The New Normal: Quickly Cancelled or a Big Hit?

NBC sitcom The New NormalNBC has released the first episode of The New Normal online. The peacock network will be airing the pilot on regular television starting next Tuesday night, at 9:30pm. We’d like to know if you think it’ll be quickly cancelled, a moderate success, or a big hit?

For those who haven’t heard about it, The New Normal was created by Glee’s Ryan Murphy and Ali Adler. The show revolves around a gay couple, Bryan (Andrew Rannells) and David (Justin Bartha), who are successful professionally and have a long-standing committed relationship. They want to have a family however and need help.

They meet Goldie (Georgia King), a young single mom who’s trying to support her young daughter (Bebe Wood) and who dreams of becoming a lawyer. Goldie volunteers to become their surrogate and Bryan and David will in turn help her — much to the dismay of Goldie’s Archie Bunker-like grandmother, Jane (Ellen Barkin). In today’s world, loving families come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and configurations. Different it seems has become the “new normal.”

Once the other networks have their shows in place, The New Normal will be airing opposite ABC’s Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23, CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles, The Mindy Project on FOX, and The CW’s Emily Owens, MD. NBC has ordered 13 episodes of The New Normal to start.

Before you share your opinion below, here are some interviews, a preview, and the full pilot:

So, what do you think? Does The New Normal look like a hit? Will you tune in, DVR the show, or skip it altogether? Do you think releasing the first episode online will help or hurt the show’s ratings?

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  1. Bercana says

    What makes me uncomfortable is not the family situation or the gay couple… it’s the unmitigated hate of the nana character. She has no redeeming qualities. Archie Bunker showed us that it’s okay to have a character that’s a bigot as long as they’re actually funny and there is actually a good person behind the ridiculous stereotype. Nana is not funny and not a good person none at all. No redeeming qualities whatsoever. You may as well have a white supremacist character on the show. Honest? Sure. Edgy? Okay. But this is a comedy. It should be funny and enjoyable to watch. This show is not funny at all and is painful to watch. If I want to watch humourless hateful idiots I’ll watch reality TV.

  2. Bill says

    I made time for this show because the trailers looked funny. I believe they edited the trailers very well, since the show was (in my opinion) Awful! Who do I speak to so that I may get my 22 minutes back?

  3. says

    Junk. Absolute junk. Not funny, not cute, and the agenda is tired and old.
    OOO look, it’s an adoption show – and it has the token gay couple! OMG! How fresh and new!
    Maybe in 2004, but in 2012 it’s just the same old crap and everyone’s tired of it.

  4. Alex says

    This show is going to be a HIT! I love the male couple. I love Goldie. And I LOVE Nene Leaks! I hope this show does well.

  5. Martha says

    The pilot is funny in many places. I like the couple. I like Goldie. I like the drag queen. Ellen Barkin? Everything has to come to a stand still every time she speaks. I wanted the drag queen to put Barkin in her place, not be nice to her because Barkin was married to a closet case. And that may be a character issue. But Barkin’s timing is off and that’s an actress issue. She sticks out like a sore thumb. And, if I may, can someone please get the gauze they used on Moonlighting for the camera when doing close ups of Barkin because she looks much older than her age or her character’s age.
    So much of the show seems catered to her character that I predict it will fail. As the season progresses, the character (and the acting) will be harder to tolerate. They should recast the role with a real actress that can do funny like Mary Steenburgen who’s always great in everything (and was laugh out loud funny last year on 30 Rock).

    • Barrett says

      That is not a Drag Queen,that character is a woman,Nene Leakes from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” LOL

      But anyway, I thought the show was hilarious, doesn’t mean it will be a hit though. So many hilarious shows never get a chance to find an audience & get taken off the air instantly!

  6. kenny says

    I just watched the first episode and could not stop laughing. This is going to be a great hit among the younger audience.

  7. Ross says

    Instant hit. It’s quick, witty and very enjoyable. It’s going to be filling a huge void in NBC’s quality comedy roster so it’s a most welcome addition. The cast are all convincing and comfortable in their roles right from the word go. Total thumbs up.

    • McJay says

      It is going to be far from a hit. Depicting a family situation that makes the general viewing audience feel uncomfortable just does not make sense. The debut on Sept 11th is an indication of the fate of this show. Sept 11th was one of the worst days in American history

      • Ross says

        Didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all. It’s hardly groundbreaking having a gay couple as characters as nowadays it’s far from shocking for most forward thinking normal people. It’ll be here for a while, mark my words.

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