The Gates: ABC TV Show Cancelled; Stars and Writers React and Thank Fans

The GatesAs expected, ABC has cancelled The Gates after one season on the air. The ratings certainly didn’t dictate a second season and a couple weeks ago, series star Frank Grillo said that he’d heard unofficially that the show wouldn’t be back.

Though even actress Lindsay Lohan wanted to see it return, it’s now been confirmed that The Gates has indeed been cancelled. Some of the people connected with the show have tweeted about the series’ passing.

From the show’s Twitter feed comes, “We would like to thank our followers for sticking with us through this great journey.”

Gates creator Richard Hatem wrote simply, “Thanks to everyone who loved it. DVD set to be released…someday?”

Consulting producer and writer Robert Hewitt Wolfe tweeted, “Thank you to #TheGates fans, crew & cast for a great run. It was a blast. Seriously some of the best fans ever.” He later posted, “4 sale, lux devlpmnt/incrprtd town w/ upscale owners, prvt police/fire, exclnt school, occasional mysterious death”

Colton L Haynes wrote, “Was a great/fun experience and thk u all for coming along for the ride!. He followed that up with, “THE GATES cast and crew: thk u all for the good times! Learned alot and had a great summer with u all! Cheers to the future!” and posted this photo with #ripBrettCreski. Wolfe responded, “Sob… Too young!”

The GatesJames Preston looks forward to the future, tweeting, “No worries gates fans follow us on to our new exciting roles!” Travis Caldwell echoed that sentiment, saying, “its all good more to come from all of us !!!”

Justin Miles wrote, “We gave em a hell of a run, though…” Janina Gavankar feels similarly, saying, “Sad. But we’re incredibly proud of what we made.”

Young McKaley Miller tweeted, “thank you guys for all the support!! seriously, y’all are awesome!! #TheGates is officially over, but it was such a great experience!! TY :)”

Andrea Powell wrote, “Thanks for all the love, fans of #TheGates. We’ll miss you! :-*”

Rachel Dipillo wrote, “We had a fun ride on The Gates. Love everyone I worked with and can’t wait to see what you do next! #RIPLEXIEWADE”

Grillo tweeted, “Thanks to all of you for supporting us. It made the whole thing worth it. Lots more fun stuff coming.” Grillo also said that he’d share what would have happened in the second season. After son Charlie is saved, Nick and his family would have stayed in the Gates community. The Radcliffs decide to take a break from one another. Leigh becomes the head of the police and Nick takes over the Gates board and oversees the community.

What do you think? Are you sorry that The Gates won’t be back for season two? What would you have liked to see happen?

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  1. Luna says

    That’s so mean, especially with this cliffhanger! Couldn’t they at least go on in a book or something? I can’t understand why it had so bad ratings, maybe you should’ve tried broadcasting in germany, good shows like this never arrive there and I’m sure it would’ve been liked by other germans as well (at least everyone I knew who saw it loved it immediately!)

  2. Christine says

    Very disappointed the show was cancelled. It was getting better and better with each episode. Really ashame. I looked so forward to the next season which never came around…now I know why, but I’m shocked the ratings weren’t good. My mom and I watched it faithfully.

  3. Linda says

    We r newly weds and because my husband had seen the 1st season and knows how much I love vampires, he introduced me to The Gates. It was awesome and we watched it over 3 days because we didn’t want it to end. It seemed that there was a 2nd season however we were just left hanging! OMG I can’t believe all the bad shows that continue year after year and this was cancelled after only one season. Please, please, please bring it back for at least one season to let fans know how it ended or even better make it a movie. Even the Beverly Hillbillies had an ending.

  4. Lisa says

    Came upon this on Netflix. By the third episode I couldn’t believe it had been cancelled, especially with the popularity of Vampire Diares…. The Gates is far superior.
    Any chance at all of it’s return?

  5. nora says

    Could you at least know when you have a hit show? My 10 year old even couldnt belive there was only one season!! We loved this show and we didnt even watch it until 2013 on netflix!! Please find a way to bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • nora says

      and yes it is better than the vampire diarys! Which is a show that I and my daughter both love!!!!

  6. patrick says

    man really you guys best show loved it watched it all night thought there was season 2 and there is not come on please make another it was so good the ending is killer wish i could find out what happens next if you get what i mean

  7. Lindsey says

    Ohh so sad!!! Bring back The Gates!!!! I have been telling everyone it is my new favorite show after finding it on Netflicks and I am super upset the show was cancelled. I saw try to bring a comeback!!! This show is just as good as Vampire Diaries!

  8. Abdalla Omar says

    Yeah…da series was fantastic really!!!I jst dnt get it as to why they had to cancel it.
    Da last episode left me in total suspense n wanted to see what wld happen to da sherrifs family afta his son had changed to a vampire!!!!
    Its a shame they had to cancel it crsly!!!! Otherwise its was fun n intrstng to watch The Gates Season 1…Kudos gyz!!!

  9. katana says

    the show was awsum it jus like teen wolf vampire diaries ect I enjoyed it a lot yea they need to make a nother season seasons

  10. Ssabrine says

    I really loved the tv show. Best ever , wouldnt watch anny other vampire/ wolf tv serie like this.
    Its a shame theyve cancelled it. :(
    Last episode really left me wanting to see more of this .

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