The Montel Williams Show: Cancelled After 17 Years

Montel WilliamsAfter 17 years on the air, Montel Williams and his talk show have been cancelled. But fans can take heart as neither are leaving the airwaves for the foreseeable future.

The Montel Williams Show first hit the airwaves on September 30, 1991 in New York and a few other markets. It was picked up for syndication the following year. The show generally focuses on uncontroversial subjects, personal stories, and the readings of self-proclaimed psychic Sylvia Browne. The show was nominated for Daytime Emmys in both 2001 and 2002. A decorated member of naval intelligence, this was the first show for host Williams. He received a Daytime Emmy in 1996 and was nominated in 2002.

CBS Television Distribution has announced that the Montel show is ending its run after 17 years on the air. The syndicated talk show’s fate was reportedly sealed when a number of FOX-owed stations decided against renewing the show for another year. Show production will continue through the rest of this season so new episodes should air for some time.

Though production is shutting down, the show isn’t going away anytime soon. CBS is offering local stations a “Best of Montel” compilation series for the 2008-08 season. It will feature 52 weeks of “some of the most exciting episodes” pulled from the talk show’s long run.

John Nogawski, president and COO of CBS TV Distribution, said, “We have been honored to have ‘Montel’ as a part of our family for the past 17 years, and we’re very excited that ‘Montel’ will live on through these ‘best of’ episodes.”

Of the cancellation, Williams was quoted as saying, “I can’t say thank you enough to those who’ve welcomed me into their homes for the past 17 years. It has been both an honor and a joy.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Debra Robinson says

    I Debra Robinson like the show alot i am going to miss it i myself am ten yrs survice .of breast cancer.and will like to see lots. more help for black women.when they are having hard when they sick and cannot get up and go to work pleace help them. i love you and really going to miss you and the show .

  2. says

    Montel, there are positively no words to even come close to describing how much of a wonderful person you are and how many wonderful things you have done! I still cry because I can no longer watch you on t.v. and because you DID NOT deserve that! I totally agree with you about how they should be reporting more on our men and women over seas instead of a “star”. I’m sorry but, Heath didn’t do anything to give us our freedom!! I’m sorry about what happened to him, but if it weren’t for our troops, he wouldn’t have gotten to be an actor or anything else! Montel, you have no idea how much you’ve helped me! I suffer from Polyarticular Rheumatoid Arthritis, Pleurisy, Raynaud’s Phenomenon, Infertility, Irregular Heartbeat and many other things such as allergies, migraines and now my gallbladder needs to be removed. If it weren’t for you, your words, your show, your strength, your courage, love, compassion, honesty, honor and just everything you are and everything you stand for….then I guarantee you..I would not be living today. You are the one thing that keeps me going and keeps me motivated every single day. I love you and I loved your show. I also no longer watch or support FOX. I have many many many choice words for them and for anyone who doesn’t support you and/or your show! You given me the strength to fight for what is right and for my life. I really cannot put into words what you have done for me and for many others. Also, my one single wish I have before I pass on to the next life, is to meet you and be able to talk to you and thank you in person. This world needs more people like you. I believe you are THEE strongest, honest, loving, caring, compassionate man (or even person) I have ever seen, met or heard of. I will continue to live by your words. I will let NO mountains stand in my way!!!! I will keep fighting in your honor forever. Again…there’s just not enough words to describe the most wonderful person you are and the all the wonderful things you have done for yourself and others. Please continue to fight for what you want and what you need. We all know you will. We all pray that you continue your shows elsewhere because we all really really miss you and need you! May you find peace, happiness and comfort wherever you may go and whatever you may do. Never ever forget we all love and support you forever and always!!!! You will always be apart of me and my life and YOU WILL NEVER EVER BE FORGOTTEN!! You changed my life forever! Also, your wife is the luckiest woman in the world and so are your children! May you all be blessed eternally. Hope you come back!!! Take great care! And thank you thank you thank you for everything and for all that you are and stand for!! I love you!!!
    With much much much love always and forever,
    Keisha L. Bickel

  3. Debbie G says

    I’m very sad to see Montel go; he’s one of my favorite talk show hosts. I echo what others have said, he’s a very caring and compassionate person. Montel has touched me in so many ways as a person with challenges. Fox is crazy for letting him go!!! Love you, Montel

  4. Joyce Ann says

    Look,,when something is right,,,it gets drowned by a lame excuse….Montel you take this as a wonderful opportunity,to advance,You have been freed to accomplish all the things you are capable of,,,I would count it a blessing in disguise,,because you are so much more,than that show,,I always knew that,,,I have seen greatness, thank you for that.., Explore,,now you can advance mightily…(FOX,,YOUR LOSS,,IS MONTELS,,AND THE WORLDS GAIN,,,GOOD LUCK MONTEL.


