The Neighbors

ABC TV series The NeighborsNetwork: ABC
Episodes: 44 (half-hour)
Seasons: Two

TV show dates: September 26, 2012 — April 11, 2014
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Lenny Venito, Jami Gertz, Clara Mamet, Max Charles, Isabella Cramp, Simon Templeman, Toks Olagundoye, Ian Patrick, and Tim Jo.

TV show description:      
This sitcom revolves around an All-American family who ends up moving into a very unusual neighborhood.

Marty Weaver (Lenny Venito) just wants the best for his wife Debbie (Jami Gertz) and their three kids; Amber (Clara Mamet), Max (Max Charles), Abby (Isabella Cramp). That’s why he’s moves them to Hidden Hills — a New Jersey gated community that has its own golf course. Marty is certain that their new home will be a dream come true — until they meet the neighbors.

The residents of Hidden Hills are a little different to say the least. Larry Bird (Simon Templeman) introduces himself as the leader of the community. Then, he presents his wife, Jackie Joyner-Kersee (Toks Olagundoye) and their two sons, Dick Butkus (Ian Patrick) and Reggie Jackson (Tim Jo).

As Debbie and Marty try to make sense of their weird neighbors, they discover that the entire Hidden Hills community is comprised of aliens from the planet Zabvron. It turns out the Zabvronians have been holed up in Hidden Hills for the past 10 years, awaiting instructions from their home world. The Weavers are the first humans who have ever lived amongst them.

At first, the Weavers are ready to head for the hills but the aliens seem harmless enough. So, they decide to stay and help their new neighbors adapt to life on our confusing planet.

As the Weavers and the aliens face the struggles of everyday life together, they discover that some things — the ups and downs of marriage, the desire to be a good parent and raise a happy family — are universal. The Weavers also realize they’ve found an ally in the family next door — even if they do cry out of their ears.

Series Finale:     
Episode #44 — There Goes the Neighbors’ Hood
Larry learns that he is pregnant and makes a decision about returning home or staying with the rest of the Zabvronians. Meanwhile, Reggie must also decide if he wants to stay himself or turn human, and the families see two new visitors arriving at the neighborhood (Candace Cameron and Scott Weinger reunite from Full House to guest star).
First aired: April 11, 2014.


What do you think? Do you like The Neighbors TV show? Do you think it should have been cancelled or renewed for a third season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Julie says

    Don’t cancel the neighbors! Larry bird is Hilarious, the kids are wonderful, and the show has a lot of originality and creativity. I really like it!

  2. midnightrider says

    LOVE THE SHOW.. It has a “3rd Rock from the Sun” vibe. I agree 10000% with the person who said “give it a better time slot” Larry Bird is hysterical, Jackie is gorgeous & I love the relationship between Amber & Reggie

  3. shar says

    I sat with friends recently, all who watch The Neighbors online, all of whom come from all over the world, all ordinary people visiting families here and there, one from Trinidad, some from different countries in Africa and Europe had spent 2 months or so in your country. The anti Obama thing is weird, the guy has made history and unlike previous ex presidents, he didn’t do it by declaring war, that’s too easy. He did it for the people in his country. So we did appreciate the pro-Obama jokes in The Neighbors. Maybe like the show you want to cancel him, Americans we people from all over the world think you don’t know how lucky you are. You could have our Prime Minister if you want him, always filling the pockets of the rich and every service delivered by agencies run by his friends. Our price one half cent and he is yours to keep.

    • Jack says

      WOW are you ignorant and in command of literally no facts about the loser parked in the White House!!! He not only has kept every war going but started a few new ones…he has destroyed our economy, our medical care, our nations sovereignty , our freedoms, justice and liberty and wipes his feet on our constitution ….but hey…according to you because he’s black…that’s all good…pretty racist of you.

      • sharmayne says

        To Jack,

        This is about Neighbours, not politics. My response was because someone talked about right-wing politics in the show. As for what you commented on what I said………..
        We heard all that rubbish from our American friend too. But when we asked him how Obama did this he just repeated it what you said 4x and still couldn’t tell us how Obama did these things. We all concluded that if you cant answer HOW? You are repeating propaganda. Opinions of your own have why and reasoning, propaganda does not. And you are talking like a brainwashed American, we are all outside, we don’t get brainwashed, we make our decision from what we read and see and feel. Stop saying Obama is black, that is just a colour, it is not the description of a person shame on you.
        ANY TELL ME HOW OBAMA did these things you say, show me your proof, we Brits invented propaganda, so we see if for what it is.

