The Nate Berkus Show: Host Reflects on Cancelled Show

Nate Berkus Show canceled reflectionsIn a recent interview with the StarTribune’s CJ, Nate Berkus reflected on what went wrong with The Nate Berkus Show. The series was cancelled after two seasons on the air and the last episode aired on May 24th.

I think that for me it probably wasn’t the best decision to do a daytime, hourly talk show every single day. Design is something I think is elective. It’s something a lot of people feel is a luxury. It’s not must-see TV. For me, design is really important, but in order to do a show every day you have to talk about a lot of other things. You have to talk about cooking, fashion, style.

The truth is I’m very grateful that I had two full seasons — the show is on until September. It takes a long time for a show to gain traction and to find its viewership. I had a very loyal audience on Facebook, on Twitter, posting and tweeting about how they loved this recipe or the talented people my producers and I found and made a part of the show. The audience was very loyal from the beginning but the audience didn’t grow by leaps and bounds. That’s the goal with a daily syndicated show. The ratings for my show were decent. We had a lot of viewers, a lot of people who had seen my work on “Oprah” and I think they expected the same from a daily show.

Truthfully, I was on “Oprah” about every six weeks for 10 years. The production that went into every single time I was there took weeks and weeks and weeks to do. You can’t replicate that magnitude when you are doing something every day. Would I do it again? Probably not. I learned a lot from that experience. I think the most important thing that I took away were the relationships that I have now; the producers [with whom] I worked. It’s almost like being in summer camp together. You’re in sort of the trenches every single day and as soon as you finish a show you’ve got another one coming right up the pipeline. It’s like a column. It was definitely a wonderful experience for me, but I learned it’s probably not what I was meant to do and that’s OK.

What do you think? Do you agree with Berkus’ assessment? What do you think worked? What didn’t? Are you missing the program?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Marlene Dallatore says

    Dear Nate,
    Every day I look forward to my “Nate Smiles.” I am 70 years old and with all my ill health I probably do not have much left in me physically to put into use all your creative ideas — but I enjoy your show so-o-o much and no matter how down I get throughout the day from pain, there is you for one hour smiling and cheerful and generous and delightful and caring and just so precious to my mental health! I was shocked to hear I was going to lose you! With all the misery in this world, I thought at least I would have you changing everyone’s life for the better forever! Now I do not know what to look forward to any more. Thank you for all you have done!
    Sincerely, Marlene

  2. daphyne says

    I loved, loved the show. However, since I work 9 to 5 and the show aired in the morning, I could only watch it if I took a day off. I feel the show would have better viewership/ratings if it aired in prime time. I hope you can work something out with the OWN network and do guest appearances. You are such a great talent.

  3. Pat says

    I loved Nate’s show. It was shocking that it disappeared and nothing was said. My sister used to watch it too and has been similarly missing Nate. I wish he was on instead of the show that they have on now.

  4. Denise LeVan says

    I still think about Nate’s show everyday. I so miss it and hate that it won’t be available. Like another person said, there are so many shows that are a waste of time, it’s sad to see one cancelled that I believe so many people enjoyed and actually learned something. We’ll all miss you Nate.

  5. Scott Schada says

    Stayed home from work one day and accidentally caught your show. Never watched a decorating or other home show, and was kind of mesmerized by the concept, and by your calming reassuring presence. Plus, I agreed with most of your ideas. I’m sure you’ll be missed, but you should do what’s right for you, and your comments about your show sound right on. Simply you seem like a great guy and I will definitely be at one of your signings to get a couple of your books.

  6. Frieda Probst says

    I really miss Nate’s show. It was always uplifting and informative. There are so many shows, talk and otherwise, that are just depressing and nothing except what’s wrong with the world. Nate was cheerful and always positive and kept me going and inspired to make my life, home, food, friendships more and more beautiful. I miss the show and his Light. I’ll keep looking for segments and other ways to enjoy his charm and grace. I’m grateful to Oprah for being so inspired to introduce him to us. Thanks.

  7. Anne Bradley says

    I recorded nate’s show every day. I loved the creativity, the tapes people sent of their own projects, the guest hosts, the cooking segments, the new trend segments, the new retailers and bloggers he exposed me too. I am looking forward to his next project. Thanks, Nate, for spreading the love and beauty on a budget!!

  8. Maggie says

    I really enjoyed your program and miss it a lot. It was always informative and lots of fun to watch. Good luck in all your future plans.

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