The Mole: ABC Revives Old Reality Series

The MoleThough the show was cancelled back in 2004, ABC has decided to bring back The Mole reality series.

The Mole TV series was created back in 1999 and first ran in Belgium. It became so popular that the concept was subsequently licensed in 40 countries. Players in the reality show must work together to solve mental and physical challenges that increase a cash prize. One of the players (a mole) is secretly working against the team and sabotages their efforts. Using the tiniest of details, the players try to figure out the “mole’s” identity one of them is eliminated at the end of each episode.

The U.S. version kicked off on January 9, 2001 on ABC and performed well enough to be renewed for another season. The second season kicked off in September 2001 but was soon put on hiatus due to low ratings and the events of 9/11. The Mole returned in June 2002 and ran as a summer replacement series.

ABC followed up with two celebrity editions which featured stars like Kathy Griffin, Stephen Baldwin, Corbin Bernsen, Mark Curry, and Keshia Knight Pulliam.

The series’ last original episode aired on February 18, 2004 and, despite decent ratings, it wasn’t renewed for a fifth season. The producers tried to find a new home for the reality show but were apparently unsuccessful — until now. Four years later, it seems that the series is coming back.

ABC has given the greenlight for a new non-celebrity 10-episode run. Pre-production and casting are already underway and the network plans to run the new season during the summer months. The game will essentially be the same but will be made a bit simpler so that viewers can play along at home.

The first two seasons were hosted by ABC newsman Anderson Cooper and sportscaster Ahmad Rashad hosted the celebrity versions. Cooper is obviously no longer available due to his success at CNN and Rashad hasn’t been asked back. Producer Scott Stone told Variety, “We’re looking for someone in the Anderson mode, a little mysterious but full of comedy. It could be a breakout role for someone.”

Stone says that he never lost faith in the series and has continued to look for a new home for it. Rights to use the format had reverted to Belgium company TTTI but Stone was able to sign a deal to relicense them two months ago.

Though it would seem like this revival comes as a result of the writers strike, ABC Entertainment’s alternative series senior VP John Saade maintains the deal was in the works prior to the strike. He says, “This is a show we honestly love and people ask us about all the time.” Stone notes, ” It was just about getting the timing right.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. pudsue says

    Who was the mole??? I missed this last show!!!!!
    Was it Craig???
    HELP……. I really want to know………………

  2. vicky j. vicksinich says

    I love the Mole!!! I’m trying to find out who was the mole ! our power went out on Monday so we didn’t get to watch the season finale. I thing it was Craig? can anyone help?

    thank you.
    I hope there will be another mole soon!

  3. Daydream Chaser says

    omg! I was so excited when I found out The Mole was coming back. :) I used to watch it all the time and never understood why it had low ratings. Also, I totally agree with the comment below me 😛

  4. Em Gee says

    Wow, black female in Canada.. you’ve got some issues.. it’s a game, dammit. There’s strategy involved, and you need to take a vacation, girl. Wow.. find a nice man or something, but calm the hell down. :)

    I wish you a little tranquility. :)
    White male in Canada (but that has nothing to do with anything).
    Judge me if you want to.

  5. sheila says

    I’m so happy that “the mole” is back and look forward to all the episodes. Just please please please don’t do a”piratemaster” on us and cancel before the denoument. thankyou.

  6. black&femaleincanada says

    I watched about 20 minutes of the new show and it sucks. Not only is it a ridiculously low-budget production, but the first thing that happens is a frikkin’ white woman who has everything going for her: a) white b) blonde (whether it’s real or more likely not), c) doesn’t even have to work (stay-at-home-mom), d) okay looking — well, this bi–h chooses a senior lady and, of course, the black woman to stay outside. What kind of person does that when there are a bunch of big guys who don’t even FEEL the cold. At least she put the fat guy out. He won’t feel cold and he could use the energy he’ll burn keeping warm to lose some weight to boot. She’s a bi–ch. I don’t blame the Nicole for staying inside and figuring out a way to circumvent the rules. She’s obviously smarter than the rest of the ones who were forced to stay outside.

    I wouldn’t have any problem staying outside if it wasn’t done arbitrarily by some white *****. I’m not going to even bother to watch tho rest of the episodes. I turned it off after that.

  7. Ben says

    Yes, the MOLE is back after 4 years. I have never forgotten about that show. I think about it all the time hoping and wishing it would return. Thank you ABC.

  8. Terri says

    I watched the celebrity versions of the mole…and loved it. I am so happy that it is being brought back…I can’t wait until June 1st…I will be tuning in each week (glad I have tivo!!!!!)

  9. Merry says

    I always got involved in the mystery and loved it! Anderson Cooper was great but I look forward to seeing who they will bring in to replace him.

  10. Sheila says

    I also loved this show and missed it when it went away. I think Anderson Cooper was perfect for this show and hopefully the replacement will be as good.

  11. says

    I really liked the show, but I understand why it didn’t work. There were some big production and directing issues. Hopefully, they get it all worked out.

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