        • Anonymous says

          If it is not about politics WHY do the writers interject their personal views?

          Look I don’t need a TV show I like turned into an anti-fox rant, or a obamacare commercial. I watch these shows to GET AWAY from all that. All they did with using the show to promote a left wing set of views is lose viewers.

  4. shar says

    Here in the UK we watch it online, so it does not matter about a time slot. Keep it online. The Walking Dead was cancelled and it came back and now its popularity across the world!! was unimagined when you cancelled it. Yes a few fixes later and a few here might help. Eg (1. too slow to get rid of the irritating Jane, it might have worked if she was not so irritating. 2. Amber should have murdered her long ago 3. No religion, my family do not care for religion in their entertainment 4. move the relationship of Amber and Reggie Jackson along, there is so much mileage in them being together than apart (too early for marriage or children), but so much from the finding out part 5. maybe more healthy competition between the male parents with the female parents/guys against girls. 6. The rest of the Alien community need a more solid role, it does not always have to be the lead families. Come on guys work with me. The story lines are great, it is unique, it has a completely different perspective on everyday things, expansion needed not cancellation. Here in the UK we like it a lot. Cant believe you cancelled clean family humour. Advertise the darn show, we (my family) stumbled upon it online by accident, its a rare gem.

  5. shar says

    I am scarred for life, this show was like family and I laughed, I hardly ever laugh at American humour. Remember the episode when the Weavers thought their children had been prematurely aged. I could not stop laughing, watched it twice will probably always remember it, recommended it to friends. And you spend money on reality shows making more useless celebrities, there are too many useless celebrities already. Good God you cant move without falling over a magazine with some contrived worthless story. Spare my family a thought and bring it back. I thought it was on break and I was going through withdrawal symptoms, but CANCELLED!!!!! NNNOOOOOOOOOOO

    • shar says

      Are you guys crazy, here am I trying to find out what happens between Reggie Jackson and Amber and you CANCELLED IT!!!!. It is funny and good to watch for all the family, all my extended family watch it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I BEG YOU bring it backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  6. G. Rude says

    We think the TV show “The Neighbors” is great! We have been waiting for it to come back. Hope you do so.

  7. says

    I appreciate this series because it addresses topical issues in a back handed manner, through the eyes of aliens. Their viewpoints show a lot of clarity even though they may have not fully understood why. It is a quality show that uses humor to represent two sides of the coin.

  8. Don in LA says

    I put the show on today (we put it on the DVR) only to see anti Fox New and Pro-Obama jokes.

    PLEASE – I watch comedies to GET AWAY from the news and you just pile it back on me. Partisan and Very hateful left-wing propaganda is NOT appreciates.

    Don’t really care of you cancel it or not, we no longer record it or watch. Your writer ruined a good show by needing to include their personal left wing views.

      • Don in LA says

        As long as they play politics and bash conservatives I’ll stop watching them. I don’t watch TV to hear propaganda. So I choose to turn them off, and I choose to ask others who believe in unedited speech to do the same.

  9. Lanie says

    I seriously hope ABC stays with this show. It is just as good as In The Middle, Modern Family and Suburgatory, but in a different way. Please do NOT be like NBC and pull off one of your best shows because you don’t know where to place it ( hence The New Normal, shame on CBS) and shame shame on you ABC for moving them from the Wednesday line-up and putting in sub par show in its replacement. You were so damn proud of yourselves when the critics came around and then you hype us up with Fun Night with Rebel Wilson ( who I think is so cute and fun, well not anymore) you ruined her too! What is wrong with your programming directors, I thought the snorting of drugs and the 80 s was done with. Ohhhh, haha. Nope, hence Meet The Goldbergs. ( neighbors is one of the funniest comedy’s on television , please do not take it away. P.S. we love Rebel Wilson because she is Australian , why in the world would you ask her to loose her accent. I think the zombies have taken over your network!

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