The Mole: The Winner’s Revealed — Will the ABC Series Return?

Mole season five finalistsLast night, ABC aired the conclusion of season five of The Mole. Graphic designer Craig Slike was uncovered as the covert player and history teacher Mark Lambrecht took $420,000 home. It’s been an interesting season but it’s likely going to be the last, at least for awhile.

The Mole began as a Belgian series and become so popular that the concept was licensed in 40 countries, the US included. ABC’s version began running in 2001 and ran for two seasons as a “regular” edition. That was followed up by two celebrity editions. The last episode aired in February 2004. The producers tried to find another outlet for the series but were unsuccessful.

In January, with a writers strike looming, ABC gave a greenlight to resurrect the reality competition. Many fans of the original run were excited by the news but, for whatever reason, few tuned in for the premiere. The fifth season debuted on June 2nd to 4.73 million viewers, over a third less than tuned in to see season four’s debut. The following week, fewer than four million watched the second episode. The ratings fell further in subsequent weeks.

The show’s producers started a campaign to try to “Save the Mole” midway through the season’s run. They set up a website,, and asked fans to help increase viewership in any way that they could — by emailing friends, posting to message boards, and by creating videos and uploading them to YouTube. Unfortunately, the efforts didn’t seem to have any effect on the ratings.

In mid-July, president of ABC Entertainment, Steve McPherson, said that he liked the show and even praised the producer’s extra efforts. McPherson was a little confused as to why The Mole hadn’t performed better. He said, “It’s an incredibly well-produced show. I think they did a fabulous job. I think, if anything, I look at the marketing. Maybe we made a misstep there and should have focused a little bit more on just selling it as a completely new show. I think we overestimated the kind of return value of it. So I think there were a number of people I know who were new viewers who couldn’t get into it… It’s hard to know. I love the passion of the producers. I love them starting the website. Those are the kind of people you want to be in business with.” As nice as that sounds, McPherson also conceded that if the ratings didn’t improve, The Mole would be cancelled.

In the following weeks, viewership dropped to a bit over three million. Last night’s finale attracted about 2.97 million, close to two million less than watched the premiere.

Given the show’s ratings for the season, it looks certain that the show won’t be back anytime soon. Still, The Mole has already been resurrected once. Who says that ABC or some other outlet won’t try again at some point in the future? Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. The Mole says

    Please bring back The Mole…. with this Whodunnit series… i’m hoping that the Mole will get its momentum back!!! PLEASE BRING BACK THE MOLE!

  2. Keesha Jones says

    Please bring The Mole back. I love this show. It is awesome trying to figure out who the snitch is. It is waybetter than some of the other reality tv shows that they are aire on tv. I WANT THE MOLE, I WANT THE MOLE, I WANT THE MOLE. PUT IT BACK ON TV PLEASE.

  3. No name says

    I LOVE THE MOLE! Bring it back ABC! PLEASE!
    OR HELL, NBC SHOULD bring it back!!! They’d get better ratings than what the Cape was getting!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says

    The mole has GOT to come back. It was the only show all of my family loved and was able to get into! But, we personally just ran across it by accident, so there was definately a problem with the marketing on this show. I would love it soooo much if the mole would return soon!

  5. tiff says

    I totally agree! the mole needs to come back this is the first season i ever seen of it i only got to see 3 episodes n the reunion but i really love the concept of the show trying to figure out whose the mole its kinda fun each week

    this is my first season n i don’t want it to be the last maybe it bein off for a while will help viewers see wat would happen if they don’t watch??

  6. Bubba says

    I am pretty sure the demise of the mole was that it aired after 2 hours of the bachelorette. Not only that, it was on at 10:00 pm which seems to be alittle late for some people who would watch the news at that time.

    I have been a fan of the series since the first season and was excited for it to return.

    It would be wise for the producers to bring it back and have it on a tuesday or a wednesday night at 8 or 9 just so other viewers would get a chance to see it.

    I would hate for it to get cancelled once again since it is one of the best reality shows out there and deserved more recognition than it got. I am hoping that ABC renews it for at least one more season and hopefully place it at a smarter time.

    The Mole is significantly better than some of the shows ABC is putting out such as Japanese Gameshow.

    IT NEEDS to come back.

  7. KenMo says

    It’s too bad more of the millions of mouth-breathers that watch “Idol” won’t watch a reality show that is a little more intelligent.

    I’ve liked all three of the Non-Celebrity versions of this show. I am getting use to the shows that deserve an audience not getting it.

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