The O.C.: Could Money Save the FOX Drama?

The OC cast saying goodbye?Well, after months of speculation it appears that the word has come down from Fox regarding the future of The O.C. The news isn’t good but it might not be as bad as it seems.

The hip young drama The O.C. debuted on August 5, 2003 on FOX. Much like Beverly Hills, 90210 before it, the show became very popular among younger viewers during a summer debut. The series, set in Newport Beach in Orange County, California, told the story of a group of teens and parents in the Cohen, Cooper, and Nichol families whose lives were changed by the arrival of an outsider in their idyllic community.

The O.C. is frequently credited with popularizing several previously unknown bands and reviving the teen drama genre while including humorous and heartfelt adult storylines. The series currently stars actors Peter Gallagher, Kelly Rowan, Benjamin McKenzie, Adam Brody, Melinda Clarke, Rachel Bilson, Autumn Reeser, and Willa Holland.

There was concern by many that season four, which debuted on November 2, 2006, would be the show’s last. For one thing, fans were told to expect to see a significant shift in the storylines now that the hot teen characters have left high school. One of the main characters had also died at the end of season three (Marissa played by Mischa Barton). On top of that, the other networks were offering stiff Thursday night competition with powerhouses like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Grey’s Anatomy.

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The O.C.’s fourth season premiere drew a small number of viewers, approximately a meager 2.5 million. This poor showing caused Fox to cancel The O.C.’s weaker lead-in shows immediately (the sitcom Happy Hour and the game show The Rich List) and to rework their troubled schedule — even airing The O.C. twice a week. Ultimately though, the show stayed on Thursday nights to fight it out and understandably the numbers didn’t improve very much. We now know that the battle is over. Or is it?

Fox has now issued a statement that The O.C. has been cancelled and that the series finale will air on Thursday, February 22nd. Original fourth season episodes will air each week prior to the finale. The series creator and executive producer Josh Schwartz said in a statement, “The O.C. Season Four finale will also be the series finale. This feels like the best time to bring the show to its close. Thanks to the hard work of our cast, crew and writers, we have enjoyed our best season yet, and what better time to go out than creatively on top. It has been an amazing experience and a great run. For a certain audience, at a certain time, The O.C. has meant something. For that we are grateful.”

In a note to TV critic Alan Sepinwell, Josh Schwartz explained that only a portion of his quote made it into the press release. The part that was cut said “There has been some speculation about a Season 5 on another network but this feels like the best time to bring the story to an end.” Josh went on to say, “I felt better to go out now with the run we’re having then try and move the show, etc. etc. and maybe not be able to deliver the same level of quality. Teen dramas have a shelf life. We’ve had a lot of parties on the show, and so I’ve learned, best not to stay too late.”

The OC cast saying goodbye?So that’s it. Or is it? There have been rumblings that the freshman CW network might be interested in picking up the series. Idol rumors? Maybe not.

The O.C. is produced by Wonderland Sound and Vision and College Hill Pictures in association with Warner Bros. Television Production. Warner Bros. co-owns the CW network. A minimum of 100 episodes are traditionally desired for a series to be sold in syndication (so that stations can run episodes every day without having to rerun them too quickly). At the end of the fourth season, The O.C. will have only 92 episodes. It may make better financial sense for Warner Bros. to continue producing the show for a fifth season, even if it’s only another short one.

In addition, head of the CW network Dawn Ostroff is said to be extremely interested in picking up the show for another season. The show is expensive to produce but perhaps the syndication money could offset the cost enough so that the CW network could afford it. Stranger things have happened when it comes to networks. After all, Seventh Heaven was pulled from the ashes and renewed for an 11th season last year. Could the same thing happen to The O.C.? What do you think? Worth saving? Take part in our poll (see above left). Time will tell so stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. katie says

    Please please please keep the oc on air i mean yes, fox is totally retarded for cancelling the show but i would even be happy if CW took the show on, me and my mom watch the show every thursday its like an addiction lol ITS SOOO GOOD!!! and it would be horrable to cancel it totally!! the oc is the best show ever made next to charmed of coarse, they just cant cancel the show all together and 2.5 million people is still alot of people, so PLEASE DONT LET THEM cancel it all together!!!!!! SAVE THE O.C!!!!

