The Paul Reiser Show: Star Jokes About Cancelled TV Show

Paul ReiserLast week, Paul Reiser was booked to come on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to promote his new NBC sitcom, The Paul Reiser Show. Unfortunately, the peacock network cancelled the low-rated show on Friday before he got a chance to do that.

Many stars would have been too embarrassed to still come talk to Leno but Reiser saw the opportunity to make a few good-natured jokes at the network’s expense and came anyway. “It turns out they said we enjoy missing you more than actually having you,” he said. Reiser also noted, “When you’re the last place network, you don’t want to jeopardize that. You’ve found your niche. Stay there. So I get it.”

Leno, who had his own problems with NBC a year ago, was the perfect audience for Reiser’s quips. In truth, it was probably a much more entertaining interview than if Reiser’s show hadn’t been cancelled.

In case you missed it, here’s what he had to say:

What do you think? If you were Reiser, would you still have gone on the Tonight Show anyway?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Edith says

    I am a Canadian. That seems to be a word that you don’t know or understand. Let me tell you what it means. It means I watch ALL the good shows emanating from your country. AND I pull up your site often. Now tell me…..why cant I watch the damn videos?

  2. Beth says

    I thought the show was really funny. “Seinfeld” was almost cancelled back in the day too. Give a show a chance, TV “execs”….and I use that term loosely.

  3. Bruce says

    Well, who cares, really? I like Paul Rieser, liked “Mad About You,” but the thing is, it isn’t 1997 any more. While I’m well known for disparaging the networks and their stupid 18-49 demo, you do have to consider–going back to the same old tired ideas, and trying to make a new show out of it? How many retreaded sitcoms (about “nothing” yet….Seinfeld sort of opened and closed that), weith past stars, will the viewing public take?

    Sitcoms were basically getting tired anyway, in their 90’s form….the lead character, the wacky side kick, the stupid foil, the guy with the accent, the horny old lady….that ensemble sort of was played out by about 2002 or so. So, if audiences are used to the Big Bang Theory/Two and a Half Men sort of comedy, the Wings/Seinfeld/Just Shoot Me/Mad About You/Cheers/Dear John/ sort of sitcom just isn’t going to work anymore.

    Oh, well. I guess we’ll get more dance dance your butt off then. Oh wait, thats those knucleheads on ABC. Sorry.

  4. Mike says

    Sure I’d go on! Why not? Score some good laughs and poke fun at the industry.
    It’s depressing that the garbage which is Reality TV seems to take center stage. A sad commentary on today’s society. This sitcom was not that good but like most other new shows, the axe falls quicker than it ever used to.

  5. Kyle says

    Might as well go on–it’s not like he has anything better to do. His show was awful–wish they had just finished airing Perfect Couples.

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