The Job: CBS Cancels Reality Show Airings

The Job canceledCBS has pulled their new reality competition, The Job, after two low-rated episodes. Undercover Boss will fill the timeslot beginning this Friday.

The Job debuted on February 8th to a meager 0.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic with just 4.01 million total viewers. Friday’s installment dropped to a 0.7 rating and 3.37 million, per the fast affiliate ratings.

These numbers were even worse than those of Made in Jersey, the network’s previously cancelled timeslot occupant. It’s unclear if or when CBS will run the remaining six episodes of The Job.

Undercover Boss had been slated to return on April 19th. The network ordered 13 episodes of Boss and nine have aired so far.

What do you think? Did you like The Job? Should CBS have cancelled their plans to air the rest of the episodes?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. apollo13ps says

    I just started telling people about it and now it is gone!! It takes more time. Shark Tank took at least a season and now one of ABC’s highest rated shows. I loved the show and I hope they bring it back for summer and give it a better time slot.

  2. Mark says

    How can you know that a show will succeed or fail over the long-term when you’ve only given it two chances with viewers over seven days? Seems harsh to have cancelled it in such a short time.

  3. Nancy says

    I would have loved to see the final episodes…we live too much in a world where if you don’t perform right off the bat you get tossed aside…..we live in a throw away society and it is sad……

  4. Carmen says

    I really loved this show! I liked the interview advice from the employers and it’s always good for anyone to brush up on possible interview questions because LT employment is never guaranteed. I fact, I just went on an interview where I followed specific advice, the interviewer noticed and I got the job! Thank you Cosmo magazine! Proof positive for the nay sayers and CBS who doesn’t give shows time to grow – surely longer than 2 weeks! There are enough strong shows on CBS to give to others a chance to get an audience. Hear that Mr. Moonves! They’re not NBC, who has to work so hard to keep up.

  5. PJ says

    Loved this show!!! Why doesn’t CBS give these shows a chance??? First they cancelled “Made in Jersey” which was a really good show but they only gave it a couple of weeks. Thank goodness “ER” was on NBC because CBS would have cancelled it after a couple of shows! Just sad:(

  6. Letterman Payola-Money says

    So there wasn’t enough Payola money from Nationwide Insurance and David Letterman to keep it going. I guess Nationwide and Letterman needs to pick another unsuspecting non-public person to grab illegal info via illegal wiretaps and scanning of personal computer accounts to provide “content for” shows. Crooked *****

  7. Denise Bowen says

    And, as an afterthought, it’s just another example of CBS and the MSM underestimating the American people that don’t live in their rarified atmosphere that has nothing to do with the “reality” and despair from which they seek to profit.

  8. Denise Bowen says

    This show failed miserably because it exemplified the sad and sorry state of the average American today. Should people really have to scrabble and compete for mediocre positions? We are forced to do that now so where’s the “entertainment” value? It almost seems like it was a slap in the face to the contestants – they’re not celebrities therefore no Trump, no glamour, no large salary for which to aspire, etc. If we want to be depressed and reduced in circumstance, we don’t need to turn on the TV and watch other sad sacks, we just have to look around and exist!

  9. Wilhelm Flemming says

    The show was inspirational. Though the network could have amped it up more and maybe produced a few things better. But you have to honor the fact that they intended to present a show that depicted the American Strife. 5 contestants in the presence of an opportunity that could change their lives for the better. Some of these guys lost loved ones and faced serious setbacks(just like average Americans) and were there for a chance to achieve. Problem is America would rather watch the freakin Kardashians or vampires or other bs rather than the reality that our economy faces… People need work! And it was a blessing that these major companies reached out to open their doors for worthy individuals. I saw air the last episodes atleast. The idea of the show is refreshing and groundbreaking… Just maybe market it better CBS

  10. cvs says

    When will the TV Execs realize that people don’t care for reality shows because it always comes out that they are phony. The trailers that we saw for the “Job” really showed that the show was lousy. The people they showed were pathetic. We have never watched and never will watch reality shows. Would rather watch reruns of Perry Mason or Diagnosis Murder or the Andy Griffin show than a reality show.

  11. david rivera says

    Think it was a great show and should be aired online or under in a different time slot….I think the show was a great show that really inspires so many of us in these really hard economic times.

  12. robycop3 says

    I believe most viewers are realizing these inane ‘reality’ shows are mostly contrived situations and are staying away in droves. I hope the first sub-genre of them to vanish completely are those stupid dating/relationship shows. Outside my family, I don’t care who’s doing who, or pretending to.

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