The Lying Game

ABC Family Lying Game TV showNetwork: ABC Family
Episodes: 30 (hour)
Seasons: Two

TV show dates: August 15, 2011 — March 12, 2013
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Alexandra Chando, Allie Gonino, Alice Greczyn, Blair Redford, Andy Buckley, Helen Slater, Christian Alexander, Kirsten Prout, and Sharon Pierre-Louis.

TV show description:      
Inspired by the Sara Shepard book series of the same name, this TV show follows long-lost twins Emma Becker and Sutton Mercer (both played by Alexandra Chando).

Separated under mysterious circumstances, Sutton was adopted by the wealthy Mercer family in Phoenix, while Emma grew up in the foster system. When the twins are reunited as teenagers, they keep it a secret. After finally meeting face to face, Emma agrees to impersonate her sister while the real Sutton tires to find their biological parents in Los Angeles. But when Sutton doesn’t return when promised, Emma knows something’s amiss.

Laurel (Allie Gonino) is Ted and Kristin Mercer’s biological daughter who’s the same age as Sutton and Emma. A sassy and sarcastic teenager, she unwittingly becomes a good source of information for Emma about the Mercer family.

Ethan Whitehorse (Blair Redford) is an edgy “bad boy” who’s the brother of a local police officer. After “Sutton” accuses him of stalking her, he realizes that the young woman he has been secretly dating is actually not who he thought she was. He proves to be a loyal guy and is willing to act as Emma’s confidant as they both await Sutton’s return.

Nisha Randall (Sharon Pierre-Louis) is Sutton’s rival and fellow star tennis player.

Two of Sutton’s best friends are Charlotte “Char” Chamberlin (Kirsten Prout) and Madeline “Mads” Rybak (Alice Greczyn). Chaz has a happy demeanor that masks the fact that her mother has just returned for another stint in drug and alcohol rehab.

Meanwhile, Mads is a cool, intelligent high school student and ballerina. Her mother left the picture years ago, and her father Alec (Adrian Pasdar) is trying to turn a new leaf with his family as he continues to hide the indiscretions of his past. Mads is very close to her older brother Thayer (Christian Alexander). Neither Chaz nor Mads realize that their best friend has been replaced.

Series Finale:     
Episode 30 — To Live For
Dan discovers evidence in Theresa’s murder that points directly to Rebecca, but when the police try to arrest her, she has vanished.

Meanwhile, Ethan tells a devastated Emma he needs to be there for his brother — which means not being involved with Emma anymore. Everyone gathers for a charity benefit in Theresa’s name, where Rebecca gets Alec alone on the roof saying she’s discovered the real identity of the murderer.

As Ted is about to come clean to Kristin about the twins once and for all, Alec crashes through the skylight, falling to the ground in the middle of the event. A new discovery is later made about Thayer.
First aired: March 12, 2013.


What do you think? Do you like The Lying Game? How long do you think this TV show should continue?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Nickoli Londura says

    This was the best show I liked on ABC, now I can’t believe that they are cancelling it. Big Disappointment! They should have at least finished the story. They better bring it back, so we can all enjoy it again. ABC should see everyone’s comments and realize that they should renew the show.

  2. Jenn says

    I am so disappointed that this show is not coming back on!! I have been waiting for abc family to come to their senses and bring it back.. I don’t understand how some of the other shows are still on yet one of the best shows gets canceled.

  3. Anonymous says

    I really think this show needs to come back on the air… its really not fair to the fans who were so involved to just leave us hanging like that!!

  4. Tara says

    As always a great show is taken off air and yet all these stupid stupid reality shows continue on!!! Every time I really enjoy a show off it goes. Thanks ABC!!!!

  5. jen t says

    makes me not want to get involved in any new series that abc family airs.. for instance ravenswood, chasing life, the vineyard.. why get involved in them if you are just going to drop them.. not fair for those of that are watching every time the shows are on.. abc family did the same thing with bunheads and secret life.. i am so sick of this.. cannot something good happen for a change?

    sincerely, disappointed, regretful, etc., etc.,

  6. Maddie says

    I loved this show!! It was really good I think they should bring it back. And they should also bring back the nine lives of Chloe king it was such a good show and they just left both if those shows with a huge cliffhanger. So not cool!

  7. Terrie Aylett says

    I can not belive yet again another very good show is being let go!!! And how come the networks never put anything good on Saturday nights….I bet those shows would get good ratings. Come on you all get rid of my Witches of Eastwick and now the Lying games….Can’t you just leave a good show on….Plus you left us hanging with the show The Ringer….which also go taken away!!!

  8. Ang says

    I loved this show. I followed it from the first season down to the last as they call it. I hate that they keep bringing pointless shows like the vineyard which is basically the same thing as saying mtv’s laguna beach. I have to say that I love PLL and SAB and this one too but now Im down to just two its sad. I wish they would reconcider this decision. Heads need to start turning or else the network might see even more ratings drop from this.

  9. lacie says

    this is a awesome show need to cancel grapevines or watever and put this back on why would u cancel this show its one of the best on abcfamily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Peggy says

    Too true to the many responses, I didn’t realize it had been cancelled until I started seeing TY (Ethan on TLG) back on Switched at Birth. It doesn’t follow the book which is a blessing because though she is a good writer, she is not keeping track of her timeline .
    Really tired of ABCFamily cancelling shows to bring others on, and we all know that they will do it again and again w/o considering the viewer’s take.
    If Lifetime could bring back Drop Dead Diva to satisfy the viewers, ABC can do same, just because we don’t follow FB does not mean we aren’t watching!!!!!

  11. ruth miller says

    I agree with everybody about The Lying Game. I thought the show was the supposed to continue on July 16th with the third season cliffhanger being addressed. We don’t know if Alec is dead? will Kistian finally find out about the twins and will everybody find out about Thayer? come on this series should continue at least wrap up everything. I too follow this series religiously. please bring it back long enough to wrap the series up. this is the third series in the last 2 years that I’ve been watchin that has been cancelled in the mmiddle or at the end of a cliffhanger.

  12. says

    I hope they bring it back and finish the series. I am so tired of watching shows that I love and then they never finish them or give us an ending. I have watched every episode since it started. I want to continue watching this show it is really good. CW 14 did the same thing with Ringer we never got an ending to that one either. Jennifer Olsen

    • Lori says

      I agree 100% with you! They need to finish The Lying Game if they are not going to continue the series. And you were spot on with Ringer. Loved that show too, was completely invested into the show then left hanging! They want loyal and dedicated fans to these shows, but where is their loyalty and dedication when it comes to after getting us involved, they just leave us hanging. What happens we just altogether get fed up with the nonsense, and stop investing in ANY new shows because we know what is most likely to come. Where is their ratings going to come from then, and who’s going to have a job when nobody’s watching their shows or their channels. Something they really need to think about!

      • Peggy says

        Jennifer and Lori are soooo correct, in my leaving a post I forgot about Ringer being on ABC’s original channel, I don’t care how they do it, but we the viewers deserve to be treated like people w/ brains, we want the shows we watch to have a great storyline (which they both did) and if they aren’t gonna continue, then wrap it up and let us know, don’t leave us w/ cliffhangers, that’s just ignorant on the producers part!!!

  13. Frank Congialdi says

    I love the Lying Game and watch every episode. I hope that it will be around for several more seasons.

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