The Montel Williams Show: Host Already Eyeing a Comeback

Montel WilliamsMontel Williams, the longtime host of his own daytime talk show, said goodbye to his program last March after 17 years on the air.

The cancellation came as a result of key FOX stations opting not to renew the series. More than a few people have suggested that this was due, at least in part, to Williams’ criticism of the media’s excessive coverage of Heath Ledger’s death compared to little coverage of the Iraq War. Whatever the reason for the cancellation, Williams isn’t done with daytime just yet.

Williams is already shopping a new show to syndicators. If all goes according to plan, the new series will be called Living Well with Montel and will be based on the lifestyle and diet guide that was published last January. The book is described as containing the host’s “personal recipe for healthy and happy living” as well as a 21-day fitness and nutrition program. Williams was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999 and attributes much his good health to exercise and diet.

Should Montel have psychic Sylvia Browne on his new show?

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The energetic host has reportedly been shopping the new series to affiliate stations and distributors ever since he learned that The Montel Williams Show would be coming to an end. A distributor or exact show format haven’t been locked down as yet.

Though his new show isn’t ready for daytime just yet, Williams won’t be leaving the air anytime soon. CBS has been selling stations a “best of” package of the Williams Show for the 2008-09 season. The deal gives affiliates a selection of rerun episodes and additional advertising time. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. pices3 says

    Montel I for one would love for you to come back to daytime tv. I would love it if you and Sylvia could reunite. I miss seeing the both of you on TV.

    take care


  2. susie mac millan says

    Dear Montel

    I hope you will have a new show . i also hope you have sylivia brown back on your show . Also my mom love watching your tv show and she loves sylvia brown.
    i am asking you if you could find out from sylvia brown how my sister passed away so my mom can put her to rest because my brother-in-law is keeping the information from us. and it is hurting my mom very much. her name is pauline phillips and she can be reached at 315-298-3466 i am her daughter susie and i hate to see my mom hurting. my sister has been gone for 4 years and we need to know her cause of her death. i hope you can really help us . thank you .
    your friens susie mac millan

  3. Rod says

    I was at a taping of Living Well with Montel Williams a few weeks back, and after personally witnessing his purportedly “new and exciting” television show format I can tell you that what Montel is now producing is nothing short of a run of the mill, low budget/low quality infomercial.
    It is a travesty that news sources (i.e. NY Times) have picked up his press release and publically recognized this format as anything more than the pathetic effort to sell low quality products in a totally ordinary and standard approach. The claim that these programs offer a unique combination of talk show with high quality commercials/infomercials is entirely inaccurate.
    Montel’s staff buses in audience members and utilizes a very ordinary infomercial approach with dishonest motivation tactics (promises of high quality food and prizes that don’t materialize) all to motivate inauthentic applause and promotion for his low quality “made for Montel” products.
    After tasting the food that came out of the pressure cooker he was hocking in the taping I saw, I can honestly tell you that the food was neither high quality nor was it any healthier or less expensive than the same home cooked meal prepared through other methods.
    Additionally, Montel’s personality leaves much to be desired; he treats his staff horribly, and has little regard for the audience. His lack of authentic concern for helping others to live well became all too clear when meals were served to the studio audience; Donuts for breakfast, cold cuts for lunch (after he preached to the audience for an hour about the dangers of sodium and nitrates from cold cuts), and soda (after he preached to the audience about the hazards of aspartame, artificial colors and flavors, and sugar).
    It is clear that this program is nothing but a dishonest ploy to con trusting consumers into purchasing a product they neither need, nor will they receive any true value. In fact, after discussing the hazards of non-stick coatings in cooking materials, he immediately went on camera to tout the benefits of the non-stick coating on his pressure cooker…pathetic.
    But wait…there’s more…

  4. sharon says

    I would love to see Montel back on tv with Sylvia Browne…..The 2 of them have such a rapport. I am personally dismayed that Sylvia is taking such nasty hits, in my opinion, she is helping a great number of people, I guess it goes back to the old thoughts, “hate what you don`t understand”. Please come back to TV Montel, and bring Sylvia with you…..

  5. Mark says

    I watched Montel with Sylvia every week for years and she has helped the lives of people who come on the show and those I have seen in person!!!!! The uninformed and unscrupulous slammers of sylvia need to read up on thier subject matter before saying anything more….

  6. Adam says

    I find it comical that there are people out there that don’t believe in the fact that Sylvia’s main ability is to do her best at assuring us that we are ALL loved by God, we should accept and respect others, we should not judge, only worry about our own lives and choices, and that above all else…there’s something after this existence. Sure, people can say what they want about her not being right every time, but why not ask ALL of those doctors who have given people with terminal diseases only months to live, and yet, those same terminal patients outlive those doctors’ diagnoses. Aren’t those doctors frauds? Aren’t they the one’s who are preying on other peoples’ grief? Sure…don’t answer that…that would only begin to unravel the safe security net of cynicism that so many people want to surround themselves in.

    What about the government, and all of the politicians that have promised us that “this” wouldn’t happen, or “that” wouldn’t happen? Aren’t they frauds? Why aren’t we out to crucify them? After all, Sylvia gives far more people hope about living each day, than the doctors and politicians.

    And let’s not forget to discuss the “psychics” that wrote the Bible…which actual research for anyone who’s interested will show, that NO ONE can agree or even find ACTUAL proof of who wrote what book of the Bible. So, really…fraud seems to be a certainity there.

    Yeah…it just amazes me that history is so full of people who were believed to be “Frauds” :
    -Joan of Arc
    -The Salem Witch Trials
    -Christopher Columbus

  7. Eeney says

    Montel should be ashamed of himself for ever letting Sylvia Browne on the air in the first place.

    She’s a dangerous fraud and nothing but a vulture preying on people’s grief. Montel’s association with her has lead me to completely lose all the respect for him that I once had.

  8. says

    Montel has no honor…why he continues to schill for a fraud such as Sylvia is beyond me. Anyone who doubts Sylvia is a fraud is free to check out…unless you’re afraid of the truth.

  9. Senex says

    If Montel lets Sylvia appear on his show then he must change the title from “Living Well with Montel” to “Encouraging exploitation using a shyster with Montel.” Montel is a joke if he uses the name healthy in the title of his show yet gives unscrupulous quacks a platform to push their toxic wares.

  10. Susan Lancaster says

    If Montel’s “people,” or Montel himself, still give Sylvia Browne a platform after reading the evidence of her disgraceful, abhorent behavior on, they are every bit as evil as she is. Montel, did you sell your honor to the devil?

  11. Kochanski says

    Sylvia did so well on Shawn Hornbeck, didn’t she? She was WRONG on everything she said about him. Did she ever apologize to his parents? I know the answer to that, no, she didn’t. How inhuman can you be, that you represent yourself as having some special gift and when you say something that awful and are proven wrong, you don’t even apologize to the family for any grief you may have caused. Never mind the time that was wasted by family and friends trying to follow up on anything she said. I just hope it didn’t waste any police time, because for that she should be fined at the very least.

    Last thing anyone needs is for her to be given more free air time, more free publicity to her bogus abilities. She should have no more chances to mislead and harm grieving parents on National television.

  12. noyb says

    Oh, we understand alright. Sylvia TRIED to backpaddle when she farked up and said the miners were still alive. She really drowned in it when she tried to say where dead children were. She said twenty years ago that 2 year-old Michael would be found after he was taken from the baseball game, and he’s STILL missing. Her guesses suck, obviously dead people don’t talk to her. Selective memories can’t protect her anymore. The only time she gets things right is if the media has already reported on it. Get a clue and stop paying her for her lies.

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