The Middle

The MiddleNetwork: ABC
Episodes: Ongoing (half-hour)
Seasons: Ongoing

TV show dates: September 30, 2009 — present
Series status: Has not been cancelled

Performers include: Patricia Heaton, Neil Flynn, Charlie McDermott, Eden Sher, Atticus Shaffer, Chris Kattan, Peter Breitmayer, and Brian Doyle-Murray.

TV show description:      
Living in the small town of Orson, Indiana (the “middle” of the country), Frankie Heck (Patricia Heaton) is a supermom. She’s kept busy wrangling three quirky kids, trying to keep her husband on track and working to sell cars for a local dealership. Unfortunately, she doesn’t do any of the jobs in a way that makes her very proud.

At work, she’s the third best salesperson but there’s only three salespeople and she consistently fails to make a sale. Her grumpy boss, Mr. Ehlert (Brian Doyle-Murray), is constantly threatening to fire her. Her friend and number two salesman, Bob (Chris Kattan), isn’t much better off and helps Frankie out where he can.

Mike Heck (Neil Flynn) is Frankie’s husband and works as a quarry manager. He doesn’t have a very orthodox parenting style, isn’t a very sensitive husband, and is known for being brutally honest. He loves Frankie though and together, they do their best to get through life.

Axl Heck (Charlie McDermott) is the oldest of the two Heck boys and was conceived during his parents’ Guns ‘n Roses period. He’s a typical teenage boy who’s sullen, eats the family out of house and home, and also has a penchant for walking around in his underwear. When his parents want to punish Axl, they wish that he had something cool like a car, TV, or cell phone that they could take away from him.

Sue Heck (Eden Sher) is the Hecks’ teenage daughter. As the middle child, she seems to be suffering from Jan Brady syndrome and doesn’t seem to be able to find her niche. Sue fails at everything she tries with great gusto. She never gives up but her parents kind of wish she would.

Brick Heck (Atticus Shaffer) is the youngest son and is known for his odd behavior. His best friend is his backpack and he whispers to himself for comfort. He loves to read and is likely the most intelligent Heck in the family.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Shelley says

    To Joe, Carolyn, Anonymous, Chris, Unknown and anyone else who feels it is there job to apparently happily watch a show because if they didn’t they wouldn’t know enough about it to leave so much information in their negative comments then go on the site and try to trash it because they have nothing better to do nor the intelligence to do or write anything better. So all they can do is put down the things they like or know to taunt others. So just know what you know and enjoy what we all truly know that The Middles is a Great Family show.

  2. Anita Heck says

    I love the Middle!!!! Of course it could be because I am a Heck too!!!!! I hardly ever watch new shows, except game shows. But the Middle, been watching it since it started!!!! Great family show!!!!

    • Anonymous says

      I. Watch every day and I’m constantly amazed at how babyish Sue is for her age, how the mother is so disorganized and annoying and how the fact that Brick has Autism is never mentioned. The dad and Axl seem normally written for.

  3. joe kaminski says

    In 57 years of life , this is the worst TV show I have ever seen. Cant stand 120 seconds , even having to pass thru it as I scan down is troublesome. The actors are all like limp bodies lacking any reality, moving about like they are trying to remember what they do next.. A freshmen high school first ever line reading to get on the drama class is about the level in everyone on the show. . I honestly can not understand how this show has continued. the writers subject matter is pitiful It must be pretty clever fake internet shilling, fake posts of support by Patricia to keep her job. Someone has been falsely propping up the ratings facts at whatever facts the top dogs are looking at, come each review time. I see it all the time. People doctor the books, and clean the place up just before reviews they know are coming. Then go back to SOS, deadbeats. .

    • Sarah Goodwich says

      I also watched this show for 2 minutes, and instantly realized it was one of those shows that used to never see daylight on the networks, before cable TV provided a place for crap nobody watched before.
      Patricia Heaton was the weakest link on “Everybody Loves Raymond” as the horrible fishwife, and thus making her the central character really shows up the bad writing. I’ve seen enough television to know that this is a potpourri of cliche’d family sitcoms, and the fact is that this one simply doesn’t strike the chord of realism like hit sitcoms of the past, it’s just snide and cynical like the awful ones. And yes, I recognized its attempts to be “clever,” and they’re epic fails.

  4. Debbie says

    The Middle is our families favorite show. If I need to have a laugh, I just need to watch it. I feel like I can relate to all the characters and that they may have a camera in my house. The first show I ever watched was Spring Cleaning, I was hooked. Keep it up.

  5. Anonymous says

    modern family the goldbergs are beyond stupid. the middle is really funny.that is sues character peple. jeez.there are few 30 mins shows out there now.something must draw you to watch the end always have a come together moment.

  6. carolyn says

    The show is dumb & should be canceled. Patricia Heaton’s character is so annoying & the actress who plays the daughter is always screamin’

    • RJ says

      To all who have negative comments to make regarding The Middle; just stop watching. And don’t worry, there are plenty of raunchy, senseless, non-family entertainment options left for you to enjoy!

  7. Unknown says

    Its a cheap lame knock off of Malcolm in the middle. The mom should be the ideal mom. She shouldn’t be a pansy. She should be the discipliner. It should be more like Malcolm in the middle.

  8. RJ says

    I agree w/all the POSITIVE comments re this show. It’s quite possibly the ONLY remaining sitcom not saturated w/sexual content!
    For those shows to be the ones that are more well-received, what does that say of human society? Embarrassing really!! Please don’t compromise on wholesome values,…long live The Middle (great, clean-conscience entertainment)!!!

  9. v says

    I love “The Middle”!! It has just enough reality to make it funny to me. They seem like a real family that includes both sides…pretty cool for today. Keep up the good work.

  10. RJ says

    I have to agree w/all the POSITIVE comments re this show. This may be the ONLY remaining show that doesn’t disgust those of us that don’t appreciate sitcoms saturated w/sexual content. Seriously, if those shows are well-received what does that say about human society? Embarrassing really!

  11. Chris says

    Like most other sitcom The Middle sucks. The family is unrealistic, and every member of the family is annoying. The fact that a single person can find this **** good makes me worried about humanity.

  12. Poni says

    Our entire family are fans of this show. We laugh so hard because we can identify with the struggles and reality of it. It really touches home about a normal family caught up in all the real life issues. It is great to be able to laugh at this and know that is just like our family. After each show we call up each other to laugh. Oh how Sue and Axel are so like members of our family and yes, I can even be Frankie. I really get disappointed that they always seem to get passed up for awards because they really deserve them to be acknowledged.

  13. Anonymous says

    The show sucks, its a rip off from malcom in the middle, but that show was better, the kids suck and bad actors . patricia acts the same from everybody loves Raymond. Too corny and lame. People that like the show must really have no friends

  14. Jack says

    I think “The Middle” is THE best family sit-com in the history of TV. It’s funny, innovative, supports great values, and is encouraging. The acting is terrific and everyone in the cast and crew should be very proud of their product.

  15. Scoutyyy says

    The Middle is seriously one of the best tv shows running. It is consistently
    hysterical – the actors are fabulous. It has something for all ages, believable scenarios with a twist for teens and reality for parents who can relate to living paycheck to paycheck and laugh about it the insaneness . The humor has a bite that intelligent peeps would appreciate as well. Sue is one of the best TV characters ever written and we are so glad Eden Sher can do both this and VEEP without having to choose.We all love, love this show – don’t ever cancel!

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