The Golden Girls: Please! Give Betty White a Break!

Betty WhiteTo say that 88-year-old Betty White has been having a busy year would be an understatement. She’s a regular on TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland, a recurring guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, a guest on the season premiere of Community, a guest on The Middle, a frequent visitor to talk shows, a tireless animal activist, and she’s writing a new book besides.

Heck, even before Betty White had hosted Saturday Night Live, other campaigns started popping up to have her host the Academy Awards and the Emmys.

Though we all love the last surviving Golden Girl, you have to wonder how much work she can take. Is someone trying to kill her? Well, finally, someone has said enough’s enough.

Take a look…

What do you think? Do you think Betty White needs a break? Have you had too much?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. jessicatwo says

    Betty White, a sweet heart ,still wants the attention ,and the Fame ,she is rolling in money , she can’t take it with her , the Brink’s Truck is not going to follow her to her Grave , Give it up now Rose , we have seen enough of you , Retire , relax and enjoy yourself , your just another JoanRivers greedy for Money , Take a break .!!!!! On the golden Girls,she is very annoying , she just dosen’t shut up I mute her alot , the Golden girls revolves around her , Bea Arther was the star but B.W took over, I guess the writers thought she was funny acting nieve, talking about where she grew up St Olaf which is a really nice place she made it sound like it was a hick town (writers) each episode ,)rose winning contests (dancing) , freezing her head , heart attacks , and Miles the boyfriend , the daughter arrives looking for money, Charlie , the dead husband lost it all in investments , she was a cheese cake lover , the other girls filled in with their stories , Blanch the so call **** , and sophia the rude little old lady didn’t take her shoes off to tell you what she thinks , dirty mouth little lady ,Dorathy hated Stan the Ex husband ,but when he was succesful she wanted to marry him then all hell broke loose when he wanted a prenupitial agreement , hahahaha!!!then she Marrys Blanch’s brother the Rich guy , so you see Dorthy wanted $$$$$! But Rose the innocent one took over the show she just Wont shut up , LOL I’m still muteing her , SOUND OFF ,,

  2. says

    I think it’s great that she is working. I think anyone who enjoys what they are doing should do it until they can’t anymore. It is sad that she is the last of the golden girls ,but she has proven that she brings way more to the table than her character of Rose.

  3. Anwenn says

    I don’t see this as a ‘dis’ on Betty White at all. I found it very funny and I remember what I felt when reading how people wanted to start – or already had started – campaigns for her to host the Academy Awards, to be on Dancing With the Stars etc..

    Give the woman a break – Ms. White can pick and choose what she wants to do and always turns in a great performance but does anyone think it’s realistic to expect Ms. White to go through the grueling weeks of physical rehearsal required for DWTS?

    Betty White is a versatile actress and always fun and interesting to watch. I still laugh whenever I catch an episode of Mary Tyler Moore featuring Ms. White’s Sue Ann Nivens!

  4. Kat says

    It’s just a joke, people, and a funny one at that, lol. I’m happy to see Betty White working; it’s what any actor wants.

  5. CG says

    I agree with Chris. Let’s just put all of these old people out to pasture; find a good rest home for them. Heck, why wait until they are old? Mental faculties begin declining in our 40s. Let’s just start doing it then.

    Chris, I really, really, really feel sorry for you.

  6. Chris says

    Yeah, please.. humans who don’t know when to call it quits.. just embarassing.
    Everyone has to step down one day and every single one of us has to die at some point in time. But some people are so afraid of losing everything they had in life, they are developping a strange disorder. They are trying to compensate their mortality via blind workaholism. Personally, i am already tired of seeing the old lady Betty White since the 90s dawned.

    • says


  7. A Betty White's fan says

    I am not tired of Betty White. I am a fan of her for a long time since she was on Password with her late husband Allen Ludden in 1963. I am looking forward to see Betty again on TV Land’s Hot In Cleveland in January, 2011. The ‘Save Betty White” is just pathetic!

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