The Jeff Dunham Show: Comedy Central Show Cancelled, No Season Two

IMAGEWhile the premiere of The Jeff Dunham Show attracted a record number of viewers for Comedy Central, the show’s not coming back for a second season.

The Jeff Dunham Show is a sketch comedy series that features ventriloquist Dunham and his stable of characters. Segments of Dunham onstage in front of a live audience are combined with footage from around Los Angeles.

The October 2009 debut brought great ratings for the series and Comedy Central. An estimated 5.3 million viewers watched, with a 2.2 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic. Both numbers represented a record for the cable channel. Following multiple airings, the tally of viewers amounted to 7.9 million.

Unfortunately, the audience for the second episode of Jeff Dunham fell by 55% and subsequent installments fell even further. The season (now series) finale hit a low of 1.3 million viewers. To no surprise, Comedy Central has decided to pass on ordering any more.

Though the series received almost universally bad reviews, Comedy Central isn’t giving up on Dunham. They have a multi-platform deal with the comic and will continue to work with him via a live tour, a stand-up special, DVDs, and other products.

What do you think? Are you sorry to see The Jeff Dunham Show end or should it have been cancelled weeks ago?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Christopher Acord says

    i thought the show was ****** hilarious. sorry not to see another season but will watch him in the future.

  2. Josh says

    Im so mad that the jeff dunham show will be canceled but i didnt like his show as much as spark of isanity ,Christmas special and all that stuff.

  3. Carolyn Yerby says

    Love Jeff and all his personalities. When on tour we go to his show when it is close by. He makes me laugh till I cry. Bring him back or “I kell you”.

  4. Evans says

    Jeff Dunham has to be the best ventriloquist that ever stepped on earth but the show wasn’t. I loved the show and would want a second season though but if he would have kept going, he would need to put in double the amount of shows (he did 7), need to have melvin sweet daddy dee and Jose in the show more, maybe even make a new character (I know Diane is new but maybe a man this time), he needs to do something different every time (because a lot of them were at the ringtone place), and even maybe see them someplace that you would never think to see them doing their stuff (bubba j drunk proofing a house I could see him doing that and he doesn’t need bubba j somewhere that has to do with NASCAR, guns, or beer for the main theme of his part). I mean I loved The Jeff Dunham Show and I bought every show on my iPod but to be more successful, he may want to do one of these things here that I wrote

  5. Kevin A. says

    I am sorry that the Jeff Dunham show won”t be back. Watched every episode and thought they were HILARIOUS!!! Comedy Central S****A**!!!!

  6. Jamie B. says

    I want Jeff Dunham season two!!! I loved his material. People need stop reading way into it, it’s a comedy!!! I love Jeff, look how many people watch first season 2!! Bring It Back!!! Jeff is the Greatest… People that don’t like him go screw yourself =]

  7. Quaralknight says

    I liked the Jeff Dunham Show, and im surprised it was canceled, then again these dumbasses at comedy central let John Stewart do as he pleases, stupid son of a *****.
    I pity Steven Colbert for puting up with that guy.

  8. Big Rob says

    I think the ratings from the first episode shows how much we love Jeff Dunham. I wish people would stop trying to take his show so seriously. He’s a comedian, don’t you all get it? it was suppose to be something “different” on television. I watched EVERY episode (thank you TiVo!) and enjoyed every one. Seriously. I have NO DOUBT that I would’ve enjoyed more seasons of the show. Did I think it was the best comedy show ever? No. But I didn’t need it to be. It was entertaining enough to keep me away from network television and keep me coming back for more. I think the show would’ve only gotten better. Thanks for nothing comedy central.

  9. bob self says

    sorry to see it go……….just got the dvd of the sereies, and watched all episodes at one sitting……….this was great, funny stuff…………..keep it coming jeff…..we love ya!!!!

  10. nick says

    i loved jeff and his show i have all of his dvds posters and shirts so im mad tht jeffs show isnt on anymore . my name is nick and i want the jeff dunham show back on !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Phil says

    Some of the sketches were too long, and the humor is very low, but my wife and I thought the show was very funny. We’re sorry to see it not return next year. MAN that was a short season! We’ll watch Jeff in the future when ever he’s on.

  12. says

    Horray!!!!!!!! Loved the specials, bought the dvd’s. My family and I thought the series was real bad. I would not watch it. His material went down hill and so did the content, no longer family oriented. Very disappointed in his recent style.

  13. Bonnie says

    Jeff Dunham is great at his one time shows on Comedy Central but when they gave him a series it just wasn’t the same. We enjoyed his one hour series that came on when it did but to see it every Thursday with various skits wasn’t the same! Keep it the same like he did before.

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