The Killing: Does the AMC Series Deserve a Fourth Season?

The Killing season 3: cancel or renew?The Killing will be wrapping up its third season in the next few weeks. Should the crime drama come back for a fourth season or should it be cancelled (again)?

Last year, after The Killing’s ratings fell in season two, AMC cancelled the show. Thanks to a special deal between Fox TV, AMC, and Netflix, the drama was revived and brought back for a third season.

Though many people were glad to hear that The Killing was coming back, the ratings have been virtually the same as they were in season two (which ultimately resulted in the series being cancelled).

The show hasn’t been renewed yet and, based on the revival deal, it seems like things could go either way.

But, what do you think? Is The Killing still worth watching? Should it be renewed for a fourth season or is it time to cancel it and make way for something new?

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  1. JR says

    listen I just started the other day watching the show and just finished /////yes watched non stopped people will watch but you have to advertise it I just clicked on it by accident very good show ive never heard of it before and I watch show all the time please keep on making show best in long time beside walking dead lol.

  2. rachael says

    Ive just finished all seasons on netflix.went looking for season 4 only to find they aren’t making one.. omg no way…its an amazing show.didnt think id find anythings as good as heros or fringe.but the killing is a great show. Why do tv companies make stuff get ppl to watch em then just drop the show.they did it with alphas as well… least make a one off and tie it all up

  3. Addicted Fans says

    My husband and I were off 4 days. Have made marathon out of TheKilling. Great. Absolutely did not know till end. That and cast are best parts. What are they swapping it for another reality show where people fight and ****

  4. Tracie says

    I really enjoyed the first season I did lose a bit of interest in the second season but they certainly made up for it in the third season WOW I do hope there will be a season four..

  5. chrs stoughtenger says

    They Need to bring the killing back. No matter what it isn’t often that you find a show that holds a suspense and a mystery all rolled up into one and carry it out for 2 seasons and not having the crime being solved till later on. I hate the shows where it solves it in one to 2 episodes. That is what has always kept me watching the killing. The acting is astronomical. Holder and linden splitting them up and making us think that they didn’t deserve to be a team and then putting them back together they are a team that you just absolutely can not get rid of. I love how I try to solve or figure out who the killer and trying to be a person gathering evidence of my own and seeing where it goes clues and thinking it through. I love how you make us think its the suspects we all think it is and then a total different twist with it. I like how holder is funny and linden is just trying like hell not laugh there is so many qualities with this show why you can not get rid of it.

  6. jb says

    I paid for the entire 3rd season on vudu because I don’t have cable or satellite. I wonder if they count people like me in the ratings? I love everything about this show and would definitely watch season 4… if it were to happen. I find it sad that shows this intelligent have a hard time staying on the air.

  7. Narnia says

    OF COURSE!!! there should be a season 4,5,6,……100. Story lines are great, acting is wonderful and Holder is HOTTTTTTT! Something VERY SEXY about him.

  8. Pati says

    Please have a season 4, I think that the people got frustrated on season 2 was that the story drug out for two seasons. I think Season 3 was fantastic and will re-watch all seasons.

  9. Suzanne says

    The acting was just wonderful, with a quality that is rare on television these days. The writing still leaves a lot to be desired. The procedurals were often foolish, and there were too many things overlooked in the story that seemed to be intentional to move the drama forward. The finale was weak and crammed too much in at the last minute as if it were an afterthought. You knew what was coming. It had wonderful, amazing moments, but not enough substance to tie these moments together in a cohesive way. Much better than the prior seasons, but it has yet to reach its stride.

  10. sal torres says

    I have never seen anything like it, I stumbled on it at netflix and been addicted since. remember that the audience for this type of series is more sophisticated and requires the type of story and details about the story the way its been written, it’s genius. I’m tired of the solve it quick by someone predicting all details at the end of the show, details that are stupid to my standards. Please take the time to continue listening to the audience that like this series there is not another show like this here in the states, that is why is been a hit in the country where it was developed.

  11. Jill Pearson says

    This is by far one of the best crime dramas on tv. As usual, gritty realistic shows like this and The Wire, are probably too hard to watch for a lot of people. However, this level of quality acting, writing and drama needs to remain available for fans that appreciate it. This isn’t the only show that has taken several seasons to catch on and I really hope something changes to convince the powers that be to renew this incredible show for another season. Please!

    • Anne Price says

      plz Bring back the Killing!!! Some of the best acting I have ever seen. and trust me I watch a lot of tv. I love Holder as he has evolved over the seasons. We were just getting to know these characters and feel some of them have a lot of hidden things in their past we don’t yet know. Plz bring it back!!!!

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