  2. Lauren says

    I am absolutely dreading February 22nd. I have watched the OC since the season 1 season premiere and have fallen in love with it. Its creepy to say I’m obsessed but it is my very favorite show and I feel such a connection to it. I know that sounds lame but again, its true. If the cancellation does follow through, I hope the CW picks it up.
    Grey’s Anatomy was voted The Best Something Or Other on TV… (I don’t remember exactly what it was obviously) so I don’t think its fair to put the OC up against that on the same night same channel. If it was just a different day or different time slot the ratings would be high just like they have always been.

    Please Fox and CW, don’t give up on this show.

  3. Anonymous says

    please keep making the oc! at least to get to number 100 so we can watch it in syndication, we already have the dvd’s but you can’t expect us to carry them aronud to every place we watch tv. please give us a hope for synducation if you are going to deprive us of OC greatness.

  4. Anonymous says

    I’m so dissapointed with the cancelation of the O.C, Its the one show that my family all sit down and watch together. It has something to offer for all age groups and I think that may be why it is the one show we all enjoy. I know plenty of fans over here in australia that go out and buy the dvds and watch the show weekly, and mind you all of different age groups. We all thought it was fantastic to finally have the show almost in time with the states but its sad its only going to be for this one 16 ep season. Fox are being stupid in not making the full 24 ep fourth season and letting it have 100 eps, I don’t know much about how the industry works exactly but wouldnt that make them more money in time with the syndication than leaving the fourth season short ? It’s sad to think that if Josh wants to end it here, there isn’t much we can do.. no matter how many petetions we sign (That wont stop me from trying to save the show but) Also if the show gets a new writer, I’d rather it not return. It was his creation, his baby and its his writing thats made the show what it is today. I don’t think the show would have the same feel without him. Hopefully someone cares about all this effort us fans are making to keep the show around and listen to us and continue on with it. SAVE THE O.C!!!

  5. Laurell says

    Since fox has canceled the O.C- I feel that they should at least finish this season before either ending it or selling it to CW. I personally feel that if the CW did buy the O.C that I would personally love it-not only me but my friends!!! Honestly my friends and I agree that FOX pretty much sucks…The O.C was pretty much one of the best shows on that network…So if CW buys the O.C thats just another reason for me to watch the CW network over fox…because I never watch any fox shows besides the O.C…CW has one tree hill and so many other shows<3 CW PLEASE BUY THE O.C ….

    Go to hell FOX :]
    Long live the O.C

  6. Cherry says

    I think FOX has to take some of the blame for the downhill slide of the show. I believe that the way the network skips weeks and puts old episodes in to fill the season causes the fans to become frustrated and, in turn, loose interest in the show…I don’t think anyone minds it happening once or twice, but they went way overboard in past seasons. The mistake the show has made is in moving characters that we get attached to out of the show too quickly and we are left trying to get to know too many strangers all the time, which is also frustrating and causes a loss of interest. “Trey” is a great example…that actor, who’s name I can’t even remember because they got rid of him too quickly (something “Green” something), is a terrific actor in my opinion and brought so much to the show! Other fans may not agree, but I really believe the biggest mistake was losing “Caleb” (Alan Dale), in my opinion, he’s not a better actor than the other main characters, however, the loss of the adult and family humor that surrounded his character was huge. Not to mention, the other sides of his character (sneeky, devious, “sugar daddy” type, pompous, etc.) which always made you love to hate him, but keep an eye on what he was up to next. Being an “older” fan of the show, I’ve still been faithful, but I cannot deny how much I really, really, really miss the humor. Adam Brody and Peter Gallagher can carry off those funny one-liners so well, but now they have nothing or nobody to direct them at. Please…don’t end the show…pay Alan Dale what ever he wants to bring him back!!!…they bring people back from the dead all the time on soap operas and it would be just like Caleb to fake his death to get out of financial trouble or paying Julie alimony!! And it wouldn’t hurt to bring back Trey too. I just cannot relate to Marissa’s little spoiled rotten, stupid sister. She’s very irritating and has absolutely no depth to her character. I’ll really miss this show and hope the fans can somehow save it.

