The Great American Road Trip

The Great American Road TripNetwork: NBC
Episodes: Eight (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: July 7 — August 24, 2009
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Reno Collier (host)

TV show description:      
Seven families, all from very different backgrounds, take an unforgettable road trip across the country.

Traveling in their large RVs, the families drive through cities both large and small while competing in a variety of unique challenges. These light-hearted challenges are set against iconic American landmarks like Wrigley Field, the Grand Canyon, the Mississippi River, and the Washington Monument.

Along the way, the families also encounter a myriad of lesser-known and unusual U.S. landmarks like the World’s Largest Chair and a giant sneaker.

While the road trip may sound like plain family fun, the contestants are all too aware that their involved in a competition with a big prize at stake and tensions can rise.

Each week, the families are tested via the show’s challenges. The winners get a great prize while some of the losing families must compete in a second game. For the losing clan of that competition, the vacation’s over. They’re eliminated and sent packing.

By the end of the season, only one family will remain and they’ll be rewarded with a memorable and fitting grand prize.

Series Finale:     
The show has not ended yet.


What happened next?   
The show has not ended yet.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. C.D. says

    I looked forward each week to be able to see each one of the families who were from differing parts of the Eastern, Midwest, and Southern U.S.A. traveling as a family ( driving as so many of us have done in the past, most in our own modest vehicles, not nice big accomidating RVs ) from Wrigley Field in Chicago, ILL all the way across this nation. All of them getting to take in many of the beautiful, aw some, and legendary sights along the way.
    Other than the RVs, and contests all the families endured each week it sure brought back good memories of when we as a family had driven more than once out West and visited each of the sights these people did on their trek.
    I felt this show was down to earth with a good mix of different backgrounds,and refreshing to watch each week. I do not know who that person was who blogged about the show in such a high and mighty way, and thought herself above what these people represented along with their very personal insights and misgivings about winning or loosing and about the situations they found themselves in, but like I said, I felt it was refreshing to see how down to earth these people all were facing each contest and enduring each contest which represented lots of family togetherness ,strataigy, and fun with perhaps the chance of winning that week wherever it happened to be.
    I also liked the imaginative ideas the producers of the show came up with for each contest . ( I always relished fun filled parties and picnics where there were relay contests to see which team or individule would win as I think everyone involved likewise did. )
    I also appreciated Reno and the good job he did as moderator of the show.
    All in all it was good clean fun to watch and I hope there are many more such viewing experiences for our families across this country.
    Thanks, and cudos to all the producers, sponsors and crews who helped bring this show into our TV rooms to enjoy. ( big smiley face to you all!)
    Sterling, ILL

  2. ncmel says

    I am so glad the pollards lost. go packing back to alabama. they were so hoping that they would beat the cootes and lost, then they rooted against the cootes for the disalvatores to win, they also lost. the best family won

  3. ncmel says

    I am glad the cootes won. the disalvatores are sorry and lazy. the father is biggest loser dad of all. the proof is in the action–five king of the road crowns. they earned the right to bragg and be arrogant.

    • David says

      The Cootes won the most crowns, but the Disalvitores won the final challenge that determined the winner of the whole show.

  4. Bob and Renee Elliott says

    How can we become contestants for the show-What Blast,
    Would be cool to put two best friend familes in one RV
    Please let us know how we can be the next American Road Trip Family
    Bob and Renee and dustin Elliott

  5. Hannah says

    me and my family could join this show are family is very seperet in our house and if we got excepted maybe we could become closer like the good old day when we were young please help my family become c loser

  6. says

    i want to know how my family can sign up for next years show. i think my family will be great contestents because we really need the money and we are alot of fun plus insead of a mom ,dad, brother ,and sister we have a dad, dad , brother and sister so we think we can spice up the show …thanx \

  7. says

    i want to know how me and my family can join not only to win money but to become a closer family are family right now argues a lot and i think we need a bond like in the show we are a family of five but of curse one of my family members are to young to compete i know this might not be a complement but i really do wanna know so if u do know anything please help me…

  8. says

    Hello I watch the show and would love to know if another season is in the works. I have 3 daughters and we enjoy watching together. If another show is going to be scheduled I would like the link to trying out for the show. Our family would love to travel and perform.

  9. says

    Sure, it’s a little cheesy. It reminds me of the family season of the Amazing Race. The challenges can be as hard with kids in the race, but it was fun. I am going to keep watching it for now.

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