The Leftovers: Season One Ratings

The Leftovers TV show ratingsThe television business is a tough one with few TV shows surviving to see a second season. Will The Leftovers on HBO be one of the lucky ones? Will it be renewed for a second season or will it be cancelled instead? Stay tuned.

Based on the bestselling novel by Tom Perrotta, The Leftovers follows what happens when 2% of the world’s population abruptly vanishes without explanation. The remaining population struggles to come to terms with what it means to be left behind.

The large cast includes Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman, Chris Zylka, Margaret Qualley, Emily Meade, Max Carver, Charlie Carver, Annie Q, Chris Eccleston, Liv Tyler, Carrie Coon, Ann Dowd, Michael Gaston, and Amanda Warren.

The ratings are typically the best indication of a show’s chances of staying on the air. This chart will be updated as new ratings data becomes available.

8/13 update: HBO has renewed The Leftovers for a second season.

Final season averages: 0.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 1.6 million total viewers.

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What do you think? Do you like The Leftovers TV show? Do you think it should be cancelled or renewed for season two?

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  1. Margaret says

    I like to give new shows a chance, but after 4 episodes I don’t think it’s going to get better. It’s just not up to the usual good quality of HBO shows.

  2. Donna says

    That episode with the baby Jesus was the most confusing one I have seen before and I can’t make heads or tales about this show lately. What’s up with those crazy people in white who went into the homes and took the pictures out of the frames? They remind me of stalkers and act like they are possessed. I signed up for HBO just to watch this series but I am thinking of cancelling my subscription at the end of the months because I am so confused with this show.

  3. MerelyPlayer says

    Thru the past 10-15 years, us people who enjoy a good TV series have been fortunate to watch some of the best TV of all time… The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Six Feet Under, The Shield… just to name a few.

    With such benchmark, and since this is HBO we’re talking about, the one company that currently delivers top notch series such as Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and True Detective…. The Leftovers just don’t cut it for what most of us expect from HBO…

    Regardless the theme, my take is that the writing, acting,, production and pretty much all related to the story is pretty weak… unless the upcoming episodes, HBO pulled a 180° and take the plot somewhere else, I will be surprised this series even have a complete full season… My 2 centavos…

  4. wiggy says

    Am I the only one who keeps thinking, “John from Cincinnati”? This show is about as bad as HBO can do. They’re normally golden…not this time.

  5. Scott B says

    Speaking as a writer and someone who is a fan of good shows and cult classics alike, this show has no red meat for me to stay interested. Shows based solely on character development at the forfeit of a good plot wind up in the dust bin. The premise of this show is weak if you ask me. What, all those people disappear and you’re saying up front that we’ll never know why and you expect people to stay interested? Meh. I don’t have time for shows that are one big cliff hanger. I don’t read or watch to be befuddled. I watch to be entertained and this show is just depressing. If I want nothing but depressing, bleak themes set to interesting characters then all I have to do is walk out my door. This show sucks, period. The people who are giving it a shot are wasting their time in my opinion. If a book bores you in the first chapter do you read on or pick up another book? I pick up another book. My time is precious and I don’t want to waste it on some director learning what the public likes. I didn’t like Lost and I won’t watch The Leftovers because while I love a mystery, I don’t like ones that are never going to be solved. Ultimately, it was that issue that turned me off. To say that we will never know what happened to the 2% is like removing someones brain and then telling them to get on with it. There’s no point once you know the main premise of the show will remain unanswered after however many seasons. It’s the ultimate spoiler and it spoiled it for me.

  6. says

    I have a feeling that when this show finally ends the viewers will have no idea why millions of people disappeared. I would advise HBO not to pull a “LOST’ and try to let the viewers figure out what happened. For this show to be succusful they clearly need to explain what happened or once again HBO will lose more viewers.

    This show has potential but they need something significant to happen fast orthey will continue to lose viewers every week. Ray Donavan, The Masters of Sex, and The Strain all start this Sunday and they will have serious competiton on their hands. Ray Donavan is clearly a way better show (see the ratings) and I have a good felling about The Strain. Wow has HBO really took a backseat to AMC and Showtime the last couple of years.

    • Jason R. says

      They made it clear that it will never be known why people disappeared, that it’s just strictly about the characters in the show. I watched the first episode and after it ended, I was not interested in a single character nor did I care about any of the weird stuff they pushed in there to make it seem interesting.

