The Life & Times of Tim: Cancelled Again, No Season Four

HBO cancels Life and Times of TimFor the second time, HBO has cancelled The Life & Times of Tim. The final episode of season three aired on February 17th.

The cable channel first pulled the plug on the show back in June 2010 after two seasons and 20 episodes. Creator and star Steve Dildarian told us that he was searching for a new home for the show. Options included Adult Swim, Comedy Central, and TBS.

On August 16, 2010, HBO reversed their decision to cancel the TV series and ordered a third season of 10 episodes. Season three premiered on December 16, 2011 and ran on Friday nights.

The ratings were less than impressive. The penultimate episode attracted just 101,000 total viewers and a meager 0.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

There’s no word yet if another home for The Life & Times of Tim will be sought but it seems highly unlikely.

What do you think? Will you miss this animated series? Did HBO make the right call by cancelling Tim?

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  1. Kashan Preston says

    Bring the Life and Times of Tim back for Season 4 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sierra & Caroline says

    we love The Life and Times Of Tim and all his interesting people that he meets or works with we bought every season has been made and we watching them all the time because there isnt new episodes. Please make Tim come back. We are lost without his sense of humor in misfortune we love all the things that happen to poor Tim.

  3. says

    LOVED The Life & Times of Tim!
    Hands down THE BEST animated comedy of all time!
    Poor Tim, always getting dumped on via misunderstanding lol!
    Love Stu and Amy, and I swear I could hear the voice of
    “Marty Funkhouser” from Curb but I’m not sure?…
    Anyway BRING BACK TIM!!!!!!!!!

  4. Marcus says

    Tim was a show that didn’t need anything fancy to make you laugh, and I think it is this that people either loved or dis-liked the show.
    Dildarian is a great comedian, with great ideas for a basic show- that can still make you laugh. Personally, I think channels like FX or Comedy Central etc…. would be stupid to pass this show up. I don’t think it costs that much to make and from what I’ve heard/read is that people have only positive things to say about Tim.
    If it was to move to a different channel and/or night then I think the popularity will only grow.

  5. says

    Only reason this show doesn’t have viewers is because who watches HBO for an animaed comedy. This NEEDS to be comedy Central and it would be the best show on television. anybody who actually watches it already knows the quality comedy that is this show

    • OHNOYOUDIDN says

      is this HBO attempting to change its image to appeal to a younger audience and then freaking out at it’s own ‘hip-new haircut’?
      Fogies best restore this awesome show, or i’ll replace all of your meds with boner pills.

  6. tim fan says

    ?Como se dice reach around? how the **** could they cancel Tim?! it is truly an outrage. Every single person I’ve shown this show has ******* loved it, no surprise they hadn’t heard about it, HBO needs to do a better job advertising, IMO, Tim is one of their top 3 comedies. And why the hell did they get rid of it on HBO go… such bull ****

  7. nehemias says

    i really miss this show.
    “Life and times of Tim” is one of my favorite comedy animations of all time.
    cheers from Brazil.

  8. Damn, Damn, Damn says

    Very Sad and Disappointed HBO is giving up on the show. Please find another home for Tim and the gang. I didn’t know this show existed until about 6 months ago and watched each season from start to finish on HBOgo. I loved it. The people I eagerly introduced the show to loved it, too. HBO, advertise better!! Get people to know to watch, then they would be hooked.

  9. Stormybabe17 says

    I loved this show from the very beginning and I’m very pissed that HBO has cancelled it again. If Tim were to move to another network its best bet would be on either Adult Swim or FX, but I personally think Steve Dildarian should start airing the series on the internet. More people are watching programs that are made for the internet so I think that would be the wisest thing for Dildarian to do.

  10. fan says

    that sucks. i was an avid fan all the way through season 1. got rid of cable, forgot about the show, then remembered how awesome it was and wanted to see if it was still running. i didn’t realize they tried to cancel once before. went and watched season 2 and 3. now i’m pissed they aren’t making more. if it goes to another station it wont be funny if they have to censor the humor. hope something develops. :/ i thought second was really good. 3rd you could tell they lost momentum, but it was still great. i’ll have to do like i did with family guy, spread the word to friends and share my dvds. the marketing for the show was horrible from what i remember. most tv blows these days so i only download shows later if someone convinces me they’re worth watching

  11. rob says

    I love this show and I’m very upset it got cancelled. I hope another network sees the potential this show has and gives it a second chance.

  12. Tommy Fighter says

    I really love the show. Season 2 was the best, they screwed it by playing games between seasons 2 and 3. Although enjoyable, I feel like some of the momentum that Tim had was lost, also Friday night is a crappy time-slot. HBO doomed him.

    I on-demanded all of season 3. So ratings can/should be taken with a grain of salt.

    I hope the show finds a new home as I’m a huge fan.

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