The Last Ship: Season Two for TNT TV Series

The Last Ship TV show on TNT: season 2Next summer, you’ll be able to watch season two of The Last Ship TV show on TNT. The cable channel has picked up the new action series for a second season of 13 episodes.

In a statement, TNT president Michael Wright said, “The Last Ship has become this summer’s top drama among key adult demos with its epic scale and visceral storytelling.”

On The Last Ship, the crew of the USS Nathan James must try to find a cure for a deadly virus that has wiped out most of the world’s population. The cast includes Eric Dane, Adam Baldwin, Rhona Mitra, Charles Parnell, Christina Elmore, Michaela McManus, Sam Spruell, Travis Van Winkle, and Tracy Middendorf.

The first four episodes of Last Ship have averaged 4.66 million viewers each week along with a 1.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic. It’s TNT’s third most-watched series this summer, behind Rizzoli & Isles and Major Crimes.

Today, the cable channel also renewed Major Crimes and Falling Skies for next summer. The latter will return for its final season.

zWhat do you think? Do you like The Last Ship? Are you glad it’s been renewed or, do you think it should have been cancelled instead?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Carol Ann says

    This is one of the best shows on TV. My family is so happy it has been renewed. This is one show that is done so well and moves so fast that we can’t wait for the next episode every week. I just hope they don’t wait a year for season 2. Thank you for renewing this great show with such a great cast.

  2. O Jame says

    Awesome show! Our entire family looks forward to seeing it each Sunday evening and even sneak in a few extra viewings online. We’ve recommended it to all our friends also. Glad it was renewed!! Thanks!

  3. says

    Complete tripe, garbage. Cancel! I watched the first couple of shows, what a horror! It is certain the the writers of this mess never served a bloody day in uniform else they would know that the command structure on that Russian ship would collapse in 3 minutes under Admiral Mad Man there, what with his executing his own men in front of the crew…

    Also, why is it that writers, producers, etc of these garbage heaps always assume that American audiences are really so utterly unsophisticated that they are unable to handle anything beyond the standard, cookie-cutter formulaic piles of archetype-filled monkey shite they are forever trotting out before us? Why not give us an evil and wicked American captain (less openly evil mind you, see earlier point) and a hero/moralistic Russian skipper? Why not drop the silly devotion to the good ole American concept of statism, with the handsome, noble boy scout captain who bleeds red, white and blue, even after the apocalypse?!? Come on, we have an earth here finally rid of the poisons of nation states, an opportunity for surviving human beings to move beyond the silly notions and concepts of tribalistic, childish countries and yet here we go, Captain America, spouting the nonsense of the American party line until the end. Sheesh…

    Somebody strike the gong already!

  4. sweetpetunia says

    Love this show. Of course, Eric Dane is really easy to watch anywhere. I don’t have the background or technical knowledge to catch any practical inconsistencies, except maybe the parachute gaff, but the characters are great. Love the open acceptance of the Christian beliefs of some of the crew. I hope you stick with the direction you are going and make this a long-running series.

    • says

      “Love the open acceptance of the Christian beliefs of some of the crew.”

      I just posted on this story and then saw this earlier post and it reminded me of an interesting point which someone raised at work a few months back. He said that almost half of Americans believe that the world is 6000 years old and that ‘cavemen’ cohabited with dinosaurs and what not… we have about a half dozen yanks in our offices but I never noticed anything particularly odd about them with respect to their being a superstitious lot or anything; they strike me as a rather vanilla group electrical engineers – boring if anything.. I never see them throwing salt over their shoulders or carrying religious totems or anything of the sort.

      I guess this post/question is to anyone, but is this 50% number actually correct? Where does someone find valid statistics on this sort of thing? Are that many Americans actually still superstitious? I do not mean to offend, I completely understand that various superstitions can be very important to some people and that is entirely their right and their own business, I just found the claim regarding that 50% number to be surprising in this day and age. Thanks.

  5. Mr. Battleship says

    As a “retired” Naval Architect, I find some of the technical aspects of the show a bit fantastic, BUT, very entertaining if only in visual effects or excellent acting of the cast. Using only 3 parachutes to pull a 9,200 tonne ship is not very feasible. Also the propellers may rotate the proper direction but the blades are at the wrong angle. Ships powered by Gas Turbines use variable pitch propellers because the shaft can turn only one direction.
    However, the series exemplifies the dedication of the United States Navy (who I worked for over 39 years) and most of the time the techniques and commands are correct (such as “Circle William” is the command to protect yourself from Chemical, Biological or Radiological contamination).
    But keeping the crew unknowing of what their mission really is, well, not logical. With the entire Hangar Bay (that normally houses the ship’s helicopter(s)) secret as a biological laboratory just is not possible with ship maintenance, repair and security procedures.
    I found it ironic that the Battleship Iowa was used to impersonate the Russian Kirov class Cruiser where Russian Marines are being shot down. It was the Iowa herself in a show of force in 1986 (Baltops 86) that convinced USSR’s top Admiral Gorshkov to retire his Kirov class Cruisers.
    Yet, I like the show and am happy it is being renewed for a second season. I just hope the writers and director concentrate a bit more on technical accuracy, keep up the dedication of Navy personnel (such as the voluntary re-enlistment of 16 crewmen) and not slump down to a soap opera because they have run out of imagination.

