good show and I MUST see more. So please listen to your fans and bring it back.

  9. Cassie says

    Please bring the show back. I spent 2 days watching all 13 episodes of the first series and well I feel that they left us hanging at the end of the last episode so it almost seems unfair to not have a real ending to the show!!!! I believe that there could be another episode!!! I agree with the people who say not to show it on a night where a popular show is being aired show it on a night where there aren’t good shows on like Thursday or Wednesday or something or show it only on Netflix or on Demand or something!!!!! That way the real fans can watch and the others don’t have to. But come on who are we kidding we all love this series!!!!!!

  10. Tina says

    Please bring the show back. I love the characters and the story line. Please Please Please bring the show back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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