The Glades: Cancelled by A&E, No Season Five

The Glades canceledAs expected A&E has cancelled The Glades after four seasons on the air. There won’t be a fifth season or wedding for Jim (Matt Passmore) and Callie (Kiele Sanchez).

The dramedy began in July 2010 and it became their first scripted series to last more than a season. The cancellation comes days after The Glades’ fourth season finale attracted 3.41 million viewers. This was the show’s most-watched episode since the series premiere which drew 3.55 million.

Unfortunately, the fourth season as a whole was down by 14% year-to-year and The Glades was the cable channel’s lowest-rated scripted series. It didn’t help that the show was also produced by Fox, an outside studio, so A&E didn’t have a financial stake in the show’s future.

Of course, the real losers are the fans. The fourth season ended on a cliffhanger with Jim being shot in the chest by an unknown assailant. Hopefully the producers will find a way to give faithful viewers an idea of what might have happened in season five.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that The Glades has been cancelled? How would you have resolved the cliffhanger? Should Jim and Callie be together?

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  1. Joyce Kurtz says

    Please do not cancel the Glades. It is one of the best TV shows on TV and my husband and I were looking forward to seeing it back on.

  2. Laura says

    That sucks that A&E would cancel a good series like the glades not fair most of us who are waiting for it won’t see it to the end. Why don’t you cancel other series that don’t make sense . This is why i will stop watching A&E til you figure out things there @ A&E I will stop watching

  3. andrea says

    I can´t believe there won´t be 5th season! I love The glades and hope that someone in charge will change his mind and we can again enjoy this show…or at least finish it as its fans deserve…with happy end!

  4. Louann says

    I’m very mad I have watched this show from day one . I think one of the best shows and know cancelled they need to think about that I may not watch anything on a&e .I loved loved this show . Not an a&e fan now .

    • mah says

      I also watched from day 1, they cancelled it so they can put more Duck dynasty reruns, storage wars and other worth less junk, why would reruns of DD be more watchable than new programs like the glades? A&E you just lost another viewer.

  5. Amanda says

    am very upset that they have cancelled this show. the fact that they left it off with Jim being shot and left to die…….please reconsider bringing this show back my family misses it.

  6. Kim says

    This is very disappointing! When there is finally something on tv that the whole family can watch it gets cancelled! There is tons of perverted/disgusting shows on this network and they get rid of this one. SHAME ON YOU A&E!

  7. Stacy Carey says

    This is a good show, my whole family always looked forward to see how many people “Jim” was going to accuse of murder. This is so much better then any reality tv show that is on. And for A&E just to let it drop the way they did is wrong. At least bring it back for 3-4 shows to finish it the right way. Lost respect for A&E.

  8. Bob says

    I loved this show. Got hooked on it via netflix then went to season 4 on TV. Please at least have finale movie to resolve all the big issues on the show. For the love ofMike give us closure!

  9. says

    WHAT !!!! cancelled ? I love this show! why do I even start watching a great series only to get mistreated and abused by the network ! I guess I will make up my own ending…Jim dies and he is deemed as a run away groom until his body is
    found only due to the horrible ODOR from the house that he purchased and Callie goes into shock and dies from grief !!!! I am sick of all the lack of respect to the viewers who are the real losers…..without a “HAPPY ENDING” !…now with that said I hope that another network would pick this show up for at least another season to end this right…This is just as bad as Jay Leno being fired AGAIN !!!

  10. Pam says

    My husband and I loved The Glades.. A&E–you at least owe us a show to resolve answers after the season finale!! Shame on you for your lack of concern for fans who USED to be loyal to your network!!

  11. george says


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