The Nate Berkus Show: Cancelled; No Season Three

The Nate ShowOprah Winfrey’s favorite interior designer, Nate Berkus, will soon be available for other projects. His daytime talk series, The Nate Berkus Show, has been cancelled after two seasons on the air.

The decorating series — often referred to as The Nate Show — debuted September 13, 2010 in syndication. Despite having a loyal following, the Berkus show didn’t catch on with a big enough audience. It’s been averaging about 1.4 million viewers this season. New episodes will continue to be produced and air until the end of this season but there won’t be a third.

In a join statement, Sony Pictures Television and Harpo Studios said, “After careful consideration, we have decided that The Nate Berkus Show will not return for a third season in the fall… We are grateful for the hard work and heart that Nate, [executive producer] Corin Nelson and their entire team have poured into the show, and we’re very proud of what they’ve delivered.”

Berkus said, “I’m incredibly proud of my hard working and talented staff, and proud of the show we were able to produce every day.”

The cancellation doesn’t come as a big surprise, especially given the ratings and the show’s expense. The peacock network initially signed a three year deal with Sony for the Berkus Show but recently made deals for new daytime talk shows from Steve Harvey and Jeff Probst. Given the limited number of daytime time slots, that move didn’t seem to leave any room for The Nate Berkus Show.

In some markets, Berkus filled the timeslot left vacant by The Bonnie Hunt Show, a program that was also dropped after two seasons in 2010.

What do you think? Will you miss Nate Berkus’ program? Should it continue on Winfrey’s OWN network?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. mary says

    I recently started watching the show and fell in love with it. What a shame to take it off the air. Please put it on OWN. I would definetly watch it there.

  2. Pat Kalista says

    I was very dissapointed that the Nate Berkus Show was cancelled. All the daytime programs running seem to be the same product – Anderson, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Steve Harvey. The Nate Show was a great show for stay at home people interested in how to improve their homes inexpensively in this economy. It was more reality than watching Hollywood stars on shows everyday. I just retired last October and so enjoyed watching a show about decorating, gardening, cooking that people experience daily. I wish the show would air again on Oprah’s station, if dropped by NBC. What a shame.

  3. Kelsey R. says

    I am so disappointed that Nate has been cancelled. I don’t watch a lot of television and the only show I DVR is Nate Berkus. I hope OWN will pick him up. I was inspired by this show. Bring Nate Back!

  4. Robin Gabriel says

    I am shocked to find out that Nate won’t be back on ABC! That is so disappointing. Nates show was so honest, fun and very educating. I loved his surprise makeovers and all that he has done for people. The most fun was his makeovers in the middle of the night! What a crew that they could even pull that off! Nate my friend, I will miss your show terribly and hope that I see you again soon on another network! Oprah is smart enough, surely she will pick it up!! Come on Oprah!!!

  5. Emily Lewis says

    Does anyone know if there is a petition I could sign to try to get the show back on the air? I am so so upset about this!!!

  6. Irma says

    Tell me it isn’t true,that you are replacing THE NATE SHOW with Steve Harvey. NO COMPARISON! Iam very dissapointed. LOVE YOU NATE!

  7. Chris says

    Lets make all these people and me happy and bring Nate back. What are you people thinking? Who wants another talk show they are nothing but boring!! We want Nate back. Will not be watching Mr Harvey or Katie or any talk show. Bring us some entertainment bring us Nate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Alberta says

    I will sadly miss Nate and all the wonderful shows he brought to us. It seems like all the shows that bring something worth while are not very popular.Our t.v. viewing is seriously in trouble.I hope that he will be picked on another station.I will be one happy fan.

  9. Linda says

    WHAT A MISTAKE! Not only is Nate likeable but offers practical advice. I can’t believe they replaced him with another sadly pathetic talk show. I have too much to do to watch such drinble. I used to stop my day to watch Nate. Guess I’ll have more time to get things done now.

  10. Patricia Emmerson says

    The Nate Berkus show was classy giving the American public some upmarket advice on design. I will not watch a talk show in the mornings in place of Nate’s design show. Sophistication and good taste were the essence of Nate’s message to the designer in all of us .

  11. Joyce Haldeman says

    I looked forward nearly everyday to be able to watch and learn some ideas for our old house. I do not like any of the alternative programs in his time slot of 10 a.m. M-F. Sometimes I put on the weather channel and go about my housework or use the music channet for background. If he were only on once a week I would have set that time aside. I enjoyed his guests and all the different contributions they made as well as the varietly of areas Nate presented. I enjoyed his personality as he seemed to like people in general and always had some very wise comments on some difficult subjects. He certainly had a wonderful background and philosophy of life. I will miss his precious words of wisdom and also the person learning he acquired through either an experience or a great trip to a strange country. The most touching was when he was caught in the sunami with his best friend and the way he healed through the tragedy and how he grew emotionally and mentally as a result. He helped me to learn a little more about being patient after a bad thing happens. He was overall a very wise man. I do not know if we can get the OWN network. But, I did enjoy the short time I spent watching and learning from him.

  12. Erika Williams says

    Very bummed..especially since I was hoping he would come to MY home and give me some major pointers. He was my only hope plus will miss his adorable face and smile.

  13. Martha says

    I cannot believe they are taking Nate Berkus off the 10:00 am slot. I watched him each and everyday. He had a lot of excellent ideas. I will not watch Steve Harvey. I will surely miss Nate. He was very entertaining and educational.

  14. Angela says

    I just CAN’T BELIEVE they are taking Nate off!! It was such a wonderful show, and I
    LOOKED FORWARD TO IT EVERY DAY, taping it when I wasn’t going to be home. It
    makes no sense—finally a great daytime show and they take it off! Am not impressed with the show put in it’s place—there are too many of these talk shows now! Nate was so original and entertaining. I’ll sure miss him.

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