The Night Shift: Season Two Renewal for NBC Series

Night Shift TV show season 2NBC has renewed The Night Shift for a second season of 14 episodes. Earlier today, executive producer Gabe Sachs tweeted, “THE NIGHT SHIFT HAS JUST BEEN PICKED UP FOR SEASON 2!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I JUST GOT THE CALL!!!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!!”

The Night Shift revolves around the quirky but devoted staffmembers of San Antonio Memorial Hospital who work from dusk til dawn. The cast of the medical drama includes Eoin Macken, Jill Flint, Ken Leung, Brendan Fehr, Daniella Alonso, Robert Bailey Jr., Jeananne Goossen. J.R. Lemon, and Freddy Rodriguez.

With America’s Got Talent (NBC’s top-rated summer series) as a lead-in, The Night Shift has been performing pretty well for the peacock network — averaging a 1.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 6.68 million total viewers.

What do you think? Do you like Night Shift? Will you watch a second season or, should it be cancelled instead?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Kristin says

    The previews for the show made me want to add it to my list of shows I record. I watched 3 episodes before I was like WOW I love this show. It definitely brings me back to my high school days of watching ER. I am very happy to see it’s been renewed. I think the show has a bright future.

  2. says

    NBC amazes me. They have a show like Nightshift and consider canceling it. The only shows I watch on NBC are The Blacklist and Nightshift. Thank you for not dropping this show.

  3. Sharon says

    I cannot believe the word cancel was even considered. The cast is great and there is never a dull moment. This show was one of the highlights of the year . For me following the voice was a wise move.

  4. tiggr3 says

    I love Night Shift!!! I never miss an episode. I can’t believe they would even think about cancelling it. Definitely would be a terrible mistake.

  5. michael Cifelli says

    I will say to those who love this show, get ready. There is a good chance this show will not make it through this season. I can name five shows that had really good ratings, way better by the millions then this show and they yanked it off the air. And more bad news is, NBC is notorious for taking shows off the air like TNT cable station, and many others. Benjamen Pratt for those who like him had a great series and it was based on a true story. The management thought after 2.5 years of being on, and everyone and their mother loved this show but management felt even with “excellent numbers, and climbing” that they were giving off the wrong idea because it was “BASED” on a real story. It was called the Cleaner. Now this was on TNT not NBC, but then another example with an ALL STAR CAST was called Monday Mornings. You can look this up. It did not make it past 10 episodes, which means they never gave it a chance. The show was unique and was gaining steam. I think it would have been the one medical show after ER that would have made it. The ratings were decent, not great but decent. It was gaining more and more. They yanked it off the air. I could list a ton of shows. My point is, I see the writing on the wall for this show. If you love this show, place it on your facebook or any social media you use, and ask everyone to send a message/email to management stating you love the show and plan to boycott the station if they don’t give it a chance. This has worked in a few cases, and sometimes if they still don’t want it, another station might purchase it. But start fighting for your show now. It only takes an email or a phone call to the station. For me, I don’t watch the show. But I certainly know what it is like to have the rug pulled out from under you. Ten minutes of your time with a call or a email or both, could save your show. Enjoy and I hope it all works out for all of you. :)

  6. Jacqueline Hartman says

    My comment didn’t make any sense I spoke it in to my IPhone instead of typing it. But what I was saying is how could they even think about canceling the Night Shift it was one of the best shows out this year. I loved it. It Rocks!!!

  7. Jacqueline Hartman says

    I can’t believe that you are with even think about canceling the night shift. They not shaved is awesome totally awesome!!

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