      I’ll probably give it a try if I hear they’ve renewed for a third season, then maybe cramming two seasons on Netflix wouldn’t be so bad. As it is right now, I can’t seem to get myself to care about what’s going on at the beginning.

  7. leftovers is a flop ... put it out of its misery says

    Cancel and put the funding toward something that won’t lose 42% of its lead-in audience ferchrissakes! May I suggest broadcasting the test pattern?

    • Hate the show won't watch again says

      Even worse. More like 56% it lost. 1.6 left of 3.6 million is more than 50%-not to bust ya or anything. 42% of the viewers are the amount that stayed and tried to watch.

  8. mike k says

    Didn’t know what to make of it from the trailer. I figured I’d give it a shot because it’s HBO and more times than not, their shows are pretty decent. I thought it was good! It definitely has me interested and curious where it’s going.

  9. says

    The trailer was magnificent. I was shocked how the advitisors released the show. With the jazzy music to play along with the trailer. Justin Theroux does a great job as playing a cop. The writers are magnificent. I can tell right when the first episode started to the end, this gonna be a great tv series. I’m only afraid that this show might get like Lost or True Blood, when they add to many characters and the story gets pointless. In the middle of watching the show, I wasn’t sure if I was going to watch the second episode but then I saw what was going to happen next Sunday and I do have to say, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

    10 episodes in the first season. I’ll give this show 3 seasons tops before it gets too CRAZY for me to watch.

  10. suzyku says

    This show was depressing and a complete waste of time! We’ll never watch it again unless we want to be thoroughly depressed and watch animals killed for no reason!

    • says

      It’s about the unknowing. The whole show is a mystery. No need to be negative. Besides wether you feel like the show is bad or not, you should watch what you say about some bodies work. You don’t have to like or watch the show but you can translate how you feel in a better way. Remember this is somebodies vision and your just crapping all over it.

      • says

        Sorry but you are 100% wrong. Suzyku has every right to give her opinion of the show. After all that’s what this site is for. What you call being negative is really just someone giving their opinion of the show. Plus she translated her feelings fine and maybe instead of lecturing her you need to realize that her opinion of the show is pretty much spot on. So far the show has been a big disappointment. I work with many people that have HBO and not one person likes the show.
        It appears that once again HBO has dropped the ball. Years ago HBO had ample top notch shows and were the #1 station for original programming. Today Showtime, AMC, and even FX have much better shows. Once upon a time HBO had the Sopranos, Sex in the City, Deadwood, Carnival, Rome, Six Feet Under, etc. Today besides the Game of Thrones they pretty much have zero top notch shows. At one time True Blood was a top notch show but the last 3-4 years have been average at best. The plot has become asinine and as a result the show will not be back after this season. Boardwalk Empire had so much promise but then they decided to kill their best character and the show has struggled since. This upcoming season will be its last.
        So unless HBO comes up with a couple of top notch hits soon they will have one incredible show (Game of Thrones) and a bunch of C rated small shows like Girls which of course has horrendous ratings. HBO needs to look at the programs that AMC and Showtime are throwing out and get their act together.

          • says

            Correct Girls did win some emmy’s but very few people are watching. The ratings are horrendous. There have been ample shows that have won awards that were cancelled and/or had lousy ratings. Currently FX has The Strain, Tyrant, The Bridge, and Sons of Anarchy. All of those shows blow away anything HBO has(except Game of Thrones). AMC has the Walking Dead, a spin off of the walking dead will be starting this summer, a spin of of Breaking Bad will be starting soon, Hell on Wheels, and Mad Men. Again all of these shows blow away anything HBO has(except game of thrones).

            What’s important about this is FX and AMC are free stations on Cabel and DIRECTV. HBO charges around $15 a month and they are clearly inferior to these two stations. HBO needs to get their act together soon. Crappy shows like Girls with horrendous ratings will not cut it.

    • Jhy says

      The dogs are killed for a very clear reason. They’ve become vicious and could soon become a threat to the people living there.

  11. Lady Fuzzy* says

    Loved it! The soundtrack really sets the mood aswell, few very emotionally moving scenes. I love the ‘LOST’ formula where some of the main cast has ‘flashbacks’, it’s a really good way to get to know the character and care about them- flashbacks put the viewer in the characters head in a way.

  12. Davers says

    I really dont know what to think of this show. I watched it..not sure if I liked it or not lol.

    Some interesting things…the gr’s people in white and the cult place in the middle of nowhere. But I dont know if I want a show like this to last years. It seems like it would be a good one season show. Not even sure if I will watch ep 2 or not.

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