  6. Joe Madajewski says

    The Last Ship*I* believe exemplifies what the NAVY motus operandi should be and I have NO DOUBT all our seagoing comrades feel the same way. It would be an honor to serve on that ship as it would have been on any version of the Enterprise no matter what Captain. (Still on the fence with Janeway tho) She had to deal with Q as did Picard. Although KIRK had a run in with (at that time) a nameless race (Trelane) and was probably the Q but the writers never gave them a name; ah the 60’s!!!

  7. Lvonhoelle says

    What is better than Eric Dane in a naval suit! Love this show, my favorite of the summer. I have to DVR it, but can’t wait to watch it the very next day. All of the actors are great. Small suggestion – It might be good to mix some drama of what does on inside the ship.

  8. Ellen says

    Yes Joe, I agree! Detective Carter from Persom of Interest is sorely missed! She was awesome and integral to the show, so I definitely didn’t see that coming! Also, I never had the pleasure of watching Finch on Lost either, but I’ve heard he was awesome there as well. His wife in real life guest stars on Good Wife from time to time and she’s super talented too. Meanwhile, the Last Ship is so well written and I see several arcs beside the main storyline involving finding the cure for this apparently man made bio-killer.

    There will most likely be an interesting love triangle between the British doc, the gun slinging civilian and our very handsome/charming/extremely intelligent captain. On another note, I’m also a throw back original Star Trek fan, (lol, I know my age may be showing with a comment like that), and our Last Ship captain reminds me a lot of Capt. Kirk. He was honorable, handsome, extremely intelligent and all about his crew/ship as well. It so nice to see the positive energy in characters like this, as it makes you proud and you can really see the distinguishing characteristics/contrasts between the bad guys they encounter and their lack of honor or humanity. The bad guys are all so blinded by power, narcism and greed, they can’t think straight! For example, our Last Ship capt. vs. the Russian capt! The latter wasn’t hesitant about killing his own crew in cold blood/point blank range to make a silly point, as our Last Ship capt. so brilliantly pointed out in Russian “speak”, to the shock/surprise and awe of his nemesis. It let the Russian know that he in fact was smart– in fact, smarter than him! Remember, the Russian capt. attempted to insult our Last Ship capt. by implying that he was less than intellectually formidable. Meanwhile, our Last Ship guy ripped him a new one in none other than the Russian’s native tongue! It was an outstanding tv moment and I let out a LOUD victory yell once he was finished! Lol! It was equally awesome when our Last Ship capt. made his slick getaway! Great show…

  9. Ellen says

    Almost forgot, I agree with Joe’s comments below as well. I am a HUGE CBS fan, so until I upgrade to DVR, I access “The Last Ship” from demand. Intelligence, although short lived, was a good show also. Meanwhile, as a Person of Interest fan, there’s a beautiful dog named “Bear” that brings an added pleasantness. It is the same for the “Kernal” on the Last Ship, as these animals bring a welcomed depth to both shows. I’m telling you, it makes for some “dog” gone fine tv!

    • joe madaejwski says

      Yes; P.O.I. is a MUST WATCH for me as well; I DVR it because I THINK I have something else going on at the time; still saddened the police offer was written out of the show dead ;-( ) NEVER watched LOST so I didn’t get to see Finch’s character. The ONLY place I saw him before was the first _SAW_ movie playing the orderly…

  10. Ellen says

    The Last Ship is HOT! Awesome! Micheal Bay has given us a masterpiece! Great to see Eric Dane again since Grey’s! Meanwhile, too bad we have to wait until next summer once this first season is finished. Oh and I almost forgot, love the dog! I get so concerned when they have a land mission for survivors, fuel and supplies, I’m busy looking for the “Colonel”, in order to be assured that he’s ok as well. Looking forward to the next great ep.!

  11. sergio jimenez says

    A good prototype should continious whith a serial of seasons we need the feed back to mankind future that’s very near,

  12. JoOe Madajewski says

    The cast and crew of _The Last Ship_ is first rate; WATCH DVR RELIGIOUSLY…amazing a series I ENJOY THAT MUCH has been renewed! I figure maybe 2 or 3 seasons and then a resolution…unlike the 1 season ABC series; _The Last Resort_ which could have gone on but since they KNEW the end was ordained they resolved the series in the last episode…rather satisfying even tho it was canned! Intelligence; FLASHFORWARD; The Cape; The Event; A Gifted Man…all GOOD-EXCELLENT series CANNED after 1 season ;-(((

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