The O.C.: Cast Wraps Final Episode & Says Goodbye

The Spiderman from Season 2 on The O.C.As the fans of The O.C. know all too well, FOX cancelled the drama early last month after four seasons. Many people were upset and campaigned for the CW network to pick up the series for a fifth season. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen so there are just a few episodes left before we say goodbye to the families and friends from Southern California.

The cast and crew of The O.C. wrapped their final episode on Friday and it sounds like creator Josh Schwartz has a lot of interesting and satisfying plot twists in store. Before the cast departed for the last time, they shared their favorite memories and their feelings about the show’s demise.

Rachel Bilson (Summer Roberts): “Favorite moment or scene: I like the episode last year where at prom I got really drunk and fell off the stage and it was my first time doing a stunt, so I like to brag and tell people that I can do stunts. Oh, the Spiderman kiss of course. The Spiderman kiss was so cool.”

Peter Gallagher (Sandy Cohen): “It’s sad, because I saw great things for this show. But it’s exciting because I am looking forward to doing something else. I’ll miss this crew and this cast but it’s also the longest job I’ve ever had in my life. I guess my favorite moment was the day I read the pilot script. That was very exciting. And I certainly loved singing in the second season.”

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Autumn Reeser (Taylor Townsend): “I think the show has definitely made me more confident as an actor because I have been acting for a long time but never every single day of my life. It teaches you to come to work when you are sick and to come to work when you are exhausted and to come to work even though you’ve only had two hours of sleep and still do the work… because you have to.”

Willa Holland (Kaitlin Cooper): “I definitely feel like I am losing my favorite show to watch and my favorite show to be on, so watching it end is really depressing and sad.”

Benjamin McKenzie (Ryan Atwood): “I just want to thank everyone for watching for four years. And supporting us. It’s meant a lot. It’ll be a shame to have to move on. But life goes on.”

Adam Brody (Seth Cohen): “Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed it. If you are upset, don’t worry, there are DVDs.”

Melinda Clarke (Julie Cooper): “It’s a little bittersweet, a little sad, but I think we are all happy with the way it is ending. The audience will be very satisfied with the storyline. They won’t feel there is anything left to question.”

The series finale of The O.C. will air on Thursday, February 22nd on FOX. Don’t miss it and stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Addition: Disney just announced that all four seasons of The O.C. and One Tree Hill will be broadcast on their SOAPnet cable channel. Both will air Monday-Friday beginning April 9th.

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  1. meg says

    Dear who ever killed off marissa cooper,

    U have no idea how much i hate u rite now!!!!!!!!!!!
    the oc was my life!!
    do u no i cry my self to sleep at nite now…u have destroyed my life!! every nite i wish upon a shooting star that someone will bring the oc back. but u still havent done it!!!

    yours truly, oc lover

    P.S. F**K U ALL!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mary Suggate says

    I think that not having the oc anymore is very depressing. My son at the age of 15 every night would come in just to watch the oc. I wish they would reconsider making another season!

  3. Prad says

    after such a promising start and 2 great seasons, the writers and the channel should take full responsibility for the shows demise, the ratings only fell as they couldnt stick to the solid pacing that the first series in particular had. why on earth they couldnt find some good writers is beyond me, and why they put it up against csi and greys anatomy. fans put in a lot of time, money and effort and the cast too. im pretty angry because it kind of makes fans realise that they cant rely or trust in any show on tv to run a natural true course, without being cut down and pushed around, ruining the love that people had for these shows in the first place. shame on the powers that be. i think we are going to lose 30 Rock, we already lost arrested development (although it ended satisfyingly) and dead like me (which didnt), veronica mars (rubbish 3rd season),

    only show that i think ended properly.
    That 70s show
    Six Feet Under

    The OC seasons 3 and 4 were just a complete mess, and I think that those that make it should take full responsibilty, thats all.

  4. Ruby says

    I love the oc but i was mad and sad when marrisa died and know im sad and MAD that the show has finished and the question that hauntes me is why did they end the oc IM SOOOOOOO ANGRY

  5. Kristin says

    I’m 42 and have watched this show from day one. It was my saving grace after 90210 ended. So, I was very disappointed when I heard it was being canceled. I too, hoped the CW would pick it up…not sure why they didn’t. Having said that, I was very satisfied with the finale last night. I wish Fox would have put it in a different time slot. I think that would have made a huge difference. I wish the cast continued success. Thanks for a great 4 yr. run!

  6. Ella says

    I couldn’t believe it when it was announced that the OC was cancelled i love it SOOOOOOOO much WAT A BLOW!!!
    i think ryan (Ben mckenzie) and Seth (Adam Brody)are SOOOOOOO fit(CALL ME)LOL ill miss it so much its been so good but soppose you have to love and let go !peace!XxXx

  7. tiana says

    I loved the o.c it was my favourite show and i cried all the way through the last episode and i liked the ending when summer and seth got married that was so sweet i will miss the o.c terribly luckly they have dvd’s! all the episodes were great. thankyou to the producers and writer’s for making such a great show and choosing such a great cast they were all great actors.

  8. jame-lee says

    OMG…. why would u want to kill of the o.c i mean come on!!!!
    It was the best thing ever!!!
    know what am i goin to watch it was the highlight to my week. I LOVE THE O.C PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!

  9. says

    hi i am julia and i am 9 yrs old i love the OC i have no favourites u are all awsome and plus the show shouldnt be cancelled cuz even in australia the kids always draw picz and stuff about them and.. also everyday day it gets better and better every1 iz already crying cuz we heard the newzz and why did marissa die lol umm i g2g cya

  10. Tyler says

    I am very manly(like ryan),but i swear, when the O.C ends,ill probably cry,i only look forword to the O.C week after week,knowing that it will always be on, but now what, im not watchin no 24,its just not the same, its just not the best show ever, its just not the O.C

  11. Lydia says

    I was so surprised when i found out the show was being cancled.. Me and my best friend love the OC.. We would watch it and call eachother up after the show and just sit and talk about all that happened and all that we thought was going to happen… FOX your making a HUGE MISTAKE.. oh and I LOVE YOU ADAM BRODY (seth cohan).:-)-

  12. Brenna says

    I love this show so much. i cant believe it is going off the air, im going to cry and cry on the season finale. i had an awesome time watching this show. THANK YOU =]

  13. Dave Contreras says

    Tonight is the Series Finale!
    =( I’ll be watching it on Fox
    10 Phoenix,Az!. I’m (taping)..
    the Series Finale!=)
    I will miss this show,(deeply)
    =(I will listening to the
    Theme Music!=(
    Watching the aftermath of the
    Quake!, was very moving to me
    =( Will miss this show!

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