The Philanthropist: NBC Drama Officially Cancelled

The Philanthropist TV showNBC’s not being very charitable to fans of their summer series, The Philanthropist. The feel-good drama has been cancelled.

The Philanthropist revolves around Teddy Rist (James Purefoy), a once-selfish billionaire who decides to channel his money and power to help those in need. The series also features the talents of Jesse L. Martin, Neve Campbell, Michael Kenneth William, Lindy Booth, Krista Allen, and James Albrecht.

The Philanthropist TV showFor a summer show, the drama did pretty well in the ratings initially. But, as the weeks wore on, the numbers fell off. NBC stuck with it and ran all eight episodes, with the last one airing on August 12th. Though it looked unlikely that the show would be renewed, many viewers have been holding out hope. The network didn’t make an announcement about the show’s fate but they rarely do.

Now, an upcoming DVD release from Universal Studios Home Entertainment has put the chances of the series returning to rest. They’ve announced the upcoming release of The Philanthropist: The Complete Series. The two-disc set will be available on January 5th and will include all eight episodes but unfortunately won’t have any extras.

What do you think? Are you sorry that the show is officially over? Any storylines you would like to have seen?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    What a shame to cancel a show that really helped to educate and open peoples eyes to the realities of the world and cultures, I know it made me want to do more! This show had it all; action, adventure, lust, compassion – NBC had it right then failed the people, such a shame.

  2. George Johnson says

    good show, liked the concept and human emotion involved, good characters, too bad again.. they have so many shows that I feel are not near as enjoyable.

  3. two-cent says

    I can’t believe it! Canceled? How insane can NBC be? I was waiting to hear the shows fate but afraid at the same time…

  4. says

    I loved The Philanthropist! I hated when I missed it when it was on, so I always tried to remember to record it. Now I go to Hula to see the shows again and again on my Laptop. I loved the fact that the program talked about real issues and what a better way to get first hand experience from the guy that inspired it-Bobby Sager.

    As a missionary myself, I really loved the Nigeria episode and the fact that the season started with that country. I was looking forward to the next stories to include so many other countries.

    Plus, I really liked looking at Teddy and Philip. :)

    Please bring back the program!!


  5. Karen La Mar says

    Never seems to fail, if it doesn’t have enough sex, enough shoot-em-up, enough hospital scenes or police scenes, or stupid cartoon crap it just doesn’t stay on the air…I just don’t get it. That’s 2 that have been canceled that were really good.

  6. Mary says

    This is such an excellent show. I cannot believe they canceled it. My husband and I just finished watching it and we’re scratching our heads wondering WHY would this show be canceled? Why would a show that might make people think, maybe even educate people about different parts of the world, not continue? Where are our values?
    Yes, it’s sorta extravagent, the Teddy Rist aspect of it, but what if it encouraged people to reach out, help others? Do those goofy reality shows do that?
    Wow, I hope a different network picks this up.
    It’s educational, eye opening, and somewhat a humanitarian type show that could help change us.

  7. Laura says

    I am so sorry to hear this show is not returning, I really loved this show. Doesn’t suprise me though it is nbc after all they always cancel the really good show, but keep Jay Leno 5 days a week what a bunch of idiots running this station. NBC only has 2 shows I watch that is Chuck and the philanthropist now I’m down to 1 There was a time when all my favorite shows were on nbc what a shame they should fire all the top executives!

  8. Anonymous says

    For once, there was a show that was interesting enough for me and action enough for my husband. We were enjoying watching this one hour of tv together. I loved the traveling and interesting plots taking place in so many parts of the world , that kept me coming back. And really, who doesn’t dream of being a philanthropist? That was quality.
    Any hope of bringing it back?

    sincerely, the Sonmors

  9. says

    Wow – we were just saying – can’t wait for the Philanthropist to come back on!
    Too Bad when a show says something about the rich and famous doing something right!
    BAM – it is off the air!
    Any Chance the 101 network will pick this great show up!

  10. Erv Sundell says

    What a shame , Every time there is a good show on T.V., someone doesn’t give it the chance it deserves. The Plilanthorpist was great. Should of given it a chance!!

  11. EDUARDO says


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