  7. Melissa says

    I was very surprised and disappointed to see FOX place the OC in the same timeslot as Grey’s Anatomy. That really didn’t give the show much of a chance.
    The O.C. is not only a show that teens relate to but also a modern family show with a dose of reality when it comes to teen issues, family issues, drug abuse, sexuality, and big business.
    Its a common mix that varying generations can relate to. The O.C. is a drama that brought the entire family together. My parents, who are in their late 60’s loved the Caleb story line. My teen boys love the kids story line. I just happen to love it all. FOX will definitely lose ratings in my house by cancelling the show. We already prefer the CW. The O.C. was one way to draw in a greater audience base to FOX. In my opinion, FOX has made one too many poor network decisions. For instance, cancelling “Reunion” with only 4 episodes left! What was that?
    This is just another poor decision made by FOX.
    One bright hope is that CW will pick up The O.C. and air it back to back with One Tree Hill.
    Another obvious point is the writer – Josh Schwartz? It’s obvious he is very young and inexperienced. To let a show go, in their best season yet that has made such an impact, even internationally, and just say he is going to stop while they are still at a good place, is a complete coward move.

  8. Steph says

    I love the OC please don’t cancel it. It’s the only show that makes me laugh and cry. Last year when Marissa died I was so upset esp. when they did a flashback to Ryan holding her when they were in Mexico. My mom and dad even watch it, so its not just a show for teens. Please keep it on the air

  9. Lisa Hunter says

    I love this show!! My son is 19 now but when the show 1st started it was something that him and I would and still do watch together. Please keep it going, we love it!!!!

  10. OC-Lover says

    hey peeps.. i m the biggest oc supporter !! fox is so damn stupid for canceling the show.. i sacrifice my time wif my gal n frens n even my family just to watch the damn show… FOX !!!!! i personally introduce most of my fren to this show which i m sure help maintain the ratings for ur damn channel.. and now u r calling quits for the show !!! u r dam ***** n ungrateful… fox u make me sick !!! #@$#%#%^!!!! i m gonna cll my frens n family to boycott ur station.. if u make any more stupid statement i might even attack ur father !!! FF (F*** FOX)

  11. OC-Lover says

    hey peeps.. i m the biggest oc supporter !! fox is so damn stupid for canceling the show.. i sacrifice my time wif my gal n frens n even my family just to watch the damn show… FOX !!!!! i personally introduce most of my fren to this show which i m sure help maintain the ratings for ur damn channel.. and now u r calling quits for the show !!! u r dam ***** n ungrateful… fox u make me sick !!! #@$#%#%^!!!! i m gonna cll my frens n family to boycott ur station.. if u make any more stupid statement i might even attack ur father !!! FF (F*** FOX)

  12. anti fox says

    fox is damn stupid to cancel oc,its one of the best show ever made.all i can say is this,fox should take back the statement they made and just renew the oc for at least another 2 season.its really a waste to cancel a show when its still in its prime,the 1st mistake they made was to order just 16 episodes how retarded can u get everyone knows a show like this should at least have 24 episodes and now cancelling the show .so if fox still decides to cancel the oc i think all the oc fans should just boycott r just filled with ungrateful ******** who dont know the what the F*** they r doing.the smart thing 4 cw 2 do is 2 purchase the show and at least order another 2 seasons.josh schwartz is also a stupid ******* and a f’king *****, he should still continue writing materials 4 oc instead of just calling quits(like a big *****).this SOB should know how much oc has brought to his i think oc should still be renew 4 another season it doesnt matter if its still on fox , cw or any channel

  13. the oc is my life says


  14. LMJ says

    Please keep the OC. That’s the last thing you had going after booting Gale Harold and cancelling Vanished. The OC is Fox’s last chance!!!!!

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