The Listener: NBC Pulls Craig Olejnik Series from Schedule

IMAGEAfter low ratings, the peacock network has pulled the plug on the series about a telepathic paramedic.

The Listener debuted on June 4th on NBC. Initially produced for Canadian networks, the drama revolves around a young paramedic (Craig Olejnik) who has the ability to hear other people’s thoughts. Through his job and abilities, he seeks to help those in need in any way he can.

Others in the cast include Lisa Marcos, Ennis Esmer, Mylene Robic, Arnold Pinnock, Anthony Lemke, Lara Jean Chorostecki, John Fleming, and Colm Feore.

On NBC, the show got off to a rocky start in the ratings. The two-hour premiere brought in 5.32 million viewers and just a 1.4/4 rating/share of the 18-49 demographic. Summer viewing expectations aren’t very high but it didn’t bode well that the program landed in third place in total viewers and the demo.

Things didn’t get any better for the later episodes. Last week, Listener’s numbers hit a series low with 3.3 million viewers and a tiny 0.7/2 rating in the demo. Even for Summer viewership, those numbers are quite poor for a major network.

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As a result, NBC has decided to end The Listener’s run prematurely. Next week’s episode will be the last to air on the peacock network and repeats of Law & Order will fill the timeslot after that.

The remaining five episodes of Listener are expected to be streamed online in August. The 13 episodes have already aired in many countries across the world and will continue to run in Canada.

Word is that the first season ends with plenty of unresolved mysteries. There’s been no news about the possibility of a second season for The Listener as yet but, if there is, you certainly won’t be seeing it on NBC.

What do you think? A good call by NBC or were you looking forward to seeing more?

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  1. naiky says

    I think that if NBC would put the good or starting show like the Listener in a timing manner where everyone is not out with family or working it will rate better. The time that they have the Listener on people like me are at work and end up trying to catch it online.. But so sad that they are canceling it. Rerun of Law n Order??? Come on.. I like Law n Order but it is getting old..

  2. lisa says

    this was a great show, why do ratings have to control what was a good clean show for families to watch. Bring it back-please

  3. Ana says

    I was checking every day to see if The Listener was on!Not a word about canceling it in Canada!We can’t watch our own production! What a shame! I was glued to the screen!Craig has amazing eyes! Hoping for 2nd season!

  4. Jissely says

    I am totally disappointed the show was cancelled…I was really hooked on the show. I thought the cast was excellent and the show was very intresting…I thought it was kind of weird to have such an excellent show air in the summer when the majority of people are vacationing and barbecuing…NBC should reconsider to re-launch this series in the fall. I believe it will have even greater ratings…Please bring the show back…You will have the viewers the show gained in the summer and new veiwers that never even heard of the show since it was cut off so soon.
    Thanks so much and truly hope there is a chance this show comes back…I think it will totally kick butt….

    Sincerely Disappointed Fan….

  5. says

    I really enjoyed the show!!! I am super sad it is gone:( summer time is the worst time to launch a show everyone wants to be outside and enjoy summer nights!! I think they should reconsider!!

  6. susan stallings says

    the listener was a good show just came on at a inconvient time, everybody is out and about on friday night when it came on, change time of airing and i bet the ratings will go back up!

  7. woolfer says

    It’s a disappointment that the American media is using the Canadian market to create their own shows. Maybe they should come up with their own ideas instead of stealing international concepts i.e., American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, any reality and cooking shows in general!! I’m 43 years old. The most popular American movie right now is from a British author; Harry Potter! The Listener was a great Canadian-based show. I’m guessing TRAUMA replaced THE LISTENER!

  8. jacob says

    I loved it and was eagerly looking for something to fill my ER void this fall. I will check out Three Rivers and Trauma in the hopes of something that appeals besides Greys Anatomy and Private Practice.

  9. tinG says

    Pls bring the show back. I am from Singapore and i love the show. How could u not run the 2nd season?? There are soooo many unsolved mysteries. Pls bring the show back. There are too many trashy shows around nowadays and this is certainly not one of them.

  10. Michelle says

    The listener is a great show,I was dispointed when it didn’t come on the next week. I thought maybe there is a special or something, then the week after it didn’t come on again.
    So waited and waited,what no more Listener???? What’s going on?
    The could have been other shows takin off instead of this one.I really hope you reconsider bringing it back!!!

  11. Angel says

    I loved this show..I looked forward to watching every Thursday Night.and I didn’t see it on one night and I got really upset… I hope there will be new season!!!!

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