The Pete Holmes Show: TBS Talk Show Cancelled

The Pete Holmes Show canceled by TBSTBS has renewed Conan for several years but The Pete Holmes Show hasn’t been as fortunate. The cable channel has cancelled the late-night talk show after two seasons.

The series will end its run after 80 episodes on June 18th. Pete Holmes debuted in 2013 with a seven week run and was then renewed for a second season of 13 weeks in 2014.

In a statement, TBS said, “We recognize Pete as one of the most relevant comedians working today. We loved the show and gave it two chances. We just couldn’t draw the audience needed to justify a third round. We hope we’ll get to work with him again.”

On his Facebook page, Holmes wrote, “Sadly, The Pete Holmes Show has not been renewed for more episodes… I just want to let everyone know that while the news isn’t what I was hoping for, my main takeaway from this entire wonderful experience is extreme gratitude. We got to make eighty (eight-zero! Sometimes filming as many as 19 in ten days!) episodes and I am extremely proud of each and every one of them. I talked to and worked with my heroes. I met incredible athletes and filmmakers. I shook hands regularly with a puppet. I got to work everyday in a magical chocolate factory of joy side by side with some of my best friends laughing and being silly all day. And then I got to share it with our fans. It was an absolute dream come true.”

What do you think? Did you like The Pete Holmes Show? Are you sorry that it won’t be back for a third season?

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  1. Ulf says

    Horrible show!! Iam shocked it lasted as long as it did. I heard Conan is his buddy and was supporting him. No one has heard of him.The show was a train wreck. He is not funny whatsoever. The monologues never made sense and the audience was coached to laugh at every joke(if you want to call it that). I think the audience probably had to laugh when the “Laugh” sign came on, similar to the “Applause” sign. It was never funny or even topical. His interviews were bad. The guests were unknowns as well. His pre-recorded taped bits were even stupider. Where did they find this guy? At the local arcade in town. HE IS EXTREMELY UNTALENTED. THE SHOW WAS THE WORST! Oh, and the black dude TBS had on before him was even worse. I think his name is Deon Cole? TBS should just run re-runs of Big Bang Theory or Seinfeld in that timeslot.

  2. Pearl says

    I loved this show! I will miss it for sure. I think this guy is tops! I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Pete! :) I heart him to smithereens! Also, I love the fact that 5 of my 6 sentences started with “I” . ha!

  3. Buddy Glenn says

    I didn’t care for the episodes I saw, which wasn’t that much. His filmed comedy bits were OK, but the rest of the show was talk show-lite. Besides being only 30 minutes, lousy monologue and guests. It looked like Conan got the big bucks and the PHS got his lunch money. Maybe give it more time and who knows — Conan got that treatment at NBC’s Late Night. George Lopez’s talk show was way better. He didn’t deserved to be cancelled.

  4. The Great Gazoo says

    No I am not sorry about a show I didn’t even know was running for 2 seasons will not be back for a 3rd hosted by somebody I never even heard of. I never even heard of Pete Holmes until I read this article.

  5. Bruce says

    I refused to watch because his promos assume he is funny. I never heard of him…he’s not funny…so don’t tell me I need to watch. If there’s a lot of hype, they’re compensating for no talent.

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