  5. Loretta says

    Montel,I am watching your last show right now. I am sorry to see you leave.Yours is the only talk show I really like.You are truly a kind and caring person.And thank you for serving our country,how many talk show hosts can say that? I will continue wathing your show until it is off the air on fox. Take good care of yourself.

  6. Rita says

    Montel, you are the only talk show that is a Class Act. I will miss the dignity you have brought to all the guest and issues you have featured on your show. You have tried to help the various situations, call attention to the human condition, tried to enlighten us as humans, to take our focus off ourselves for just a minute and to care about the circumstances of others.

    I have watched your show for 17 years. I watch no other ‘talk’ show. When one door closes, another opens. I anticipate learning about your next venture.

  7. Lori says

    I hope people will give Montel Williams the honor and respect he deserves by boycotting Fox television as much as possible. Take that time and do something with your family or yourself do not give Fox tv the credit they don’t deserve for what they did to Montel Williams. May Fox Tv have a lously ratings from here on out. Montel we love you and I think since you’ve been a big part of everyones lives that you need to continue to work and find another station to continue your work for because you make such a difference in our lives that we still need you. Love always

  8. max says

    Montel I think its offel that Fox is letting you leave, I have been a supporter of Fox and of you, but I will no longer support fox. I guess you were to clean mouth for them. They prefer to have people who use bad talk for our children to hear. They better change their mind we all like you and Sylvia and they will be the losers. God Bless

  9. Fan since the 90s says

    Montel, it was great watching you all these years. I used to watch quite often in the 90s during HS when I had more free time, but you have always been one of the only positive talk shows on the air. Now all you have all this Jerry Springer trash and Maury ghetto “who’s my baby’s daddy”.

    The only thing I didn’t approve of on your show was Silvia Brown, but I do think that you have done a LOT of good over the years, and I hope you continue on in some way. If you can’t get picked up by television, maybe you could even do something in radio, or at least have a segment in a paper or news show. Either way, I’m sure you’ll be helping others even if we don’t see it in public view.

    So, it was a good run Montel! I think the end of your show is the end of an era where TV could be used to accomplish good things. But that doesn’t mean good things need to stop in the world.

  10. lisa kane says

    when montel goes off the air tomorrow who or what show will take his place when he
    does go off the air. there was no reason to cancel his show for defending the troops.

  11. Darlene Doro says

    I’m very upset to hear Fox 5 is letting you go!!! You are a heart warming person who has done good for the past 17 years! The world saw through you……and watched your shows because you were such a caring, and kind person to all.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for another TV station to take you under their wings.
    You have lot’s of followers who favor you. I hope our comments make a difference!
    Thank you….I wish Montel the very best! 😉

  12. ANGIE says



  13. ANGIE says

    I hate that Fox is taking Montel off the air. This is one of the best talk shows ever.

    We need Montel to stay. I have watched his show since 1991 and supported FOX.

    Please do not take Montel off the air. Slyvia and Montel are the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You will lose alot of your public by taking him off the air

  14. xShikabobx says

    I just heard in the last week that the Montel show has been cancelled. I’m thoroughly disgusted with FOX and like others (Terra) I will no longer watch the FOX channel. We live in America, which is supposed to be the most “free” country in the world…what happened to Freedom of Speech? It’s apparent that we are free to speak our mind as long as it doesn’t piss anyone off, or actually tell the truth…What a shame. This country is falling apart more and more everyday. For those of you who don’t like Sylvia, that is your opinion. But, your feelings about her shouldn’t overshadow the good that Montel has done over the years.

    Montel, I hope you read this and know that there are millions of us fans who admire you and enjoy the fact that you are brutally honest…I hope to see Montel in the political circuit. He’d make a good president…:) :) :)

  15. sindy says

    montel God Bless you i suffer from my spinel and disc problems i know you suffer from ms and you have helped me through my illness thank you have a great life come back soon

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